We’re Geeking Out Over These Apple Deals: Save Up to $150 on MacBooks, iPads & Apple Watches

Best Apple Deals for August 2021
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Conventional wisdom used to hold that Apple didn’t need to offer discounts or host seasonal sales. Apple products were so good, and their customers so loyal, that the normal retail rules simply didn’t apply.

But that’s not quite true. While the official Apple store may not host major sales events, the big box retailers that sell Apple products are very eager to win your business. And that means you can find some incredible Apple deals at stores like Amazon and Walmart this September.

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In fact, this summer has been a bonanza for Apple fans looking to score popular Apple products at a serious discount. And we’re not just talking about measly 10% discounts, but serious savings up to 21%. And right now two of our absolute favorites, the M1 MacBook Air and M1 Mac Mini, are dramatically marked down on Amazon.

Best of all, these Apple deals don’t just cover previous generation products from 2018 or 2019 (although $500 off a 2019 iMac is an incredible deal), but brand new products like the AirPods Max over-ear headphones or the 2020 M1 MacBook Pro.

So before you buy any Apple devices this year, you’ll want to check the list of sales below. You might just save $200 on the laptop, headphones or wireless earbuds of your dreams. Keep reading to find the latest list of the best Apple deals and the lowest prices on AirPods, AirPods Max, M1 MacBook Pro laptops and more new products.

Editor’s Note: The deals and discounts described below are subject to change at any time. Many of the best Apple deals are semi-permanent, but we will try to update this page when major price changes occur.


The Best Apple Deals on M1 MacBook Air Laptops

Regular readers of Spy will know by now that we’re obsessed with the M1 chip. The newest generation of Apple processors is so powerful that it’s an order of magnitude faster than the chips that came before it. Let’s put this in perspective. Say you bought a brand new iMac in 2019. At the time, this $2,000 machine was the top-of-the-line desktop computer for creative professionals running video editing software. Now, your fancy desktop computer is actually slower than the 2020 M1 Mac Mini, a product that used to be an afterthought in the desktop market. The new M1 chip is so fast, the M1 MacBook Air pretty much makes the MacBook Pro obsolete.

For college students, creative professionals and everyday use, the M1 MacBook Air and Pro are the best laptops of the year, again. And they’ve been freshly marked down yet again on Amazon, where the 2020 M1 MacBook Air is now $849.99 thanks to a hidden $100 discount that shows up at checkout. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the M1 MacBook deals in hopes that the price would drop again, but we think this is the lowest they’re going to go until a new generation of MacBooks arrives.

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Buy M1 MacBook Air Laptops for $849.99

We recommend heading to Amazon for the best deals on M1 MacBook Air Laptops. This 13.3-inch laptop is super-thin and super-fast. In previous years, the MacBook Air was a lightweight compared to the MacBook Pro, but with the M1 chip, that’s no longer the case. Even for serious projects like photo or video editing, this laptop is up for the challenge. Faster, more powerful and much cheaper than comparable small laptops, it’s hard for us to imagine a better laptop right now.


M1 MacBook Air, best apple deals on MacBook Courtesy of Apple

M1 MacBook Air at Amazon (Extra $100 off at checkout)



Best Deals on iPads

Every new iPad is yet another slam dunk from Apple, and Walmart has gotten the jump on the competition by preselling the new iPad 9th gen for a $299 base price — a $30 discount.

The new iPad and iPad Mini will also likely drive down the prices on their predecessors, which are still might impressive tablets. Look, we promise that Apple isn’t paying us to promote these devices. That’s the thing — Apple doesn’t need to, because the latest generation of chips is just that dang good. Inside the newest iPads, you’ll find either an A12 or A14 bionic chip with a neural engine and Apple’s famous Retina Display. These iPads are so fast that for a lot of people they can completely replace your laptop. In fact, if you mostly use your device for streaming, apps and browsing the internet, then that’s exactly what we recommend. (In that case, we recommend going with additional memory and investing in some of the best iPad accessories.)

Looking for the best Apple deals? Then you can find some great discounts on the latest tablets from Apple. The only deals we’re finding right now in terms of iPads come from Walmart on the iPad Mini and the newest iPad Air, both currently $100 off.

