Reduce The Time it Takes to Complete Any Home Project with a Cordless Drill

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If you are a construction worker, carpenter or handy person, you know the importance of having a cordless drill at your disposal. For first-time homeowners, a cordless drill ends up becoming your best friend — quickly. When you bring home that new bookshelf from Ikea and realize there are 250 screws to put the thing together, you’ll yearn for a little mechanical assistance. So when you have a home project or new furniture in mind, you are going to save yourself a lot of headaches, and sore hands and wrists with a cordless drill.


Cordless Drill 101

Before you buy any ol’ cordless drill there are a few things you should know since drills vary in size and power. Here’s a breakdown of key components to any cordless drill:

  • Clutch: This controls the torque and provides control over how deep you want screws driven into a surface. More clutch settings provide better control.
  • Voltage: More voltage equates to more power, but with great power comes great weight. (Is that how the quote goes?) Often, as the voltage goes up, so does the overall weight of the drill.
  • Chuck Jaws: The maximum size drill bit (diameter) that can fit into a drill.
  • Speeds: For heavy-duty drilling, you want high motor speeds. For drilling screws, low speeds are best. Find a drill with a wide range for more variety.

The Best Cordless Drills For Sale

There are many cordless drills available, but now that you have a little knowledge about cordless drills, you can find one that is suitable for the home projects you want to tackle. Whether its building a new deck, or hanging wall art around your home, you’ll find a cordless drill that fits the bill below.

1. Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill


The combination of power, size and speed makes this a great drill for everyone from contractors to first-time homeowners. The 20V motor provides enough power for heavy drilling jobs like drilling bolts and spikes into pressure-treated wood, while the two speeds and 15+ clutch settings provide plenty of flexibility for in-home projects. It’s built like a tank, but doesn’t have the weight of one. This is a great drill for the money.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon

2. Dewalt Xtreme 12V Max Cordless Drill


Lightweight and powerful, the Dewalt Xtreme 12V is a solid option to tackle your home maintenance and repair projects. The 12V brushless motor is strong enough for installing drywall, putting together new furniture and drilling and screwing in hardwood and plywood. It has 15+ clutch settings for a variety of applications and two speeds so you don’t strip screws. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight build won’t wear your arm out during big and lengthy projects.

Dewalt Xtreme 12V Max Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon

3. Makita FD07R1 12V Max CXT


When it comes to new construction sites, power can be hard to come by. That’s when having multiple batteries handy can be a lifesaver. Plus, it’s frustrating to quit working when you’re in a groove. Beyond the batteries, the 12V brushless motor creates up to 280 pounds of torque which is plenty to drill through hardwood and drywall. And the two speeds and 20 clutch settings are great for drilling screws, especially when building furniture or equipment.

Makita FD07R1 12V Max CXT cordless drill Courtesy of Amazon

4. Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit


This cordless drill provides plenty of power for your maintenance and home improvement projects around the house. The two speeds and 20+1 clutch settings provide plenty of variety for various drilling tasks and keep the motor and screws from becoming damaged. The handle is a little thicker than others and it weighs just over two pounds making it slightly heavier than the likes of the Dewalt Xtreme, but the sub $100 price tag is an awesome deal.

Bosch Power Tools Cordless Drill Kit Courtesy of Amazon

5. METABO HPT/Hitachi 18-Volt Compact Pro Driver Drill with Flashlight


Hitachi has been renamed to Metabo HTP, but whatever you feel like calling this drill, it has a lot of power for all of your on-site construction needs. The 18-Volt motor provides 460 pounds of torque, which is plenty of heavy-duty construction projects. But the 22+1 clutch settings provide enough variety so you can complete light home projects as well. It also comes with a handy flashlight when your home improvement projects involve no connected power or spill into the night.

METABO HPT/Hitachi 18-Volt Compact Pro Driver Cordless Drill with Flashlight Courtesy of Amazon

6. Craftsman V20 Cordless Drill


This Craftsman drill packs plenty of power for heavy-duty jobs, and the 1/2-inch driver size allows you to use bigger drill bits for more drilling jobs. But this heavy-duty tool is just that — heavy. It weighs in at a whopping six pounds. And the 900 RPM max speed isn’t as fast as other drills with less power. That being said, it does have a 97% approval rating on Amazon, so if you don’t mind the weight, this drill does please the masses.

Craftsman V20 Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon

7. Ridgid 18V Brushless SubCompact Cordless Drill


When you have a variety of different drilling needs throughout various projects, having an 18V motor plus 24 clutch positions comes in handy. There’s 425 pounds of torque at 1,750 RPM for heavy jobs, and can be slowed down to 0-450 RPM for simply screwing in screws into the wall or appliances. And the 2.5-pound weight makes it a fairly lightweight cordless drill.

Ridgid 18V Brushless SubCompact Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon

8. Milwaukee 2801-22CT M18


Construction workers and contractors will appreciate the sturdy build of this Milwaukee cordless drill. It has 1/2-inch chuck jaws to handle and hold bigger drill bits for larger drilling projects on the job site. It does weigh eight pounds, making it one of the heaviest in our recommendations and the power could possibly be overkill for small drilling jobs. But if you have big home projects, this can be your workhorse.

Milwaukee 2801-22CT M18 Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon

9. Black+Decker 20V Max


It’s OK if you aren’t the handiest person in the world, but everybody should have a cordless drill in their toolbox, shed or garage. This drill has plenty of power with a 20V motor and can even drill into metal (with the right bits). It only has 11 clutch positions, so it’s not as versatile as some, but the sub $50 price makes it a smart way to get a reliable cordless drill in your arsenal.

Black+Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon


10. Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Drill


This Porter-Cable drill boasts a 20V motor and 1/2-inch chuck jaw for larger drill bits for big drilling projects. Despite all the power packed into this Porter-Cable drill, it maintains a slim frame considering it’s only 3.5 pounds. The battery life isn’t as great as others and it doesn’t spin as fast as some of the other drills, but it’s hard to ignore the sub $100 price for this much power.

Porter Cable 20V Max Cordless Drill Courtesy of Amazon

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