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Give Your Small Business A Boost With A Reliable Barcode Scanner

There is a lot of essential equipment that big box stores rely on that small businesses also need. The problem with most commercial equipment is that it’s typically sold in bulk, which can be unnecessary for small stores that have fewer than 10 employees. That’s one of the things that Amazon is great for. If you need a barcode scanner for handling transactions for your small business, you can easily get one or two units shipped directly to you.

Even if you don’t work in retail or a customer-facing business, barcode scanners have a surprisingly wide array of uses. For example, barcode scanners can be crucial tools for keeping track of stock or equipment. They can be used in school libraries, too. That’s why we’ve picked out a few versatile and portable handheld gun-style barcode scanners. They’ll work well in a shop, stock room, or for tracking equipment and property. Whatever you need them for, they’ll streamline your workflow and save you time.

1. NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

If you’re looking for a wireless option, this scanner can transmit at a distance of 100 meters in an indoor setting. If you’re out of range, switch to storage mode, and you can save information via the included USB receiver. The unit’s plug and play setup means there’s no need to install software.

Pros: Wireless, can transmit information wirelessly or save to a USB.

Cons: Can have difficulty scanning items on shiny surfaces. Doesn’t beep very loudly, so it can be hard to tell if code has registered. Can’t read 2D barcodes.

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2. TaoTronics Barcode Scanner

This wired scanner comes with a mounting bracket. The bracket has a rotating pivot, allowing the user to scan items without removing it from the mount. The cable is USB, and it features an intuitive plug and play design: plug it into your Mac or PC and connect to your preferred software program.

Pros: Easy plug and play design. Comes with an adjustable mounting bracket.

Cons: While it can read a wide variety of barcodes, it can’t read screens or 2D barcodes. Wired, so mobility is limited.

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3. WoneNice USB Laser Barcode Scanner

This wired barcode scanner connects via USB. Like the other options, it has a plug and play format, so there’s no need to download software. It can be used with Word, Excel, and a variety of other software — plus, it features Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system compatibility. The cable is detachable for replacement and convenient storage.

Pros: Connects via detachable USB cable for easy data transfer.

Cons: Can’t read 2D barcodes, has a hard time with codes printed on shiny surfaces.

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