Save $30 by Pre-Ordering New iPad at Walmart


The newly announced generation of iPads is set to be released on September 24, but Walmart is already offering the 10.2-inch iPad at a $30 discount. The silver model is already out of stock, but the dark gray model is still available!

Apple 10.2-inch iPad (2021) Wi-Fi 64GB Courtesy of Walmart

Pre-Order Apple 10.2-inch iPad Wi-Fi 64GB


Get $100 Off the iPad Air & Mini

For some, just $100 doesn’t seem like a lot. But, think about how far $100 saved can go. You can purchase some headphones, new shoes, a watch — the limit does not exist. The iPad Air and iPad Mini are two of Apple’s most highly-rated iPads on the market, so deals on these are more than worth it. And keep an eye on the Mini in case the release of the new Mini opens the door for even greater deals on the previous model.

SAVE $100

Apple 10.9-inch iPad Air Courtesy of Walmart

Apple 10.9-inch iPad Air


Apple iPad mini Courtesy of Walmart

Apple iPad mini



Best Deals on M1 Mac Mini Computers

Like we stated above, the Mac Mini used to be an afterthought in the crowded desktop market — until the M1 chip came along. Now, you can create a fast and reliable computing setup for work or school with the M1 Mac Mini, which is available at bargain prices. Right now there is a hidden discount on Amazon which has dropped the M1 Mac Mini to an astounding $599.99. Even at that price, it’s one of the best computer deals we’ve seen all year long, so we recommend jumping on it. At this price, the Mac Mini isn’t just one of the best Apple deals of 2021, it’s one of the best desktop computers of the year, full stop.

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Apple M1 Mac Mini Deals Courtesy of Apple

2020 M1 Mac Mini at Amazon (Extra $59.01 off at checkout)


2020 M1 Mac Mini at Walmart



The Best Deals on AirPods & AirPods Pro

Big retailers like Amazon and Walmart have taken an “always-on” approach when it comes to AirPods. If you’re looking for the best AirPods deals, then you should know that these audio products are pretty much always on sale to some degree. However, we recently saw prices on the AirPods Pro drop to their lowest price point ever, which we haven’t seen since Amazon Prime Day back in mid-June. On top of that, the original Apple AirPods are also on sale at a variety of retailers.

While there are plenty of other great wireless earbuds for sale in 2021 from brands like Samsung, Sony, Jabra and Master & Dynamic, Apple’s popular earbuds are a great choice if you mostly use Apple products. These earbuds seamlessly connect to iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and other Apple products, and they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Throw in a fantastic battery and excellent noise-canceling (though not the best in the world), and it’s easy to see why AirPods are so incredibly popular.

Best Apple Deals on AirPods Pro

Where can you find the best deals on the new AirPods Pro? After a recent price drop, Amazon and Walmart have the best AirPods Pro deal we’ve been able to find. Right now, you can buy these wireless earbuds for just $197 via Amazon Prime or Walmart. Just how popular are these buds? These audio devices have a 4.8-star rating after nearly 225,000 reviews.


Best Apple Deals on AirPods Pro Courtesy of Amazon

AirPods Pro at Amazon


Apple Airpods Pro at Walmart



Best Apple Deals on AirPods

You can buy wired AirPods for as little as $119 right now, a 25% discount. If you don’t care about wireless charging, then this is probably the best deal you’ll find on any wireless earbuds from any brand or retailer. For this reason, these are the world’s best cheap wireless earbuds in 2021 — at least while this discount is available. If wireless charging is important to you, then you can find the wireless AirPods for sale at Walmart for a newly reduced price of $135, or on Amazon for $151.52.

Best Apple Deals on AirPods Courtesy of Apple

AirPods (Wired) at Amazon


AirPods (Wireless) at Amazon


Airpods (Wireless) at Walmart



Best Deals on Apple Watches

It’s hard to imagine now, but the Apple Watch was once seen as something of a flop. The continued success shows that that the Apple Watch beat the skeptics, and the Series 6 continues to innovate, especially in the health space. For example, you can measure blood oxygen and check your heart rhythm. You can also track fitness, and switch between activities like swimming, cycling and running. There are a handful of deals you can scoop up now on the Series 6 which we’ve listed below.

