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The 13 Best Chromebooks Can Help You Get Your Work Done Quickly — Starting at Just $189

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, the best Chromebooks available feature processors and software that give Windows and macOS models a run for their money while also being much more affordable. Chromebooks are designed for ultra-fast initial setups, needing just a Gmail address to sign in, so you can get started with school or office work right out of the box. The best Chromebooks also feature integrated anti-virus protection, automatic updates and built-in voice controls via Google Assistant. 

The ChromeOS is meant to be an easier system to use, making Chromebooks perfect first laptops for college students or grandparents looking to keep up with technology. Chromebooks allow for cloud-first storage, meaning you can send documents, photos and videos to Google Drive or other cloud-based storage services to free up space on your laptop’s hard drive. This is a great idea, because many of the best Chromebooks have somewhat limited storage space, often topping out at just 64 or 128GB. 

If you’re not familiar with Chrome-based laptops, there are a few things to consider before you commit to buying one:

  • Memory and Storage: Most Chromebooks, unless they’re premium models, have somewhat limited RAM and storage drives. Many models have just 4–8GB of RAM and a 32 or 64GB eMMC storage drive. While this is plenty of space and memory for most home use, you may want to spring for a premium model if you have more demanding needs.
  • Processor: Many Chromebooks use an Intel Celeron processor because they’re less expensive than their Intel Core cousins, passing the savings on to you in the final price. They’re also much less powerful, meaning that if you do a lot of creative work or are looking for a gaming laptop, you’ll have to choose something else. However, there are Chromebook models that have an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 CPU or even an AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7, allowing you to keep up with more intensive work like digital art; just be prepared to shell out more cash for a more powerful processor.
  • Connectivity: While WiFi connectivity is standard on all of the best laptops, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to connect to the internet wherever you are. If you commute for school or travel often for work, you may want to choose a Chromebook that also offers LTE cellular data so you can keep in touch with professors and co-workers, even if WiFi isn’t available. 
  • Price: Chromebooks are often much less expensive than Windows laptops or MacBooks, with the least expensive retailing at around $200. This makes them very attractive choices for anyone working with a limited budget or shopping for a child’s first laptop. However, these very inexpensive models are also pretty bare bones. If you want more features, there are premium Chromebooks that cost well over $1,000 as well as mid-range models that retail for around $450.

Since Chromebooks are relative newcomers to the market, with the first models hitting stores in 2011, it can be hard to know what the differences are between models and manufacturers. We want to help you find the one that fits your needs, so we’ve gathered the best Chromebooks and broke down their features to help you decide which to buy. 

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Courtesy of HP

The HP Chromebook x360 is designed from the ground up to make work and entertainment easier than ever. The 14-inch screen features ultra-narrow bezels for more viewable and workable space as well as universal stylus support so you never have to worry about compatibility when handwriting notes or sketching. The two-in-one design gives you the best of both a traditional laptop and tablet. 

amazon’s choice

We’re big fans of the Samsung Chromebook 4 (as well as the larger 4+ model). While these aren’t the most powerful Chromebooks in terms of memory or processing power, they’re affordable Chromebooks that make it easy to stream TV and movies, complete school work, and browse the web. And since that’s all most people are really looking for in a Chromebook, we actually rate these basic devices more highly than some of the more advanced HP Chromebooks.

Courtesy of Amazon
Best laptop alternative

The HP Chromebook 14c we tested had an Intel Core i3 (four cores, eight threads, 8 MG and up to 3.7 GHz) and software that runs relatively fast. The Chromebook also has a clear screen you can easily see even though it’s only 14 inches. No mouse is provided, but you get a mousepad that has a nice, smooth, and natural feel to it. This HP computer also comes with a touchscreen, which is extremely responsive.

