Handgun Safes Provide Quick Access to Your Weapon When You Need it and Security When You Don’t

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Owning a handgun comes with a huge responsibility, and one of the most responsible things you can do is get a quality handgun safe to keep it safe and secure. Storing your handgun in a safe keeps your weapon from others during a potential break-in, and also keeps it out of the reach of children.

With that in mind, what good is a handgun if you can’t access it quickly in case of an emergency? That’s the beauty of a biometric handgun safe. It provides quick access to your handgun but also keeps it away from those who shouldn’t have access.


What To Look For In A Handgun Safe

The best pistol safe will have plenty of features. Here’s what you should be considering:

  • Locking mechanisms – All of the recommendations below have a biometric scanner, but it’s also a good idea to have a lock with a keypad and a key lock for backup entry. Backlit keypads also help with seeing the numbers in the dark.
  • Silent entry – When there is an intruder, you want to catch them by surprise. Silent entry allows you access into the safe without a sound.
  • Tampering alerts – Some handgun safes register when someone tries to get into the safe with backup keys or incorrect fingerprints or keypad entries. This lets you know when someone other than you has tried to get into your handgun safe.
  • Power options – Some are battery-powered and some can be recharged. It’s best to decide what you think is more convenient for you.

The Best Handgun Safes for Sale in 2020

Keeping your handgun safe and secure is incredibly important for your safety and for others. With that in mind, we’ve picked the best handgun safes with the most reliable and secure features to keep your handgun ready for when you need it, and safely stowed away when you don’t.


1. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe


This pistol safe has plenty of features that you’ll appreciate. For starters, the biometric pad allow for quick entry, and the door opens automatically upon entry. The backlit keypad helps you see when you need to gain access in a dark area. When it’s open, there is a built-in light inside of the safe to help you see the contents inside. Oh, and you can also see a history of openings, manage fingerprints, check the battery life and unlock your safe with the Bluetooth app. It’s one of the only handgun safes that needs to be charged, but 2.5 hours plugged in provides four months of battery life.

handgun safe vaultek Courtesy of Amazon

2. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe


A quiet and compact handgun safe for your nightstand or drawer. It can easily fit one standard handgun and two clips inside. You can program up to four different fingerprints, and when it opens, the gas strut opens the case for you without making any noise, making for silent and quick entry. Beyond the biometric entry are a keypad and a key override if the batteries die. It is constructed of steel, pry-proof and DOJ certified.

handgun safe sentrysafe Courtesy of Amazon

3. Barska AX11556 Biometric Gun Safe


A DOJ-certified safe with two motorized deadbolts and tamper-resistant edges keeps your firearms safely secured. The fingerprint reader only needs to read about two-thirds of your fingerprint to open, making the scanner reliable and open often on the first try. When you need to access your pistol safe quietly, the silent mode allows noiseless access. And feel free to mount it inside of a desk or closet using the pre-drilled holes.

barska handgun safe Courtesy of Amazon

4. Viking Security Safe


With a little shelf built inside the safe, you can safely place your pistol, ammo as well as other items you want to keep safe like a passport. The biometric reader can store and read up to 32 different fingerprints, or you can use the keypad to gain entry into the safe. When you open the safe, there is a LED light that illuminates the inside of the safe which is convenient, especially if you keep you safe in a dark closet.

viking security handgun safe Courtesy of Amazon

5. RPNB Gun Security Safe


Made from 18-gauge steel, the RPNB is a durable, lightweight and compact handgun safe. It provides three-point access: biometric fingerprint scanner, keypad and key. The biometric scanner allows for quick and immediate access, as the door will open automatically once access is granted. The keypad is also convenient other than the fact that the buttons beep when pressed, eliminating silent entry. Inside the safe is a padded floor to keep your belongings protected and from moving around if you move the safe.

rpnb handgun safe Courtesy of Amazon

6. Awesafe Gun Safe


With a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and over 1,000 reviews, plenty of people trust Awesafe with their personal safety. It is large enough for one standard-sized handgun or two smaller ones, and some ammo. It has a gas strut for a quiet opening and a built-in LED light to illuminate the inside. If for whatever reason the biometric isn’t reading, you can also gain access with a keypad or key. This is ideal for bedside use or to hide in a drawer.

awesafe handgun safe Courtesy of Amazon

7. Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Gun Safe


There’s a lot to like about this handgun safe. For starters, it has an FBI-certified fingerprint scanner that can store up to 40 prints for protection and quick access into the safe. And if someone tries to get into the safe without your authorization, it keeps a timestamped history of all tampering, including failed attempts, use of backup keys and reset attempts. The only real downside is that it’s pricey compared to other options, but the extra security features are well worth it.

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8. Billconch Biometric Gun Safe


Just because its affordable doesn’t mean that it’s not packed with features. You can use the fingerprint scanner to gain access, keypad or key. It also comes with an app that keeps a history log, lets you manage fingerprints and provides wireless access to the safe. It has silent entry to quietly access the safe as well as a LED light to light up the inside. On top of all that goodness, it’s also affordable.

billconch gun safe Courtesy of Amazon

9. RPNB Mounted Firearm Safety Device


When you want to keep your handgun close enough to access quickly, but secured in a safe, the Mounted RPNB is a good choice. The biometric sensor unlocks the safe in a second and pops open to provide quick access to the handle of the handgun. It can be mounted to the side of a desk so it’s always within arms-reach. This keeps it secure, but there when you need it.

rpnb mounted handgun safe Courtesy of Amazon

10. AmazonBasics Deluxe Firearm Safety Device


Providing DOJ-certified protection for your handgun and other items, the AmazonBasics Deluxe Safe is durable with double-layered steel housing. The biometric sensors provide quick and quiet access to your handgun as the door opens quietly and automatically. You can program up to 50 different fingerprints and drill it down on a shelf so it can’t be removed.

amazonbasics handgun safe Courtesy of Amazon

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