The Best Chromebooks to Help You Get Your Work Done Quickly

best chromebooks
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Harder, better, faster, stronger isn’t just a great Daft Punk song or Kanye West sample, it’s arguably our 21st Century philosophy distilled down into a catchy little earworm. We’re all looking for solutions that can continue to help us do our work faster and better, which is exactly what Google has done with Chrome OS/Chromebooks. For those unaware, a Chromebook is a portable, light, long-lasting and fast laptop that’s primarily cloud-based and takes advantage of Google’s office products like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.

That primarily cloud-based system means you don’t have a traditional hard drive to contend with: this helps to cut down not only boot-up times (most Chromebooks load in seconds, not minutes) but the weight of the computer itself too. This helps with portability, making it so that a Chromebook is easy to toss in your backpack and keep it there should anything pressing arise — or to keep at home as a secondary laptop away from the office. And, god forbid, you should drop one or it should break, that cloud-based system means that everything is stored online, so you won’t lose files even if you lose your Chromebook.

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While the tech was initially pretty limited, Chromebooks have come a long way since its introduction. So whether you’ve been eyeing one for a while or are brand new to them, there’s a good chance there’s something for your work and play style. Check out the best Chromebooks and get ready to fly through whatever you need to get done.


1. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5


This is an absolute powerhouse of a Chromebook. It’s built with mid-tier laptop components like an i3 Processor and 64GB of SSD storage, yet its price is in the budget Chromebook realm. When you consider how non-strenuous Chome OS is, the results are lighting fast processing power. It features the latest iterations of Bluetooth and WiFi and can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

best chromebooks - Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 Courtesy of Amazon

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5


2. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2


One of the newest additions to the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook family, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 has a bright and beautiful 4K display and two-in-one flexibility. Operating using a Celeron CPU doesn’t leap off the spec sheet, but with the undemanding Chrome OS, the CPU has plenty of horsepower. And its compact design and light 2.7-pound weight make it a great Chromebook for commuters.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 for college students Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2


3. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2


The Chromebook V2 comes with a battery-free stylus providing more utility for the touch display. The included stylus especially comes in handy when flipping and folding the Chromebook in different positions. A front-facing camera is also useful for taking quick pictures without having to reach for your phone. With 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, this Chromebook runs about $343. You can max it out with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, but the price does jump.

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, best chromebooks Courtesy of Amazon

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2


4. ASUS Chromebook Flip C436


It boasts two-in-one capabilities, has a large 14-inch display and the processing power to rival high-end laptops — what’s not to love? The display has an ultra-thin bezel maximizing the amount of screen real estate all while making it look sleek and clean. Flip it around to Tent Mode when you want to get a little more hands-on with your work. And when you need to take your work on the go, the 2.5-pound Chromebook is as lightweight as it is powerful. When it comes to Chromebooks, this is the total package.

chromebooks asus chromebook Courtesy of Amazon

ASUS Chromebook Flip C436


5. Acer Chromebook 714


When you compare the Intel Core i3 chip and 8GB of RAM to the processing power of other Chromebooks and add in that all that horsepower is being used to run Chome OS, the additional price is justifiable. For a Chromebook, this thing is lightning fast, and even offers a MicroSD card when you need a little more storage. Although the touchscreen isn’t as bright as others, the overall power inside of this compact Chromebook more than makes up for it.

Acer Chromebook 714 Courtesy of Amazon

Acer Chromebook 714


6. Acer Chromebook 311


If you don’t need much power from your laptop but you’re “All Mixed Up” about which one to buy, the Acer Chromebook 311 is an affordable answer to your laptop needs. It’s not the most powerful, nor does it have great battery life, but it does have plenty of connectivity as well as a microSD card reader. It’s suitable for daily shoppers, internet surfers and kids who need a convertible Chromebook for grade school.

Acer Chromebook 311 Courtesy of Acer

Acer Chromebook 311


7. Acer Chromebook Spin 713


Much like the Chromebook Flex 5 from Lenovo, the Spin 713 offers a lot of power inside of a Chromebook body. It has a great display with a 3:2 aspect ratio to maximize the vertical workspace. It even comes with an HDMI port to connect it to additional displays. It’s priced a little higher than the Flex 5, but the power is worth the price.

Acer Spin 713 Courtesy of Amazon

8. Dell Inspiron 2-1 14


This convertible two-in-one Chromebook has a large 14-inch display as well as plenty of processing power with an i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, it also comes with a stylus. This provides artists a little more freedom when it comes to drawing and design, especially when you consider orienting the display any way you see fit. It’s a little on the pricier side for a Chromebook, but the added versatility is great to have.

