Power Broker: The Best Anker Portable Chargers for Every Type of Device

best anker chargers
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Don’t let your exploration of a new city or your non-stop business trip turn into a desperate hustle from one set of coffee shop outlets to another. It’s up to you to keep your phone charged.

These portable phone chargers from Anker, a “power player” in the portable battery and travel charger scene, will help you keep your mobile’s battery topped up, letting you avoid the frustrations of low power mode, slow maps or, worse, a completely dead phone. In fact, these Anker portable chargers are so reliable and sought after, they were some of the best-selling products featured on SPY in 2020.

There’s no reason you should have to deal with the irritation of a dead battery. Skip this nightmare with the best portable phone chargers from Anker.


1. Anker Wireless Power Bank

iPhone 12, Samsung and Airpod Pro users will appreciate the ability to wirelessly charge their devices thanks to Qi-certified technology. If the 5W wireless charging isn’t speedy enough, you can connect your device using one of the two 12W USB ports. It will even charge your devices while it’s plugged in. This is evidence that portable power banks are getting smart.

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Anker Wireless Power Bank


2. Anker PowerCore 20, 100mAH Portable Charger

This portable Anker charger has a ton of charges stored in a tiny form factor. In fact, you can expect to charge an iPhone X over four times or an iPad Air 2 one-and-a-half times before you need to fill it back up. It takes about 10 to 20 hours to completely recharge (depending on your wall charger) and it’s available in four different colors. No wonder it has over 43,000 ratings on Amazon and 4.7 stars.

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Anker PowerCore 20, 100mAH Portable Charger


3. Anker PowerDrive Speed 2

The PowerDrive Speed 2 can be a lifesaver on long road trips or when you’re on your way to the airport and realize your phone is about to die. It boasts a USB-C and standard USB ports and quick-charging technology to make quick work of bringing your devices back to life. This is a handy item to leave in your car.

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Anker PowerDrive Speed 2


4. Anker PowerHouse 100

Not many Anker portable chargers have a 100W wall adapter built into them, but that’s exactly what the PowerHouse 100 sports. It stores enough juice to charge a MacBook Air once with a bit to spare or an iPhone 11 up to five times. It’s quick, too, charging a MacBook Air in just two hours. No power outlet, no problem.

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Anker PowerHouse 100

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5. Anker USC-C Charger 4 Port Adapter

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a power bank, but it allows you to quickly charge up to four different devices at once with one power source. If all of your devices need a boost before you hit the road, this is the charger you want at your disposal. It’s compatible with iPhone 11 Pro and older, as well as Samsung S10 and older.

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Anker USC-C Charger 4 Port Adapter


6. Anker Car Charger PowerDrive 2

Unlike the PowerDrive Speed 2, this one sports two USB inputs instead of a USB-C. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology speed up the charging process so you can get a big bump in battery life in no time. If you don’t have one of these stored in your car or in your travel bag already, you should.

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Anker Car Charger PowerDrive 2


7. Anker Powerport Solar

Solar-powered portable chargers like this one can be so convenient when hiking or camping, especially for long stretches. You get virtually endless charges as long as the sun is out, and when it’s not, you can fold up the solar panel into a compact form factor and pack it back in your camping bag. And just because it’s solar doesn’t mean it won’t charge your devices quickly. The 12W of charging power has something to say about that.

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Anker Powerport Solar


8. Anker Portable PowerHouse 200

This can be a total luxury out camping when the power goes out in your house, or during emergency situations. It can power lamps for hours on end, stores up to 20+ phone charges and can even keep a mini-fridge going for anywhere from two to five hours. This is a great Anker portable charger to have around, especially when an emergency arises.

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Anker Portable PowerHouse 200


9. Anker PowerCore+ Mini

It’s not the most powerful from the Anker portable charger family, but it fits in your pocket like Chapstick, and it will save your behind in a pinch. It will charge your iPhone Xs/Xr or Android devices back to a reasonable amount when your phone battery is about to go caput. And it only takes about three to four hours to recharge this device. You’ll thank yourself later for keeping this little portable charger in your pocket one of these late nights.

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Anker PowerCore+ Mini


10. PowerCore 5000

Essentially like carrying around a slightly larger lip balm in your pocket, the PowerCore 5000 is as portable as they come. This tiny portable charger holds enough juice for almost two full charges for an iPhone 8, or one full charge for an iPhone X, with a little to spare. Its small footprint makes it a great travel companion and a smart choice for a portable charger.

anker portable chargers Courtesy of Amazon

PowerCore 5000


11. PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

With the PowerCore Slim 10000, you can power devices quickly when you need battery life stat. You can also trickle charge low-powered devices, which is what makes the Anker PowerCore Slim such a versatile and resourceful pocket-sized power pack. It has two ports to charge two devices at the same time. And it has enough battery life stored to almost fully charge an iPad Pro. Once the power pack is drained, 4.5 hours on the charger fills it back up. It’s a slim, powerful and affordable option that’s great for travel.

However, this isn’t just one of the best Anker portable chargers. With a $40 price tag, it’s also one of the best Anker products for the money.

portable anker chargers Courtesy of Amazon

PowerCore Slim 10000 PD


12. PowerCore Fusion 5000

More than just a wall charger, this Anker portable power pack provides speedy charges when plugged in. The genius of this device is that when it’s plugged into a wall, it will charge itself once it’s finished charging your devices. No need for extra wires or power sources. Away from the wall, it will charge newer iPhones about one time.

anker portable chargers Courtesy of Amazon

PowerCore Fusion 5000


13. PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

Gamers will appreciate this Anker power pack that is optimized for the Nintendo Switch. It stores enough power for 1.7 Switch charges, but that’s not all it can do. Plug in your MacBook Pro, iPhone X and other devices to bring them back from the dead. When the pack is drained, 3.5 hours of charging fills the tank back up. The standard Nintendo Switch battery is notoriously so-so, which is why the PowerCore 13400 is a mobile gamer’s best friend. No need for gamers to go without anymore.

anker portable chargers Courtesy of Amazon

PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition


14. PowerCore 26800

Similar to the PowerCore II, but on steroids, the 26800 Anker portable charger has three USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously. And with 26800mAh of power, those connected devices charge quickly. It holds enough charge to power an iPad Air 2 1.8 times or an older iPhone 7 6.7 times. When the power is all used up, six hours on a charger replenishes the storage.

anker portable chargers Courtesy of Amazon

PowerCore 26800


15. Anker 20100 mAh Portable Charger

Compact and with enough juice for two full charges of an iPad battery, this portable charger also has Anker’s PowerIQ and Voltage Boost features, allowing a fast, safe and consistent charge for your mobile devices. It comes with two USB outputs. Like most Anker products, you will need to buy USB-C cables and Lightning cables separately.

Anker 20100 mAh portable charger Courtesy Amazon

20100 mAh Portable Charger



16. Anker 13000 Portable Charger

The successor to Anker’s PowerCore 10400, this portable charger has upgraded to 13000 milliamp hours but with the same compact size as its predecessor. It still features two USB ports and Anker’s PowerIQ fast charging safety feature. A Micro USB cable is included in the $35 price.

Anker 13000 Portable Charger Courtesy Amazon

Anker 13000 Portable Charger



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