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Protect Your Investment and Keep It Charged With the Best Apple Watch Accessories

The Apple Watch is the leader in smartwatches and for good reason. Its impressive tech and innovative features have made it a global competitor not just among smartwatches, but for the entire watch market. So it should come as no surprise that the best Apple Watch accessories also pack a ton of benefits that help to extend the usefulness of the popular smartwatch.

The Apple Watch is continuing to improve with each new release, including the Series 8, which features the company’s best battery life and clearest display yet. Older models of the Apple Watch also boast an impressive list of features, including ECG monitors and several reliable fitness tracking features. The Apple Watch works seamlessly with hundreds of apps, allows users to text, make phone calls and control their music, and has an emergency response function that can be activated by a fall or the push of a button.

Of course, there is one downside to the Apple Watch, which is its hefty price tag. If you’re going to spend big bucks to get the best, then you should also invest in Apple Watch accessories that will help you get the most out of your device.

Whether you are shopping for a watchband that can keep up with your intense workouts or one that will look good at your next board meeting, need a screen protector to prolong the life of your Apple Watch, or you are in the market for a portable charger to help on days when you forgot to plug in your charger, these Apple Watch accessories are must-haves.

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The Best Apple Watch Accessories: At a Glance

best overall

Otterbox All Day Band

Buy Now On Amazon $23.79 Jump to Details

Julk Apple Watch Screen Protector

Buy Now On Amazon $8.88 Jump to Details

LK 6 Pack Apple Watch Series 8 41mm Screen Protector

Buy Now On Amazon $9.99 Jump to Details

Saffiano Leather Initial Apple Watch Band by Casetify

Buy Now at casetify $52.00 Jump to Details

Huoto Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

Buy Now On Amazon $20.99 Jump to Details

Twelve South ActionSleeve 2 for Apple Watch

Buy Now On Amazon $29.30 Jump to Details

Anker Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Buy Now On Amazon $29.99 Jump to Details

Wearlizer Apple Watch Adapters

Buy Now On Amazon $11.88 Jump to Details

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Apple Watch Band with Case

Buy Now On Amazon $19.99 Jump to Details

von Holzhausen The Watch Band Portfolio

Buy Now $99.95 Jump to Details

MagSafe Duo Charger

Buy Now On Amazon $119.00 Jump to Details

Wristcam Video Watch Band for Apple Watch

Buy Now On Amazon $299.00 Jump to Details

elago W5 Apple Watch Stand

Buy Now On Amazon $14.99 Jump to Details

Apple Watch Bucardo SERIES 1/2/3 Pocket Watch Pinstripe

Buy Now $75.00 Jump to Details

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch

Buy Now $101.73 Jump to Details

best overall

Why We Chose It: Not only are they available in these lovely, two-toned color options, but the band is notable for having antimicrobial protection to protect the band’s exterior from germs.

Why stick with the ordinary band that comes with the Apple Watch when you can get even better comfort and protection with Otterbox’s All Day Band. Considering how gunk can quickly build up due to sweating, this antimicrobial property of the band will keep it looking clean while repelling those nasty germs from staying on. Best of all, you’ll have all-day comfort wearing this breathable Apple Watch band.


Why We Chose It: Easy to install and remove, the set comes with two screen protectors that will help to extend the life of your Apple watch.

Apple Watches are a major financial investment, which is why it’s important to protect your watch as soon as you buy it. Before even taking your brand-new watch out of its sleek, all-white packaging, we recommend buying a set of the Julk Apple Watch Screen Protectors. Made with high-quality and soft TPU material, the covers help to protect against scratches and dents on the face and four sides of the watch.


Why We Chose It: It’s a minimalist (and inexpensive) way of keeping the screen free of scratches.

Just like smartphones, smartwatches also need a screen protector. The LK 6 Pack Apple Watch Series 8 41mm Screen Protector is one of the highest-rated screen protectors on the market thanks to its easy-to-apply design and self-healing technology that eliminates small scratches and marks in 24 hours.


Why We Chose It: Customizations allow you to make this band unique.

For an Apple Watch band that is all your own, we like the Saffiano Leather Initial band by Casetify. SPY writer Allison Bowsher owns one of the bands and loves how easy it was to customize the colors and add personalization.


$20.99 $29.99 30% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Why We Chose It: This portable Apple Watch charger fits on a keychain and offers tons of utility.

One of the few downsides to an Apple watch is that its battery life is shorter than other smartwatches. That’s why we at SPY are big fans of the Huoto Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch, which helps Apple Watch owners have no fear of low battery warnings. The keychain charger makes it simple to charge your Apple Watch on the go, giving watches a full battery in 2.5 to 5 hours. The charger is available in several colors to match any Apple Watch strap.


Why We Chose It: You don’t have to fiddle around on your wrist to track your workouts with this armband sleeve.

One of the best features of the Apple Watch is the activity tracker, but if you don’t like to wear a watch while exercising, you can still count your steps and track your calories burned and heart rate.

The Twelve South ActionBand + ActionSleeve allows users to secure their Apple Watch in the hypoallergenic armband, which is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. The crown and screen remain fully accessible while using the band and sleeve. Pro tip – this band also helps to keep your Apple Watch out of the way when baking, gardening, or doing any other messy activity.


Why We Chose It: You’ll lessen the amount of wires it takes to charge your favorite Apple gadgets.