Dell Inspiron 2-1 14 Courtesy of Amazon

9. ASUS Flip Chromebook


If you didn’t know any better, it could be easy assumed that the Flip was just a standard laptop. But looks are often deceiving. Complete with a 14-inch high-definition screen, 4 GB of computing power for plenty of app usage, a super-thin construction, 64 GB of storage and plenty of ports for you to connect to larger displays when needed, this Asus will outwork your standard-issue company laptop in every arena. With features and specs like this, the Flip makes a strong case to ditch the standard laptop, and invest in a Chromebook — and we can’t recommend it enough.

asus_chromebook_flip_C434, best chromebooks Courtesy of Amazon

ASUS Chromebook Flip


10. HP Chromebook X360 14


This HP Chromebook is similar to our best overall pick in terms of connectivity and battery life. It even has the same amount of ports including a USB-A and two USB-C, as well as a micro SD for additional storage. And the thin-bezel display maximizes the amount of screen space. It boasts a two-in-one design and can flip all the way around so the back of the display touches the back o the keyboard. So what’s the difference? It’s over two pounds heavier and not nearly as powerful. But, you can save a lot of money if you don’t need the extra processing power.

chromebooks hp Courtesy of Amazon

HP Chromebook X360 14



11. Samsung Chromebook 4


The Samsung Chromebook 4 delivers speedy gigabit WiFi and a welcome large display compared to other Chromebooks. The 15.6-inch display adds a standard laptop experience even though its priced for a Chromebook. The Gigabit WiFi combined with two USB-C ports makes for great connection speed and swift file transfer and downloads. Topped with integration with Google Assistant, not only is this Chromebook fast, but it is also easy to use.

chromebook samsung chromebook 4 Courtesy of Amazon

Samsung Chromebook 4


12. Dell 3100 Chromebook


This is a great choice for those who don’t take it easy on their electronics. This no-frills Chromebook is built to handle a little more of a beating than your average computer. It even has a spill-resistant keyboard to make it even more durable. And for those constantly on the go, there are options to include LTE. On the downside, the display isn’t great by any means and you’re stuck with the onboard storage since it lacks an SD card reader. But for the durability and the price, it is certainly worth strong consideration.

Dell 3100 Chromebook Courtesy of Dell

Dell 3100 Chromebook


13. Lenovo Duet


When you don’t need much heavy lifting from your Chromebook, the Lenovo Duet is a great option, especially when you consider the two-in-one form factor. The MediaTek Helio P60T processor and 4 GB of RAM are great for standard browsing and basic computing tasks. Plus, you can expect to squeeze around 11 hours of battery life from the device, which makes it great for those times you’re on campus all day long. The best part, you won’t have to apply for another student loan to afford it.

lenovo duet chromebooks Courtesy of Best Buy

Lenovo Duet


14. Google Pixelbook Go


Weighing an impressive 2.3 pounds, and with a ridged grip to keep it from sliding out of your hands when you’re on the move, the Pixelbook Go is great for those who have places to go and people to see. Speaking of being on the go, you can expect about eight hours of battery life to get you through your work or school day, which isn’t the best, but both USB-C ports support quick charging to juice back up in a hurry. When you can finally sit down and work, the keyboard is one of the best you’ll find on a Chromebook. It is pricey for a Chromebook, but it’s worth it for those who carry around their computer all day.

chromebooks google pixel go, best chromebooks Courtesy of Amazon

Google Pixelbook Go


15. Acer Chromebook 315


When you spend all of your time in Google Suite, the Acer Chromebook 315 works seamlessly with the Google Platform. Using Chome OS, you’ll be able to take advantage of 100 GB of Google Drive storage as well as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to complete your daily tasks. Like the Samsung Chromebook 4, it’s one of the few options out there with a 15.6-inch display. It’s affordable, easy to use and starts up quickly, making it a great option for students.

chromebook acer chromebook 325 Courtesy of Amazon

Acer Chromebook 315


16. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2


This Chromebook has features you won’t find on others. For starters, there are two webcams. Why you might ask? In addition to the one above the screen, a second in the left-hand corner of the keyboard is great for quickly taking photos especially in the office or in classroom settings. And when you’re in areas where WiFi is spotty at best, the built-in LTE modem will help you stay connected so you can complete your online tasks. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, it comes with an integrated stylus when you need to take notes right on your display. The downsides: it’s heavy and the battery life isn’t great.

chromebook samsung plus v2 Courtesy of Amazon

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2




17. HP Chromebook 14


If you’re looking for a Chromebook that’s just an all-around good investment, the HP Chromebook 14 should be at the top of your list. A sturdy keyboard and trackpad are balanced by a clear and crispy display that makes it easy to use for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, at 3.74 pounds, it’s nice and light to carry in your bag at all times in case you need to work on a project. Plus, it has a number of ports (including HDMI!) which means you can stream shows into your HD TV if you so desire.

HP Chromebook 14 Amazon

HP Chromebook 14



18. Samsung Chromebook 3


Whether its to watch Netflix, check Facebook or answer an email, Samsung’s Chromebook knows that there’s a chance you’ll be purchasing this device to keep around as a quick resource. This also means there’s a chance it might get caught in the line of fire if you happen to have kids or are struck with being a klutz. The durable exterior can take a bit of a beating and the keyboard is water-resistant if you should happen to knock over a cup of coffee or water or wine. Plus, with 11 hours of battery life, it’s got an energy level that will rival that of your children.

samsung chromebook 3 Courtesy of Amazon

Samsung Chromebook 3




19. Samsung Chromebook Pro


The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a great solution for the professional that’s always on the go and needs a device that can keep up. Capable of switching from standard laptop to tablet (with included stylus!) it has plenty of options for your style of work. The screen is a little smaller than standard Chromebooks but makes up for that with lightning processing speeds so you’ll be able to run multiple applications at once.

samsung chromebook pro Samsung