From Portable Speakers to Home Theater Packages, These Are the Bose Products You Need

best bose speakers
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Bose is the most recognizable name in audio performance, period. The best Bose speakers deliver distinct and clear sound quality that will make you feel like you’re in a movie theater. In short, when you see the Bose name on the front of a speaker, you know it’s going to sound amazing.

The company has an impressive line of speakers including everything from portable Bluetooth speakers to full home theater packages. No matter what kind of audio experience you’re looking for, there is most certainly a Bose speaker out there that will fit your needs.

However, if you’re not an experienced home theater pro, it can be hard to pick the best audio-visual products for your home. To help you out, here are our choices for the best Bose speakers for sale in 2020.


1. SoundLink Mini II Special Edition


The SoundLink Mini II Special Edition is the combination of portability and sound quality that most speakers strive for in vain. Although it’s small, this speaker still gets plenty loud. It’s ideal for an intimate holiday Soiree or backyard barbecues. The sound is crisp, clear and balanced, which Bose is unmistakably known for. And the compact size allows you to bring this great audio quality with you on the go. Small enough to easily toss into a bag or purse, the SoundLink Mini II Special Edition also has an excellent battery. You won’t have to worry much about recharging the device, which features an extended 12-hour battery life.

Bose has made it really easy to connect this speaker to multiple devices. Once you connect your phone to the Mini II once, it will remember your device. In fact, it stores up to eight devices for quick Bluetooth connections. Bose strikes a great balance of portability and sound quality with the Mini Special Edition. For all these reasons, it’s our choice for the best portable Bose speaker — and there’s some steep competition for that title.

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2. SoundTouch 700


The Bose SoundTouch 700 looks as great as it sounds. Movies, music and live TV come to life through the SoundTouch 700. But rattling bass and clean audio quality are only a few of the features that make this soundbar so desirable. For starters, you can connect your devices not only through Bluetooth but also through more reliable Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to worry about walking out of range with your phone.

And if you aren’t by your phone or remote, Alexa or Google Assistant can lend a helping hand. You can speak to the SoundTouch 700 to control the soundbar with voice commands. You can even jump to specific channels just by saying “Alexa, go to MLB Network.” This assists even the least tech-savvy among us. It’s a great way to get a full sound system for your TV in a single smart device.

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3. Bose Bass Module 700


It’s time to add a little thump to your home entertainment system with the Bose Bass Module 700. This powerful home speaker is designed to work seamlessly with the Bose Soundbar 700. Wirelessly connect the two together to add floor rumbling bass to the crystal clear, surround sound audio provided by the soundbar. The Bass Module 700 is small enough to hide in your entertainment room, yet the little black box packs a ton of bass producing power. Once you add the Bass Module 700 subwoofer to the Sound Bar 700, you’ll wonder how you went this long without it.

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4. S1 Pro System


Pump up the volume with the S1 Pro System. The system has two XLR inputs on the back, as well as a three-channel mixer built right into the speaker. No need for an external mixer. When it’s time to make an announcement, just plug a microphone into the back and you’re good to go. The big kicker — it also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can still connect your smartphone to the device and play your favorite playlist during summer BBQs. And with 11 hours of battery life and a portable design, you can bring it anywhere and crank up the tunes.

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5. Bose Portable Home Speaker


The Bose Portable Home Speaker has a great amount of utility. You can connect to it wirelessly through your home Wi-Fi, through Bluetooth when you’re outside of your Wi-Fi range, and control the speaker with your smartphone or voice. It’s a home speaker but with a durable and water-resistant design, so you shouldn’t hesitate to bring it outside. Plus, the 12-hour battery life ensures you aren’t out and about with a dead speaker on your hands. Sure, it’s a home speaker, but it’s actually a bit more rugged than that.

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6. Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System


Available in both black and white, this Bose home entertainment speaker system looks as gorgeous as it sounds. And no need for ugly, loose wires running all over your entertainment room to connect the system together. The Lifestyle 650 is truly wireless. All of the speakers connect without cables, and the system also allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With a subwoofer, a center speaker and four surround sound speakers, you’ll be completely submerged in high-fidelity audio quality.

With a $4,000 price tag, this home theater audio system isn’t for everyone. However, with incredible sound and a truly wireless design, this the Lifestyle 650 offers a truly top of the line immersive audio experience.  For a less expensive option, check out the Acoustimass 10 Home Theater Speaker System below.

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7. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System


The best Bose speakers don’t have to destroy your entertainment budget. This top-rated Bose speaker lets you upgrade your home audio for under $200. For a single speaker solution to your home entertainment center sound woes, the Bose Solo 5 TV sound system is an inexpensive, simple and quality choice. Slide the Solo 5 under your TV, connect it with one simple cable, and you’ve instantly upgraded your TV’s sound quality. It sharpens audio details, especially dialogue. Never again will you have to say, “Wait, what did he say?” during movie night. It’s not a one-trick pony either — you’ll be able to stream music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The best part, this quick and easy upgrade to your home entertainment system costs less than $200.

