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Daily Deal: Get $100 Off Amazon’s Best-Selling Echo Show Today

* Amazon’s most futuristic Echo device is $100 off today
* Alexa can now show you things – like videos, security cams and more
* Great for video calling, security monitoring, and much more

By adding a screen to their mega-hit Alexa Echo device, Amazon has given us their most futuristic device yet: the Echo Show.

Today the Echo Show is marked down a whopping $100, bringing the original price tag of $229.99 down to just $129.99. If you’ve been thinking about introducing Alexa into your home or upgrading your current smart home system, now is definitely the time to act.

The Echo Show works similar to all other Echo devices: you ask Alexa to do, well, almost anything. But the Echo Show takes things up another notch by allowing Alexa to show you things as well. For example, you can say, “Alexa, show me the front door camera” or “Alexa, show me the new Star Wars trailer.” It’s a great device to have anywhere in the house, but we recommend using it on a bedside table, on an office desk, or by the sink.

As with all Amazon Echo devices, the Show comes very highly-rated with 4 stars and over 15,000 reviews. According to reviewers, some of the Show’s highlights include great hands-free video calling, surprisingly high-quality sound, and a solid, sleek build.

Amazon’s impressive discount on the Show has caused the device to sell fast. One color is already sold out, so make sure to snag one before they raise the price again.