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These Cordless Irons Provide Greater Freedom for Weekly Chores

No matter whether it’s your leaf blower, the home telephone or even your personal headphones, corded devices can be a pain in the proverbial. It’s little wonder that there is a technological movement to go as cord-free as possible. Most likely you already own several devices that have been freed from their anger-inducing wires. And, given the benefits afforded, it may be time to add the best cordless iron to your wire-free tech.

Advantages of Cordless Irons

While an iron may not be the first device that comes to mind when you think of cordless technology, the benefits of cord-free ironing are actually pretty obvious. First, by removing the cord, you’ll never find yourself caught in a tangle, wrapped up by turning the wrong way or trying to move around a fixed obstacle. Second, you’re not limited by the wire, meaning as long as you have a power supply for the accompanying base, you’re free to move wherever you need to. This is especially useful if you’re looking to iron items that require a lot of effort to move or are fixed in place, such as curtains or drapes.

Disadvantages of Cordless Irons

While cordless devices certainly provide greater freedom, there are a couple of drawbacks, too. Due to the separation of the power supply and your iron, you will need to heat up your iron using the base. This requires both time and constant movement between the item you’re ironing and the iron’s base. You’re also limited by the amount of time you have to iron before needing to re-heat the device.

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All in all, having a cordless iron in your home is a handy way to gain a little extra freedom while completing this weekly chore. Below, you’ll find six of the best cordless irons available.


1. PowerXL Cordless Iron


If you’re looking for a device to both iron and steam your garments, the PowerXL Cordless Iron is a solid choice. This colorful iron features a large, ceramic soleplate with a non-stick surface capable of offering cleaner and smoother gliding during use. You’ll also be able to choose between a number of heat intensities for greater treatment control, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of both anti-drip and anti-calc features, which help prevent annoying dripping and clogging. The iron also has a fast initial warm-up time of only 30 seconds and comes with a measuring cup for easy refilling.

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2. Sunbeam Versa Glide Cordless Iron


The Sunbeam Versa Glide Cordless Iron can be configured as a cordless or corded device for greater freedom during use. It also sports a leak-free design and houses a self-clean system to provide longer use and better ironing performance. When fixed into the base, you’ll be limited to a three-meter radius by the three-meter cord. In addition, the high-quality, stainless steel plate delivers a smooth glide as you go, while an automatic, 30-minute shut-off provides a safer user experience.

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3. Sunbeam Cordless Hybrid Clothes Iron


If you prefer the flexibility of being able to change between a corded or cordless device at your leisure, the Sunbeam Cordless Hybrid Clothes Iron could be the right option for you. The accompanying base is fixed to a three-meter cord and includes a slidable lock, which allows for fixed attachment to the iron when you want a corded device. However, it can easily be removed when you need cordless freedom. The leak-free design also features a handy, self-cleaning system, an anti-calcification feature and an automatic, three-way shut-off for greater safety during use.

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4. Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron


The Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron comes with an illuminating base which makes things clear when in use. Solid red means the iron is heating up; flashing green means it’s ready to use; flashing red offers a recharge warning. It really is that simple. You’ll also find the ceramic, non-stick soleplate delivers effortless ironing on a number of fabrics and retains heat to minimize the amount of charging required during use. Furthermore, you can use the iron in a vertical orientation for added versatility if you’d rather iron your clothes while they’re hanging up.

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5. Panasonic NI-L70SRW Contoured Stainless Steel Iron


The Panasonic NI-L70SRW Contoured Stainless Steel Iron provides the freedom to iron your clothes in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. This freedom, along with the cordless design, is ideal for removing wrinkles and creases from all kinds of garments as well as drapes and curtains, too. The 1500-watt device features electronic temperature controls built into the handle for greater convenience and includes an auto shut-off for your safety. Additionally, this well-loved device comes supplied with a handy case which makes storing and transporting your device especially easy.

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6. Panasonic Freestyle Advanced Ceramic Cordless Iron


The Panasonic Freestyle Advanced Ceramic Cordless Iron incorporates a larger-than-average soleplate which makes it ideal for ironing larger items, including shirts, curtains and even tablecloths. It also sports a lightweight design which couples with the advanced plate to deliver an ultra-smooth, non-stick experience during use. Plus, given the plate’s double-pointed design, every movement, whether forward or back, can be used to remove creases and wrinkles in even the tightest spots for more efficient time and energy use.

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