Get the Apple Watch Series 6 for $349

SAVE $50

The Apple Watch Series 6 retails for a buck shy of $400, but it’s available for $349 right now, or $50 off. It’s available in either 40mm or a larger 44mm. There’s the GPS version of the watch, which is in stock now, or the GPS + cellular version, which is listed as “In Stock Soon,” and is a more expensive version. Plus, a variety of colors are available, including blue, pink, white and black.

apple watch series 6 Image Courtesy of Amazon

Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm)



Get the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 44mm for $349

Save $80

The 44mm version of the Series 6 is available from Walmart, and it’s also $349 right now. A few different colors are available, including the Red Product(RED) colorway, which helps support charitable giving. The larger screen size is typically more expensive than the smaller one, making this a must-have for those looking to grab a great deal.

apple watch series 6 Image Courtesy of Walmart

Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm)



Best Deals on M1 Macbook Pro Laptops

The M1 Macbook Pro does have a few components that the MacBook Air lacks. The MacBook Pro does feature the Touch Bar feature, which you’ll either love or hate. In addition, the Pro version of this laptop features a cooling fan, which makes it more comfortable to operate and will likely have a long-term benefit in terms of performance and durability. For the average person, the Air offers more than enough computing power; however, if you are a professional who wants to push your new laptop to the max, then this is the computer for you.

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Get the M1 MacBook Pro for $1,199

Right now you can save $150, or 11%, on the full retail price of the M1 MacBook Pro. Via Amazon Prime, you can buy this impressive laptop for $1,199.99.


M1 MacBook Pro Deals Courtesy of Apple

M1 MacBook Pro at Amazon



Best Deals on iPhones

Many deals on iPhones come from providers, so the deals that are available to you may depend on who your provider is and whether or not you’re looking to switch. Many deals will also be contingent on you, the customer, doing something, whether that’s trading in your old phone or adding a new line. That said, if you really do need to add a new line or get rid of a busted phone, these kinds of deals can be great.

Get the iPhone 11 for $10 a month from AT&T

The iPhone 11 is available for $10 a month from AT&T, instead of $16.67. That’s for the 64GB version. For higher GB versions the deal gets less substantial. You can also save more if you decide to trade in your old device. And, with Apple now unveiling the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, stand ready for deeper discounts still on the older yet still great models.

apple iphone 11 Image Courtesy of AT&T

Apple iPhone 11



Get the Apple iPhone SE with Premium Wireless for $33/Month

Tired of tablet-sized smartphones? The Apple iPhone SE is just about the smallest smartphone you can buy, and it boasts the same A13 chip found in the iPhone 11, plus a water-resistant exterior and a dual SIM card. In short, the iPhone SE packs a lot into a smaller package. Mint Mobile has a unique deal on the device — for $18 a month, you get the phone, and for $15 more, you get two years of premium wireless.

apple iphone se Image Courtesy of Mint Mobile

Apple iPhone SE + 2 Years Premium Wireless



The Best Deals on AirPods Max Headphones

Apple’s newest audio products are seriously impressive. If you’re an audiophile who’s looking to get the absolute best in audio quality and active noise cancellation, then the AirPods Max are the best headphones for sale right now. However, on top of best-in-class audio, the AirPods Max headphones have another feature that puts other headphones to shame. The AirPods Max are compatible with Dolby Atmos and boast “spatial audio,” which means you can enjoy the kind of surround sound that previously only existed in movie theaters and luxury home theater setups. When watching your favorite movies or listening to music with Dolby Atmos technology, you’ll truly be immersed in a soundscape like never before. Combined with excellent noise cancellation, and you’ve got truly mind-blowing audio.

Of course, that’s why these over-ear headphones are so expensive. However, don’t pay full price like everyone else. You can find some great deals on AirPods Max headphones below.

Get AirPods Max Headphones for $489

Right now, Amazon is offering a $59 discount on the new AirPods Max headphones. With a full retail price of $549.99, that brings the sale price down to $489.99. It’s obviously not a major discount, but if you were planning on picking up a pair anyway, saving $59 is not nothing. For all the reasons we’ve already explained, we believe the AirPods Max 100% justify their price tag.