For a charger that does more than pump up the battery on your Apple Watch, we like the Anker 535 Wireless Charger. The three-in-one charging station is ideal for Apple lovers who need to keep their iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch charged and ready to go. Its minimalist design takes up very little space on your desk, but even better is the fact that it can be neatly folded up and stowed away for travel.


Why We Chose It: Keep using your favorite watch band with this simple adapter.

Once you begin wearing an Apple watch, it’s tough to go a day without it on your wrist. Being able to quickly and easily answer calls and texts, view emails, check the news and weather, and track your physical fitness makes the Apple Watch a personal assistant on your wrist.

But what if you already own watches or bands that you still want to wear? With the Wearlizer Apple Watch Adapters, Apple Watch owners can swap out their Apple bands for more traditional styles and wear watch bands they already own.


$19.99 $20.99 5% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Why We Chose It: The hefty design and construction will protect the Apple Watch through grueling extreme sports activities.

If you’re rough on watches but want to still have all the benefits of an Apple Watch, you need the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Apple Watch Band with Case. The built-in case provides protection from scratches and dents thanks to its shock-absorbing material. Raised bezels provide added protection for the screen and users can still easily access the buttons and touchscreen controls on their Apple watch.

Available in black, charcoal grey, and army green, the Spigen band and case are tough enough to wear outdoors and during intense workouts, while still professional enough to wear in social settings. We also like that the watch can be charged without users having to remove the case.



Buy Now

Why We Chose It: Instead of figuring out where you put them, you’ll keep all your Apple Watch bands organized in one place.

Keep your Apple Watch and Apple Watch accessories in a safe and secure spot with the von Holzhausen The Watch Band Portfolio. Perfect for using at home or when traveling, the portfolio is made with high-tech, animal-free, and environmentally-friendly materials that protect the Apple Watch and matching bands.

Two multipurpose pockets inside the case can hold the watch and charger, while six dividers keep bands securely in place when not in use. The full-zip closure and wristlet-style handle add security and convenience and an outer pocket provides even more usefulness to the case.


$119.00 $129.00 8% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Why We Chose It: This official Apple Watch charger serves double duty as a MagSafe charger. Plus, it folds over for easier storage.

For a charger that is sleek, compact, and capable of handling your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time, there’s the MagSafe Duo Charger. The lightweight charger folds when not in use which makes it easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

When it’s time to get your battery back in the green, place your Apple watch and any Qi-certified devices, including the iPhone, Airpods, or other devices on the small but mighty charging pad. We like that the MagSafe makes it possible for users to flip up the Apple Watch charger, allowing the watch to be displayed in nightstand mode.


$169.00 $299.00 43% off

$169 at Adorama

Why We Chose It: Video chat through FaceTime with your friends, all through your wrist with this accessory for the Apple Watch.

Sure, you can watch videos on your Apple Watch, but what about filming videos? Now you can with the Wristcam Video Watch Band for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch band has an 8MP world-facing and 2MP selfie camera and it can even be used for video chatting.

Rated IP68 water and dust resistant, the band can handle depths of 3.3’ for up to 30 minutes and features 8GB of storage capacity, making it ideal for daily use and capturing adventures.


$14.99 $15.99 6% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Why We Chose It: The retro look is sure to turn heads.

We love nostalgia. That’s why we had to showcase Elago’s W5 Apple Watch Stand, which emulates the look and style of Nintendo’s Game Boy. This simple silicone stand replicates the classic Game Boy look, complete with action buttons, a directional pad and even cutouts for the speaker.

If you look around hard enough, you may even be able to customize one of the watch faces to have that green, monochrome look that the Game Boy is known for.



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Why We Chose It: You’ll transform the wrist worn Apple Watch into a timeless pocket watch.

If you like the tech of the Apple Watch but prefer the look of a classic timepiece, get the best of both worlds with the Apple Watch SERIES 1/2/3 Pocket Watch Pinstripe. Available in several finishes to match any style, the Bucardo allows users to wear their Apple Watch as a pocket watch. The stainless steel case and detachable chain are durable and elegant and users can still access the crown and watch face.



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Why We Chose It: Even though it can already set alarms, this dock converts the Apple Watch into a more suitable alarm clock for your bedside.

Turn your Apple Watch into a traditional alarm clock with this magnifying dock. The doc magnifies the face of the Apple Watch, making it easier to see the time from a distance. Built-in amplification ensures users will hear their alarm and a tap button can be used to ‘wake up’ the watch face.

How We Chose the Best Apple Watch Accessories

Even though it runs the gamut, there are several factors we’ve considered in how we chose the best accessories for the Apple Watch. For starters, we crave accessories that have incredible utility. Sure, every single one of the selections we’ve made has a core function, but we love those accessories that are multi-functional.

Other criteria we looked at were accessories that provide protection. Nothing is more important than protecting your investment, so that’s why we look for Apple Watch gadgets that’ll help you get the most out of your beloved wearable.

Some of the options we chose also were also taken into consideration because of the stylish aesthetic that gave to the Apple Watch. Much like any timepiece, we still love accessories that can stand out for their designs. And lastly, we looked at accessories that help users recharge their Apple Watch.

After testing many products and scouring the internet, we’ve found that these are the best Apple Watch accessories for 2023.