Improve Your Texting and Emailing with One of These 10 Android Keyboards

best android keyboard
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Android users relish in the customization options that Android offers. A customizable Android keyboard not only gives Android users the freedom to make their keyboard look any way they like, but also helps them message and email faster and more accurately. Some even offer support in hundreds of different languages. Your keyboard doesn’t have to be plain anymore. Improve your messaging and get as comfortable as possible with a new keyboard upgrade.

Below are our picks for the best Android keyboards.


1. SwiftKey


SwiftKey is one of the most popular Android keyboard apps to date. It features support for over 100 different languages, which is great for multi-linguists and perhaps the best prediction text and auto-correct for an Android keyboard. The keyboard learns the way you type so the auto-correct and gesture typing makes texting and typing quick and accurate. SwiftKey also comes with a huge library of emojis, GIFs and themes to choose from, so you can really personalize your keyboard.

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2. Gboard


Gboard enables its users to type fast and accurately. It is reliable and offers gesture and voice typing along with a fully integrated Google search engine for emojis and GIFs. The layout is really minimalistic and clean, but you can personalize it with a dark theme or by adding an image as the keyboard background. The keyboard has plenty of features including voice dictation and phrase prediction to speed up your typing. And it supports up to 100 different languages for those who are well versed in speech. It’s certainly an outstanding choice for an Android keyboard.

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3. Chrooma Keyboard


Chrooma resembles Gboard quite a bit, but it’s more customizable. You have more options for different themes including a night mode that changes the color tone of the keyboard at night. You can program this mode to be switched on at specific times so it will automatically switch to night mode in the evening. The keyboard can also be split to better suit thumb-texters and even clean up those grammar problems with a grammar check feature. Swiping on the numbers provides access to clipboard controls and emojis. This Android keyboard has a ton of options for customization so you can text the way you want.

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Chrooma Keyboard


4. Grammarly


Grammarly is a wonderful option for the texter that didn’t exactly pass their English class with flying colors. The app effectively checks and corrects your grammar as you type. But there is a fairly big caveat to having such impressive power over the English language. You will be missing out on gesture typing, GIFs and any real sort of customization. But there is real peace of mind having a keyboard that will correct your grammar, especially if you send out multiple emails a day from your phone to your co-workers. There’s nothing more annoying than getting 15 responses from co-workers because you accidentally used your instead of you’re.

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5. Flesky


Flesky might be the keyboard you’ve been searching for if the name of your game is speed. This keyboard was used to break the world record for fastest texting. The keyboard customization allows you to shrink or enlarge the keyboard to your preference. Instead of gesture typing, you’ll tap keys like normal, but use gestures for auto-correct words and to delete errors. There are also plenty of themes to choose from so you can customize the theme to your liking. It’s a solid keyboard option for those looking to improve their texting speed.

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6. AI Type


As you should expect from the name, AI Type relies heavily on learning algorithms to help you type as quickly as possible. It does so by learning as you type things into Google, Instagram or other social media platforms, as well as your texts. Soon the prediction text will become expert level and really help you fly though your messaging. Plus, there are over 150,000 themes available to download, providing plenty on the customization front. At the top of the keyboard, there is a row dedicated to the characters you use the most, which helps you pick up the pace even more. It’s a smart keyboard for those looking to speed things up.

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AI Type


7. Touchpal


The Touchpal has every feature you can probably think of, and then some, but you honestly probably don’t need all that it has to offer. You can expect everything other Android keyboards offer such as text prediction, gesture or swipe typing as well as keyboard customization and themes. Where the keyboard cranks things up to 11 is AR emojis and wave typing, which suggests words next to letter as you type to speed up your texting. There are also games, news and a bunch of other stuff that you’ll probably never use. It’s a smorgasbord of an Android keyboard that’s great for anyone who wants all the things.

best android keyboards Courtesy of Touchpal



8. Minuum


Minuum is the keyboard you want if the device you are using has a tiny screen, like a smartwatch for instance. The keyboard relies heavily on auto-correct to condense the keyboard all the way down to small letter sections in a single row. This maximizes the real estate on your screen for whatever else you have going on. It doesn’t have as much multi-language support as other Android keyboards, but it does have a huge library of over 800 emoticons. The efficiency of space saving could do wonders for you and your small screen device.

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9. FancyKey


FancyKey is for those looking for sweet themes and flashy fonts. It’s customization prowess far exceeds its actual typing capabilities. You still get features like auto-correct and word suggestions, but other keyboards pack way more to help you type fast. If that’s not your worry and you simply want a ton of customization options, well, then you’ve come to the right place. There are over 3,000 emojis, 70 fonts, and 50 themes, all of which you can pair together in any combination you see fit. It also supports over 50 languages for those who need multi-language support. If you’re simply looking to text with flair, this is the keyboard for you.

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10. Multiling O Keyboard


Multiling O Keyboard supports over a whopping 200 languages making it the prime choice for those who need multi-language support. You can also customize the keyboard layout to have four or five row keyboards. There are a handful of different keyboard layouts or if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, you can design your own layout. And if gesture swiping is your thing, it supports that as well. It doesn’t have a ton of features like other Android keyboards, but the language support can’t be topped.

best android keyboard Courtesy of Play.Google

Multiling O Keyboard

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