The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Allow You to Be in the Office From Just About Anywhere

best bluetooth headsets
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For those business professionals who take and make calls all day, a good Bluetooth headset is indispensable. And now that so many of us are working from home, you may need one of these devices for your home office, too. The best Bluetooth headsets allow you to take calls while freeing up your hands to complete other tasks like driving or typing. And if you are on the go all day — or simply pacing back and forth as you adjust to that WFH lifestyle —  it’s essential that you are able to answer and make phone calls without fumbling with your phone.

Looking to upgrade your office headset? As headphone jacks disappear, more professionals are searching for the best wireless headset for phone calls. We’ve selected a handful of different Bluetooth headset styles to fit your work life. Here are a few things to look for:

  • If you sit at a desk all day, you might enjoy an over-the-ear Bluetooth headset
  • Outdoor professionals who run from project to project in a noisy environment might want to consider one with elite noise cancellation and a waterproof rating
  • When you travel for work, you’ll want a headset with at least an eight-hour battery life

Whatever your situation calls for –– no pun intended –– there is a Bluetooth headset below that will answer the call –– and that pun was fully intentional.


1. Jabra Evolve 75 UC Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset


If you want the best Bluetooth headset for phone calls, then Jabra is the brand to know. In particular, the Jabra Evolve series is great for wirelessly connecting to your mobile device and your computer. If you’re looking for a mono headset, then keep reading and shop the Jabra Evolve 65 headset. Like all great noise-canceling headphones, this Jabra product isn’t cheap. However, for the $150 price tag, you get a whole host of impressive features.

In addition to top-quality cushioned speakers that are great for calls and music, this fully wireless headset also packs a powerful microphone. That microphone comes with its own noise-canceling features, so you’ll never have to repeat yourself on calls. And when you are on the phone, an illuminated indicator will tell your coworkers you’re busy, sparing you from awkward interruptions. For your home office, this headset offers 15 hours of talk time before it needs to be recharged. Jabra makes some of our favorite audio products, and with a sleek design and impressive capabilities, this is the best Bluetooth headset for sale right now.

best bluetooth headset for phone calls Courtesy of Amazon

2. New Bee


At first glance, other than its tiny footprint, there isn’t much that’s special about the New Bee Bluetooth headset. But when you realize it boasts 24 hours of talk-time and only takes a couple of hours to charge, you begin to realize the kind of deal this headset is. It comes with three ear tips and a 360-degree adjustable earpiece to get the most comfortable fit possible. It’s simple to use, inexpensive and a good choice if you are on the prowl for an inexpensive hands-free solution.

best bluetooth headsets Courtesy of Amazon

3. Aminy UFO Bluetooth Headset


With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and almost 6,000 user reviews, the Aminy UFO Bluetooth headset is a fan favorite. You can squeeze about eight hours of talk time before it needs a recharge. And you won’t mind wearing it for those eight hours with the comfortable ear-hook design. There’s no need to worry if you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm either, with the IPX6 waterproof rating. It’s a sturdy, yet comfortable Bluetooth headset that frees you to take care of business wherever you choose.

bluetooth headsets aminy Courtesy of Amazon

4. Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset


If you’re looking for an affordable Bluetooth headset option for your home office or desk job or when you work in your car, the Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth headset has great noise-canceling technology for both the earpiece and microphone. And if you work long hours in the office or out on the road, you’ll appreciate the 12-hour battery life. The lightweight design takes it easy on your head and ears thanks to its light weight (it only weighs about an ounce). It’s a solid choice, especially if you’re on a budget.

bluetooth headsets mpow Courtesy of Amazon

5. Jabra Talk 45


With one touch of a button, you can talk to Siri or Google Assistant without having to dig your phone out of your pocket. You can ask for directions, stream music or get a quick answer all with your voice. When you need to chat, the dual noise-canceling microphone ensures your voice comes through loud and clear. The six-hour battery life isn’t as good as others, but the Siri and Google Assistant compatibly make up for it.

bluetooth headsets jabra 45 Courtesy of Amazon

6. BlueParrot B450-XT


Most Bluetooth headsets lose range when you are about 33 feet away from your device, but the BlueParrot B450-XT claims to maintain Bluetooth connection up to 300 feet. And the 24 hour talk time battery life is equally impressive. If that wasn’t enough, the noise cancellation does great at both making your voice come through clearly and allowing you to hear without interruption. When you spend a little extra coin on a Bluetooth headset like the BlueParrot B450-XT, you get plenty of rewards.

bluetooth headsets blueparrot Courtesy of Amazon

7. Valear v5.0 Bluetooth Headset


For about $34, the Valear v.5.0 Bluetooth headset will comfortably help you answer calls with its ergonomic and lightweight design. It comes with five different ear tips, so you can remain comfortable during its nine hours of talk time. When you need to ask Siri a quick question without your phone, just press the button on your headset and ask away. “Hey Siri, is this a good choice?” Yes, yes it is. Also, for what it’s worth, this headset isn’t so bad-looking either.

