The Best Handgun Safes Provide Fast Access to Your Gun When You Need It and Security When You Don’t

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The best handgun safes don’t just protect your firearms — they also keep them away from inexperienced hands.

A handgun safe offers many of the same benefits and limitations as the personal weapons they hold. Most of these small safes can be easily carried, so they are usually limited to securing one or two weapons. A full-size firearm safe can hold both handguns and multiple long guns, but they aren’t as portable or easy to hide as their smaller counterparts. A handgun safe can hide at your bedside, unlike the larger gun lockups that require much more space.

If you’re the owner of a single gun and not a collector, or if you keep a handgun from your collection nearby for self-defense or target practice, finding the best handgun safe is necessary. The product you choose is as personal a decision as your Second Amendment-protected weapon of choice. To help you find the proper secure storage, we’ve put together our picks for the best biometric handgun safes. These come in various shapes, sizes and technology levels so that every gun owner can find the right fit for their weapons and space.

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What to Look for in a Handgun Safe

The best safes will have plenty of features. Here’s what you should be considering:

  • Locking mechanisms: Some of the best handgun safes have a fingerprint scanner, but it’s also good to have a lock with a keypad and a key lock for backup entry. Backlit keypads also help see the numbers in the dark, and combining the two means of access provides additional security.
  • Silent entry: When there is an intruder, you want to catch them by surprise. Silent entry allows you access into the safe without a sound.
  • Tampering alerts: A selection of handgun safes register when someone tries to get into the safe with backup keys or incorrect fingerprints or keypad entries.
  • Power options: Some handgun safes are battery powered, and others are rechargeable. It’s best to decide what is more convenient for you.



The Best Handgun Safes for Sale in 2022

Owning a handgun comes with a huge responsibility, and one of the most responsible things you can do is get a quality handgun or biometric handgun safe to keep it secure. Storing your firearm and ammunition in a safe keeps your weapon from others during a potential break-in and keeps it out of the reach of children.

Keeping your handgun safe and secure is essential for your safety and others. With that in mind, we’ve picked the best handgun safes with the most reliable and secure features to keep your handgun and ammunition ready for when you need it and safely stowed away when you don’t.


1. aweSafe Gun Safe


The aweSafe Gun Safe carries some of the more advanced engineering in this collection. It’s got the capacity for two standard handguns, one larger pistol, and some extra ammunition. You can lock or unlock it via key code or thumbprint, and it uses familiar solid steel compression and a pry-resistant door to stay closed. It adds a gas strut for silent opening if you need to access the gun inside without indicating its hiding place or location, and it’s compact and lightweight, which makes it portable. The interior also includes soft blue LED lighting to allow clear sight into the box without disturbing the surrounding darkness.

Why We Chose It as Best Overall: The aweSafe Gun Safe has proven to be extremely popular among SPY readers, and it offers all of the features we look for in the best gun safe at an extremely attractive price.

best handgun safes Courtesy of Amazon


2. Wyze Gun Safe


We wrote about the new Wyze Gun Safe when it was first released in March 2022, and it offers some smart features you won’t find anywhere else. Depending on how you feel about cybersecurity, a gun safe with a Bluetooth connection for remote opening can be a pro or a con, but it’s a unique innovation that could really come in handy in an emergency. Even without this feature enabled, this is a seriously impressive gun safe, and it unlocks in two blinks of an eye (literally — 0.8 seconds, versus 0.4 for a blink). It has 195 cubic inches of space, enough for two handguns, ammunition, and other accessories. Like the best gun safes of 2022, it also has a biometric fingerprint scanner, a traditional keypad, and a physical key, giving you plenty of access options. The biometric scanner can store up to 20 fingerprints so other family members can access its contents.

The safe itself is built to withstand tampering and prying. The 12-gauge steel frame has been third-party-certified to meet California DOJ impact and tool-attack standards. Despite all of these features, the WYZE Gun Safe is also competitively priced at an abundantly reasonable $154.99.