Courtesy of Amazon
best for students

Whether you’re in college or high school, a good laptop can streamline your classwork load. The Asus Chromebook Flip CX5 is the perfect choice for students; its durable construction holds up well in a backpack so any kind of moving around can be handled without concern. Students will also love the bevy of ports (two Thunderbolt USB-C, USB-A, Mirco SD and an audio jack), the richly vivid 14″ display, a comfortably textured keyboard and strong performance. Ten hours of battery life should be more than enough for a day’s worth of classes and the folding screen allows you to watch your favorite streaming show in bed with no issue. 

Courtesy of Acer

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The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get a great laptop. This two-in-one model features a 13.5-inch, 2K resolution touchscreen display with Gorilla Glass for extra durability, as well as a 128GB SSD for fast boot times and file access. The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 we tested has an Intel Core i5 (1.60 GHz and Quad core) with 8 GB of RAM, but it can be upgraded. The Chromebook Spin 713 also has a decent battery life of roughly 10 hours, which is ample time to allow for on-the-go use without bringing a charger along with you. The best feature of this product is the add-on stylus, which feels like an actual pencil.

best splurge

$1039.00 $1149.00 10% off


The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook we tested has an Intel i3 Processor (3.3 GHz E-cores / 4.4 GHz P-cores) with 8 GB of RAM and a battery life of 50 WHr (although it can be upgraded up to an Intel Core i7 processor with 32 Ram, integrated graphics and vpro-5B963AV). The DragonFly Chromebook also has a crystal-clear screen that you can see at a distance even though it’s only 13.5 inches. You can even spin the screen and use it like a tablet, and it has a touchscreen that’s exceptionally responsive and works smoothly. The ChromeOS software runs fast, and we could have several tabs opened simultaneously without any lag. Overall, this is one of our favorite Chromebooks we tested, as it has impressive specs, an exceptionally quiet keyboard, and many available upgrades.


$208.00 $249.99 17% off

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Chromebooks are popular in elementary and middle schools, which means you want one that’s able to withstand the abuse and careless handling that younger kids invariably subject their belongings to. The Dell Chromebook 11 is a brawny little machine that can take a beating, but is also a schoolwork stalwart and easy on your wallet.

Courtesy of ASUS

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The ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3 is a tablet-style laptop that looks good and works hard. The 10.5-inch touchscreen features universal stylus support so you can use your favorite pens for taking notes or creating digital art; the included stylus can be stored inside the tablet for easy access, and with just 15 seconds of charging, you get 45 minutes of use. Which is perfect for when you forgot to charge your stylus before a meeting. Weighing in at just over a pound, this ultra-lightweight laptop can go with you anywhere, which is great news for on-the-go professionals and students alike. And with a battery life of up to 12 hours, you can work and play all day.

best for gaming

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Gaming is not only the domain of super-expensive gaming laptops and rigs. This cloud gaming Chromebook from Acer has a snappy 120Hz refresh rate and big 16-inch display that makes online gaming fun and responsive. The 12th-gen Intel Core i5 processor keeps the lag at bay.

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best 2-in-1

Convertible laptops allow you to streamline your workflow by combining the best tablet and traditional laptop into one unit, and the Lenovo Flex 5i is one of the best you can get your hands on. Its 14-inch touchscreen supports both 10-point touch and stylus inputs for navigating apps, taking notes and creating art. The Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD give you tons of power and storage for all of your projects, and the 10-hour battery life lets you work and stream all day. The integrated speakers work with Dolby Audio technology for crisp, clean sound in both meetings and while you’re streaming shows, movies and music. You can connect all of your peripherals and storage devices via USB-C and USB 3.1 inputs for fast file transfers and reliable connections.

Courtesy of ASUS
most durable

Nothing spells certain death for your laptop faster than a drop or spill, and the ASUS Chromebook CX9 is built to withstand just about anything your day has in store. It’s rigorously tested against military durability standards for water, dust and drop resistance. This means you won’t have to worry about spilling your morning coffee on the keyboard or knocking it off your desk and losing everything. It also features a Titan C security chip to encrypt your data, keeping your work and personal information safe from theft and unauthorized access.

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