Unlock Your iPad’s Full Potential with an Apple iPad Keyboard

apple ipad keyboard
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Damon Albarn made an entire Gorillaz album on his iPad, and there’s no reason why you can’t do something amazing with yours. No longer should iPads be considered the device you only use on airplanes to watch movies more comfortably. iPads can be as fully functional as laptops, and the best iPad keyboards unlock their full potential. Pairing your iPad with the right keyboard can turn that iPad into a portable powerhouse, but finding the right keyboard can be difficult, especially considering the vast amount of available options.

Don’t let your iPad turn into an $800 portable movie-viewing device. Uncover the full laptop power inside your iPad and maximize your productivity using one of the top-rated iPad keyboards below.

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 1. Byrdge Pro 12.9 Keyboard for iPad Pro


This Apple iPad keyboard looks and feels just like the keyboard on a Macbook Pro. It has the same button layout, keeping all of your keyboard shortcuts the same. It connects wirelessly to your keyboard via Bluetooth or you can connect it through the USB-C connection. Plus, it comes with a magnetic snap-on cover to protect your keyboard when not in use. If you want to turn your iPad Pro into a Macbook (almost) for cheap, this is a great way to do it.

apple ipad keyboards Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Brydge Pro 12.9 Keyboard


2. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio


This official Apple keyboard is tiny, portable and specifically designed to work for and protect your iPad Pro. Once attached, there is no need to pair or charge the keyboard — you’re good to go. The Smart Keyboard Folio also folds to prop up the iPad for ideal viewing angles, and when you’re done typing, the cover protects your iPad from scuffs and scratches. For those who just want a keyboard that’s ready to use from the get-go, look no further than this hybrid keyboard folio. Leave it to Apple to create the best Apple iPad keyboards.

apple ipad keyboards Courtesy of Apple Courtesy of Amazon

Apple iPad Keyboard Folio


Apple iPad Keyboard


3. Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Backlit Keyboard


With great battery life and compatibility, this is a great iPad keyboard option for not only iPad users, but for anyone looking for a portable wireless keyboard. The keyboard layout is more standard PC than Mac, but the trusty Mac command button is in its rightful place. The keys can be backlit with seven different color schemes, adding a little flavor to your typing experience. According to the manufacturer, this keyboard can last up to 360 hours (backlighting turned off) on a single charge. *eye popping emoji* That sort of battery life, combined with the $20 price tag, makes this Apple iPad keyboard option hard to pass up.

Apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Backlit Keyboard


4. Logitech Slim Folio Pro for iPad 11-inch


The Logitech Slim Folio is a low-profile, comfortable keyboard option that also protects your iPad from bumps and bruises. The keyboard is similar to that of the Macbook 16 (the new and improved keyboard) and even includes a row of useful shortcut buttons above the number keys. When you’re working in dimly lit rooms, the backlit keys make it easy to remain productive. Beyond the keyboard, the Folio securely wraps around your 11-inch iPad and protects it with a smooth but durable outer fabric that will protect your keyboard while you’re on the go. It’s such a great option that over 100 users have given it a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Logitech Slim Folio Pro for iPad 11-inch


5. Apple Magic Keyboard


Although Apple’s Magic Keyboard was built with iMac users in mind, iPad owners can still reap the benefits of the Magic Keyboard. It’s lightweight and low profile making it a great travel companion. With a built-in rechargeable battery, you won’t have to worry about bringing extra AA batteries. And, of course, since it was made for Mac, it will work seamlessly with your iPad. It’s a bit more expensive than alternative keyboards, but it’s worth it for the reliability of an official Apple keyboard for your iPad.

Apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon

Apple Magic Keyboard


6. Zagg Rugged Messenger


For the accident-prone, the Zagg Rugged Messenger is a smart choice. The stand actually snaps around the screen, protecting your iPad from major spills and broken screens. The outer case is rugged enough to withstand drops up to 6.5-feet. As for the keyboard, the keys are nicely spaced to create a natural, and easy typing experience that is as comfortable as the case is durable. If you’re the guy whose electronics always have broken screens, we strongly advise you to consider this keyboard-case combo.

apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon

Zagg Rugged Messenger


7. IVSO Keyboard and Case iPad 10.2


Specifically created for the iPad 10.2, the IVSO Keyboard is a stylish way to not only protect your iPad, but to add a fully functional keyboard as well. The protective case sports an anti-slip composite lining that protects your iPad all while looking great. The keyboard is lightweight and low profile, keeping it slim and portable. The keyboard is also backlit with a cool, seven color sweeping color scheme across the keys, which of course can be adjusted or turned off. This stylish keyboard also comes with an impressive 60-hour battery life. Keep in mind, this keyboard and case is only compatible with iPad 10.2.

apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon

8. Arteck Ultra-Thin Apple iPad Mini Keyboard


You’d expect a tiny keyboard to have tiny keys, but that’s not the case with the Arteck Ultra-Thin Apple keyboard. The enlarged keys make for a comfortable experience, especially for those with sausage fingers — it’s ok, we’re not judging. Slide your iPad Mini between the hinges and your iPad will be propped up and able to tilt 130 degrees. When you close the lid, the keyboard will automatically go to sleep and wake when you’re ready to work. And to ramp up the portability factor — a one hour charge provides 50 hours of use. It’s a portable and inexpensive keyboard option for iPad mini 3, 2 and 1 users.

apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon

Arteck Ultra-Thin Apple iPad Mini Keyboard


9. GreenLaw iPad Keyboard and Case


Backlighting can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being productive in low-lit rooms. The GreenLaw Apple iPad keyboard sports 336 different backlighting color options as well as seven solid backlight options. The keyboard is thin and quiet, providing a smooth typing experience with limited noise. The vibrant keyboard snaps magnetically to your iPad, providing you with 130 degrees of adjustable viewing angles including laptop mode, tablet mode and tent mode. It’s vibrant, portable and affordable, making it a smart pick for an Apple iPad keyboard.

apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon


10. Logitech Focus Protective Case  for iPad Mini 4


Logitech makes some of the best iPad keyboards, and that goes for the iPad Mini as well. Protect your Mini 4 and get a fully functional keyboard in one package with the Logitech Focus protective case. The keyboard boasts a miniature layout of a typical IOS keyboard — command and option are in the same spot — so your shortcuts will work just the same as a Macbook. The built-in stand props your Mini up and keeps it stable so you can work, watch or read content without hassle. And if you’re a traveling working warrior, the keyboard-iPad combo is small enough to fit on those tiny airplane trays. It’s a top-rated, lightweight and portable option for iPad Mini 4 users.

apple ipad keyboard Courtesy of Amazon

Logitech Focus Protective Case for iPad Mini 4

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