Why We Chose It as Runner Up: Ultimately, we think the awesafe Gun Safe is still the best gun safe for most people, as not everyone will appreciate the smart features available with WYZE.

wyze gun safe Courtesy of Amazon


3. RPNB Mounted Gun Safe


The RPNB Mounted Gun Safe is one of the no. 1 best-selling gun safes on Amazon, and it’s an affordable and discreet tool for gun owners. While most other handgun safes here are built for tabletop or bedside use — or designed to travel safely with the gun owner — the RPNB Mounted Gun Safe is designed for on-wall construction. It reduces clutter while offering a clever brand of “quick-draw” design as the case opens to release the gun handle first. Like the other entries here, you still get the steel construction and multiple means of access, from key code to standard key lock.

RPNB handgun safe, best handgun safes Courtesy of Amazon


4. VAULTEK LifePod 2.0


While every handgun safe in this collection will do the job of protecting your weapon, few of them have much of an aesthetic sense. Biometric gun safes are essentially black boxes built purely for function. The VAULTEK LifePod 2.0 takes on that function, but the compact size offers a little more visual flair. Employing steel construction, the LifePod locks on closure and unlocks via either a touch-activated keypad or a physical key. It’s sleek and compact but highly secure, making it one of the best handgun safes for safer storage.

VAULTEK LifePod, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Walmart


5. VAULTEK VTi Full-Size Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe


This full-size pistol safe has plenty of features that you’ll appreciate. The biometric pad allows for quick entry for starters, and the door opens automatically. The backlit keypad helps you see when you need to gain access in a dark area. There is a built-in light inside the safe when it’s open to help you see the contents inside. Want more? You can also see a history of openings, manage fingerprints, check the battery life and unlock your safe with the Bluetooth app. It’s one of the only handgun safes that must be charged, but 2.5 hours plugged in provides three months of battery life.

VAULTEK VTi Full-Size Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


6. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe


The SentrySafe QAP1BE is a quiet, compact handgun safe for your nightstand or drawer. It can easily fit one standard handgun and two ammunition clips inside. You can program up to four different fingerprints, and when it opens, the gas strut opens the case for you without making a sound, allowing for silent and quick entry. Beyond the fingerprint-scanner entry are a keypad and a key override if the batteries die. It’s pry-proof, made of steel and Department of Justice (DOJ) certified.

handgun safe sentrysafe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


7. RPNB Portable Security Safe 


While some of the entries on this list offer multiple ways to lock and unlock your handgun safe, the RPNB Portable Security Safe provides a simple four-key access system. If someone tries the wrong code, or should a thief pick up and make off with the safe, an onboard alarm alerts the gun owner. You get an emergency access hard copy key if you somehow forget your four-digit PIN.

best handgun safes Courtesy of RPNB


8. Reliancer Electronic Gun Safe


Resembling the kind of familiar safe you might find in a hotel room, the Reliancer Electronic Gun Safe offers the kind of door access you might find in a P.O. Box or a safety deposit setup. More substantial than most entries here, there’s plenty of room inside for multiple handguns and other small valuables. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the key code lock can also step aside for standard key access. Once unlocked, the door pops open for quick, silent access.

reliancer gun safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Reliancer


9. Viking Security Safe


With a bit of shelf built inside the safe, you can safely place your pistol, ammo, and other items you want to keep safe, like a passport. The biometric reader can store and read up to 32 different fingerprints, or you can use the keypad to gain entry into the safe. When you open the safe, an LED light illuminates the inside of the safe, which is convenient, especially if you keep your safe in a dark closet.

viking security handgun safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


10. RPNB Gun Security Safe


Made from 18-gauge steel, the RPNB is a durable, lightweight and compact handgun safe. It provides three-point access: a biometric fingerprint scanner, keypad and traditional lock-and-key. The safe’s biometric scanner allows for quick and immediate access, as the door will open automatically once access is granted. The keypad is also convenient because the buttons beep when pressed, eliminating silent entry. Inside the safe is a padded floor to keep your belongings protected if you move the safe.

rpnb handgun safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


11. Dalmbox Car Gun Safe


This gun safe from Dalmbox is incredibly portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. It’s smaller than the other gun safes on this list, making it perfect if you’ve got a smaller pistol you’d like to transport in a car safely. It’s made of strong and durable premium steel and comes with a heavy-duty cable encased in black sheathing that can lock the safe to a seat, in the trunk or wherever you see fit. It’s also multipurpose and would be great for locking up cash, jewelry or other valuables while you’re on the road.