bluetooth headset valear Courtesy of Amazon

8. Plantronics Voyager Legend


The Voyager Legend has almost 12,000 ratings on Amazon, plus 82% of those are four and five-star reviews. The Legend allows you to go completely hands-free with voice recognition technology. Simply say “answer” or “ignore” to manage incoming phone calls while you type. You’ll also be heard loud and clear with noise-canceling technology that reduces background noise and wind. And if you happen to get caught in an unexpected rainstorm or have to quickly answer a call at the gym, no sweat, because the Legend is also water-resistant. In short, the Voyager Legend is a reliable and affordable Bluetooth headset.

best bluetooth headsets Courtesy of Amazon

9. Willful M98 Wireless Headset


The best Bluetooth headsets have a lot of the same features: noise cancellation, cordless headsets and long-lasting batteries. The Willful M98 Bluetooth headset boasts all of these features and then some, all for just $45. While the best Bluetooth headsets from brands like Jabra and Plantronics have superior audio quality and microphones, this is an affordable workhorse of a headset. We like the convenient mute button on the microphone, which allows you to go silent when needed. With 17 hours of use on a single charge, this headset will easily outlast your workday.

willfull bluetooth headset Courtesy of Amazon

10. BlueParrot B550-XT


If the noise levels in your office rival The Wolf of Wall Street (we sure hope not), then consider the BlueParrot B550-XT as your Bluetooth headset of choice. The noise cancellation helps your voice resonate clearly, even in especially noisy environments. This makes it aa great product for office work, truck drivers and construction workers. Plus, this wireless headset has one of the longest-lasting batteries on this list, with up to 24 hours of talk time on a single charge. Using the app, you can use voice commands for hands-free control of your Bluetooth headset. It’s a little on the pricier side, but if you work in a noisy environment, the extra dollars go a long way.

best bluetooth headset Courtesy of Amazon

11. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC


When you’re in the office and need to be on the phone all day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable over-the-ear headset than the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC. Comfort truly is the name of the game here. The two soft pads fit nicely over your ears so they won’t get sore after long periods of use. Also, the adjustable metal headband lets you wear the headset comfortably without messing up your hair. You can turn on the ANC (active noise cancellation) to cancel out the noise around you, as well. For the caller, the triple boom mic has advanced digital sound processing capabilities to ensure your voice sounds loud and clear with minimal interference. This is easily one of the best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls that comes with stereo headphones, especially if you need to wear your headset all day.

best bluetooth headset for phone calls Courtesy of Amazon

12. Jabra Steel


The Jabra Steel was built for those who tend to do most of their business outside and work in noisy environments. This Bluetooth headset is IP54-rated, meaning it’s water-, dust- and shock-resistant. So, if you’re caught in a rainstorm, you won’t have to worry about your headset getting ruined. And for windy days, the Steel comes with a windsock to go over the boom mic to help cancel out some of the outside noise. For the workers who tend to need gloves while they work, the buttons on the Jabra Steel are large and easy to press, even with gloves on. That being said, if you are mainly in the office taking calls, there are better sounding options like the Jabra UC or Plantronics Voyager 5200. Still, it’s a great option if you need something that can survive a bit of punishment.

best bluetooth headset for phone calls Courtesy of Amazon

13. Sennheiser Presence-UC


The Sennheiser Presence-UC does a good job of eliminating background noise and focusing solely on your voice. It’s a tiny headset that fits comfortably around one ear. The microphone slides out about a half-inch from the headset, which shortens the distance from the headset to your mouth and also powers up the device. Once on, the Presence-UC uses noise-canceling technology to remove background noise for whoever is one the other end of the call. This is good and bad. It’s good because it keeps the focus on the voice alone, but it does make the audio sound a little choppy, as the audio can shut off between words. This doesn’t hinder phone calls in any way, but you can just noticeably tell that background noise is disappearing. Thanks to the proactive noise-canceling, compact package and sleek design, this is a top Bluetooth headset for phone calls.

best bluetooth headset for phone calls Courtesy of Amazon

14. Plantronics Voyager 5200


The Plantronics Voyager 5200 uses four microphones to help your voice cut through while shutting the door on background noise. The extra microphones can even silence the wind, so your voice continues to sound clear even while walking down the street. While on the phone, you won’t have to struggle to hear the other person, since the Plantronics has one of the more powerful speakers built-in. The device is also adjustable, so it can be worn on both ears and comes with three different size tips. That said, it’s a bit on the bulky side, so your ears might begin to fatigue after wearing it all day. If you want great clarity, especially if you are on the go outside, you should consider the Voyager 5200.

best bluetooth headset for phone calls Courtesy of Amazon

15. Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds


If you already have premium earbuds, like the Jabra Elite or Apple AirPods, then you should stick with those. However, if you’re looking for wireless earbuds that can be used in place of a Bluetooth headset, then we recommend this impressive pair from Anker. The Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds boast stereo microphones for high-quality audio. There are two mics within each earbud, and the speakers come with noise-canceling capabilities. They’re also easy to pair with your devices and totally waterproof. Like premium Bluetooth earbuds, this product comes with its own charging case. The best part? These Bluetooth earbuds only cost $60. We trust the Anker brand, and this product has a 4.2-star rating with nearly 7,000 reviews on Amazon.

anker soundcore earbuds Courtesy of Amazon

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