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8. SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II


The SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II isn’t as small or portable as the SoundLink Mini, but it does provide a little more volume and excellently balanced and clear audio quality. It’s a little bit taller and wider than other Bluetooth speakers, but you can still carry it with one hand and it’s small enough to easily toss in and out of your travel bag. Also, it’s a bit more rugged and water-resistant than the Mini, making it a better choice for outdoor use. While it’s in use, you can expect up to eight hours of battery life, and more if you use a wired connection. It comes in six different colors to personalize your SoundLink to your style or have it blend in with your home decor. This Bluetooth speaker can be your personal music companion while at home or on a weekend camping trip.

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9. SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker


Bringing the Bose SoundLink Micro with you while you go for a hike is a smart move. Not only does it have a micro footprint –– you can literally clip it to your backpack or the handrail of your bike –– it’s also waterproof. You don’t have to worry if a sudden rainstorm hits while you’re outside or if your speaker unclips and hits the ground. That’s what it’s made for. If you can’t get to your phone while you’re hiking, you can use Siri & Google voice commands through the speaker to access the voice input for your phone. However, don’t mistake that with Google Assistant or Alexa; the micro isn’t that smart. If you need a speaker that can handle some adventure, this rugged Micro SoundLink is up for the challenge.

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10. Acoustimass 10 Home Theater Speaker System


The Acoustimass 10 Home Theater Speaker System from Bose is a smart and simple way to upgrade your home theater with one purchase. The really nice part — besides the immersive sound quality — is how simple the Acoustimass is to set up.

The included proprietary connection cables all come color-coordinated so you know exactly where they go, a welcome addition. Plus, you don’t have to deal with running, cutting and connecting speaker wire throughout your house, which, trust us, is a pain. All of the speakers connect easily to the base, which is also the subwoofer, and then out to your home receiver. All of the sound levels are adjustable so you can get the exact sound you want from your new and improved home theater system. It’s one of the most convenient ways to upgrade your entire home entertainment center. While we love the wireless design of the Lifestyle 650, this home theater speaker system costs $3,000 less and still offers Bose quality sound.

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11. SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker


Plop the SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth Speaker in the middle of the room and you’re all set. Everybody will be able to enjoy the top-notch sound quality with the 360-degree sound projection. The Revolve+ comes with a flexible handle to move it around with ease. With the IPX4 water-resistant rating, you can even bring it outside without having to worry if it gets a little bit wet, although, you don’t want to leave it out in a rainstorm. That being said, it’s not as waterproof or durable as the Bose Micro.

Like the best Bose speakers, you won’t have to worry about the party stopping on behalf of a drained battery. The SoundLink Revolve+ gets up to 16 hours of continuous play (depending on how you use the speaker of course). It’s got a great design for a portable home Bluetooth speaker that will impress you and your friends. If you host outdoor parties, then this is the best Bose speaker for the job.

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12. Home Speaker 500


The Bose Home Speaker 500 is a smart speaker with superior sound quality. The Bose Home Speaker 500 has many features that make this a great smart home upgrade. If you want to stream music while you host a dinner party or play music during game night, the Home Speaker 500 is the speaker for you.

The two drivers point in opposite directions to help fill the room with clear and crisp audio from numerous audio services including Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio to name a few. You can control the playback with your voice, or you can set up one-touch presets to get to your favorite playlist or internet radio station with a touch of a button. Plus, the Home Speaker 500 is enabled with Alexa, so you can control not only your music but also get the news and your daily calendar run-down just by asking your speaker. It’s one of the best sounding and most advanced smart speakers we’ve seen.

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13. Wave SoundTouch System IV


It’s happened to all of us (well, anyone born before 1993): you have an old CD, maybe of your high school band or of that rare live performance that you can’t find anywhere else, but you don’t have anywhere to play it. Most cars or computers don’t have disk drives anymore. That’s where the Wave SoundTouch System IV comes in handy. It can play everything from CDs and AM/FM radio to streaming Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music. You can control the system with either the remote or your phone using the Bose app. All of that is wrapped together in one versatile home audio package. It’s a great option for those who still have a little old-school in them.

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14. Surround Speakers 700


While we wouldn’t recommend Surround Sound 700 speakers as a stand-alone solution to your home entertainment audio woes, they do make the perfect addition to your system, especially if you already have a SoundTouch 300 or 700 soundbar. So when you’re ready to upgrade your home theater setup, these are the best Bose speakers for the job.

These futuristic speakers stand like two small towers that are perforated around the center where the drivers rest. Not only do they look futuristic, but they also connect to your Bose soundbar wirelessly, making the addition of these two speakers to your home stereo system incredibly simple. No speaker wires to run, connect and hide. And the crisp high-end immersive audio these speakers provide will have your home entertainment center singing like no other. These surround sound speakers are an easy way to upgrade your home entertainment system.

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15. SoundTouch 300


If the Bose Soundbar 700 is a bit out of your price range, we suggest going with the SoundTouch 300. With the Bose 300 soundbar, you still get amazing audio quality and the ability to control your soundbar from your phone, but for a few hundred dollars less than the 700 model. The big difference between the two is the lack of Alexa or Google Assistant voice control. Essentially everything else is still there including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. If smart voice commands aren’t a must-have, you can save a lot of money going with the SoundTouch 300, easily the best Bose soundbar under $400.

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