Dalmbox car gun safe, best handgun safes Courtesy of Amazon


12. Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Gun Safe


There’s a lot to like about this handgun safe. For starters, it has an FBI-certified fingerprint scanner that can store up to 40 prints for protection and quick access to the safe. And if someone tries to get into the safe without your authorization, it keeps a timestamped history of all tampering, including failed attempts, use of backup keys and reset attempts. The only downside is that it’s pricey compared to other options, but the extra security features are well worth it.

verifi handgun safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


13. Billconch Biometric Gun Safe


Being affordable doesn’t mean it’s not packed with features. You can use the fingerprint scanner to gain access, keypad or key. It also has an app that keeps a history log, lets you manage fingerprints and provides wireless access to the safe. It has a silent entry to quietly access the safe and a LED light to light up the inside. On top of all that valuable security, it’s also affordable.

BILLCONCH-Biometric-Gun-Safe-for-Pistols, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


14. Top-Secure Safe Store Biometric Gun Safe


Another solid option for a handgun safe is this high-capacity, fingerprint-enabled biometric gun safe from Top-Secure. The brand is California DOJ-certified for its safety and security. Their safes come equipped with three optional access points: a biometric fingerprint, a backlit keypad for a code and a manual key entry. It’s got enough space for up to five handguns and other valuables, and it features a pry-resistant door, dual-layer steel housing and a welded pry-proof steel body for break-in protection. The door automatically opens upon being unlocked for fast, discreet and quiet access.

Top-Secure biometric safe, best handgun safes Courtesy of Amazon


15. ONNAIS Biometric Handgun Safe


This biometric handgun safe uses advanced biometric technology, so you need a fingerprint for access, making it much more secure than a lock and key or keycode design. A fingerprint access design also means you can access and open the safe with one hand, which may be necessary for certain critical situations. It’s got an anti-corrosion steel construction that’s super durable and protective. The lid is pry-resistant, and the inside has enough capacity to hold two standard-size frame pistols or a higher number of smaller items. It’s portable and built to store compactly and discretely underneath your bed, in a closet, in your car or under your desk.

ONNAIS handgun safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


16. Langger V Biometric Gun Safe


This handgun safe from Langger V comes ready to mount to the wall if you’d rather store your guns that way and efficiently take up vertical space. It’s made of durable reinforced steel and comes equipped with a quick fingerprint scan for fast access. It’s got a large capacity and foam padding on the inside to keep guns safe and has an option for silent opening if you need to get to your firearms discreetly.

Langger V Biometric Gun Safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Amazon


17. RPNB Pistol Safe


Big enough to hold a single, small handgun, the Younion Pistol Safe runs the gun owner only about $25. The three-number code lock is a simple way to open or seal the small safe, and you can use the case to hide cash or a passport if not holding a handgun. The RPNB Pistol Safe offers a way for the gun owner to carry a concealed yet safely encased gun. It allows for the personal transport of a weapon on one’s person without offering immediate access to any random person.

RPNB Pistol Safe, Best Handgun Safes Courtesy of Walmart


Updates: This article was updated last on August 2, 2022, when the pricing was updated for all of the items. At that time, we removed the Barska AX11556 Biometric Gun Safe, which is no longer available. We also added the WYZE Gun Safe as our new “Runner Up” selection. Finally, a more recent Billconch model, the Billconch Gun Safe for Pistols, replaced an older model as our “Value Pick”. Previously, we removed the Amazon Basics Gun Safe, which is no longer available.


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