Channel Your Inner Bill Nye With These Digital Microscopes

Image Courtesy of Amazon
Image Courtesy of Amazon
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Microscopes with USB and digital capacity are the wave of the future. This technology combined with the functionality of a microscope allows you to see not only your specimen in higher resolution, but it also allows you the ability to capture images, and record videos of your material. When looking to purchase your first digital microscope, you want to consider what you will be studying under the scope, what you want the zoom capabilities to be, and how you plan on using the device. We’ve rounded up the top three highest rated digital microscopes that will be a good fit for professionals, students, and kids experimenting.


1. Plugable USB Digital Microscope

The Plugable USB Digital Microscope is a good microscope for both beginners and professionals because it’s user-friendly and has a wide range of functions. It comes with built in lighting, capacitive capture button, and a stand. The capacitive capture button is one of this microscopes most unique features. It initiates an image capture at just the slightest touch, without making you push a capture button to avoid offsetting an image. It has a focus range between 0x-250x and is compatible with Windows, macOS & OS X, Linux, Chrome, Android, and iOS. The flexible gooseneck stand and suction cup mount lets you precisely measure and observe specimen.

PROS: High quality for price point.

CONS: Hit or miss video recording resolution.


2. Celestron 5 MP Handheld Digital Microscope

The Celestron 5 MP Handheld Digital Microscope has a 20x to 200x focus range. It’s great for low-power observation of 3D materials. It quickly captures images at a 1 second shutter speed, and has an actual 5 megapixel sensor that captures high resolution video and images. This is a good quality microscope that is perfect for the home hobbyist. It has high quality zoom and image taking, but doesn’t have a variety of functions a professional might need. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

PROS: High quality videos of specimen.

CONS: Celestron software is needed to use it on a Mac.

digital miscroscope Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Jiusion Digital Microscope

The Jiusion Digital Microscope has a focus range between 10x to 250x and a magnification range between 40x to 1000x. It also has 8 LED lights built in around it, two knobs that adjust the focus and brightness and a DV DC from USB port power source.  The microscope uses a different type of website to access its content for each digital operating system;  Windows – Amcap, Mac – photo-booth, Android – Camerafi. This is a good microscope for capturing image and video and for zooming in, but the digital resolution can lack at times.

PROS: Good magnification.

CONS: Will only function with android.

digital microscope Image Courtesy of Amazon