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One Of The Best Coffee Makers Is On Sale Today With $150 Off And Will Make Every Morning Better

The best coffee makers have generally been synonymous with the best Keurig Coffee Makers, at least for some people. However, the Bruvi Coffee Maker captured the heart of Tyler Schoeber, who reviewed it for SPY, and today people can grab one with a whopping $150 off thanks to a $50 reduction and the GIMMEBRUVI code which knocks another $100 off, and it even comes with a few handy-dandy extras that’ll help complete the experience, and make it even tastier.

In fact, Tyler stated that “Yes, you should buy the Bruvi Coffee Maker. You should buy your parents the Bruvi Coffee Maker; your significant other the Bruvi Coffee Maker; your boss the Bruvi Coffee Maker, and the list goes on. This is the greatest coffee maker for any modern-day coffee drinker. It’s a coffee maker that surpasses generational gaps, instilling its necessity in kitchens owned by boomers and zoomers alike.” That’s a big old coffee-influenced bit of text that states that this thing is worth the full price with no questions asked, with this 38% discount, there’s really no reason not to get it.

The bundle comes with the BV-01 coffee maker itself, a premium water filter to help that cup of coffee be that much purer, and 20 B-Pods in a variety pack, which is an excellent way to taste the potential of this shiny new coffee maker. Just go and buy it already so everyone around can enjoy the glory that is the Bruvi Coffee Maker.

$248.00 $398.00 38% off

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The Bruvi Bundle not only comes with the BV-01 Coffee Brewer, which is the star of the show, but also comes with a variety pack of 20 B-Pods, a premium water filter, and a reusable Japanese knot bag as well. The bag’s a nice bonus, but the main attractions here are some tasty coffee B-Pods, and the fact that the water filter will help make for even cleaner cups really adds to the already incredible experience. Also the 38% discount helps.