Apple AirPods Max Silver Courtesy of Amazon

AirPods Max Headphones at Amazon



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FAQ About Apple Sales & Discounts

Apple makes some of the world's most popular consumer devices, and the company has very devoted fans. For true Apple loyalists, the thought of using a Windows PC or an Android phone is unthinkable. Because of this brand loyalty, Apple doesn't need to offer steep discounts in order to attract customers. That's why Apple has a reputation for avoiding sales events and deals. However, you actually can find a lot of deals on popular Apple products. As of September 2021, you can find discounts on iPads, MacBook Air and Proo laptops, Mac Mini computers, AirPods and AirPods Pro earbuds and even the new AirPods Max headphones. What about iPhones? We recommend checking directly with your wireless carrier of choice for the latest iPhone deals, especially now with the release of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. For everything else, we've rounded up the absolute lowest prices on Apple products, as well as answers to common questions.

What is the AirPods Pro lowest price?

During Amazon Prime Day 2021, we saw prices on Apple AirPods Pro drop to just $190. Recently, Amazon lowered prices even further to $180, a 28% discount from the full retail price of $249. Keep in mind that these wireless earbuds rarely go above $200 at popular retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

What is the lowest price in Apple AirPods?

If you want the best possible deal on the original AirPods, then you'll want to buy the version with wired charging. Popular retailers like Walmart and Amazon sell the AirPods (Wired) for just $115, a 28% discount from the full retail price. For users who prefer wireless charging, Walmart has the lowest prices we've seen on the AirPods with wireless charging. Although the discount is no longer active, Walmart recently dropped prices on AirPods with wireless charging to $135. Right now, you can find these products on sale for $159 at a variety of retailers.

Can you buy the Apple AirPods Max on sale?

Yes! Even though Apple's new over-hear headphones are brand new, you can find them on sale if you know where to look. With a full retail price of $549, these noise-cancelling headphones aren't cheap. However, with truly stellar audio, premier active noise-cancellation, and spatial audio with Dolby Atmos surround sound, these may just be the greatest headphones in the world. You can find AirPods Max selling via Amazon Prime for $489.99. In addition, you can find Open Box deals at Best Buy starting at $459.99, the lowest price we've been able to find so far.

What is the lowest price on the M1 MacBook Air?

The 13.3-inch M1 MacBook Air is a seriously impressive machine, and based on the performance of the M1 chip, it has a ridiculously low price tag. That was true even at its full price, but now you can buy this laptop at a 10% discount via Amazon, Best Buy and other online retailers. Right now Amazon has the M1 MacBook Air at its new lowest price of $849.99. The M1 MacBook Pro also has a great discount, with total savings of $200 regularly available.

Is the M1 Mac Mini Worth the Price?

We 100% recommend the M1 Mac Mini, which puts 2019-era iMacs to shame at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to the lightning-fast M1 chip, the new 2020 Mac Mini is one of the best desktop computers of the year and absolutely worth the $699 price tag. Right now Amazon has dropped the price on this computer to just $600, which is one of the best computer deals we've ever seen. More often, you can find this device on sale for $649, a 7% discount.

Should I Buy a New iPad?

Apple just debuted new versions of the iPad and iPad Mini, and Walmart is preselling the iPad 9th Gen for just $299, but the 2021 iPad Pro is still probably the world's best tablet right now despite its steep $800 price tag. While it does carry the incredibly fast M1 chip, for just $99 more you could buy the M1 MacBook Air. For this reason, we think most consumers will be just as happy with the 2020 iPad Air, which has the still-impressive A14 Bionic Chip and a much more affordable price tag of $499. You should buy the new 2021 iPad Pro if you're looking for an alternative to a laptop. However, outside of this very specific use case, we think the cheaper iPad Air is the better choice for most people. The iPad Air still has considerable power and performance, as well as decent front and rear-facing cameras, plus a gorgeous 10.9-inch Retina display.

Are the AirPods Max Headphones Worth the Price?

We 100% believe that the new Apple AirPods Max headphones justify their $550 price tag. These are premium headphones designed for true audiophiles, so if that doesn't apply to you, we recommend going with the Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones instead. However, for true best-in-class audio, nothing beats the AirPods Max. Apple's new over-ear headphones offer incredible active noise-cancellation technology, fantastic battery life, a comfortable fit and stylish design. On top of all that, these headphones are compatible with Dolby Atmos, which means you can have a genuine surround sound experience with your headphones.