The Best Dual Monitor Stands for Every Type of Office Setup

best dual monitor stands
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As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” And the same can be said for computer screens. No matter whether you’re at the office, gaming at home or working in your newly established work-from-home office, being able to view more screens, and therefore, more pages, tabs and images, can make tasks a lot more streamlined. The challenge though is creating a comfortable and convenient setup. That’s why we suggest investing in one of the best dual-monitor stands.

Why Choose a Dual-Monitor Stand?

Dual-monitor stands are designed to accommodate multiple screens and present them in a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way. Unlike simply standing two monitors alongside one another on your desk, a made-for-purpose stand can offer a range of additional benefits, including:

Better Viewing Angles – The right dual-monitor stand models offer an impressive range of viewing angles. Compared to the average, built-in stand, these articulating stands open up a whole range of possibilities, including better comfort for you as the viewer and the ability to easily share one or both of your screens with nearby co-workers. 

Greater Desk Space – A lot of dual-monitor stands allow you to raise your monitors off the desktop through shelving or secure clamps. This small step can free up large amounts of previously occupied deskspace for better desk organization. This is especially handy if your current desk is cluttered with papers and deskspace is at a premium.

Variable Orientation – In addition to impressive articulation, certain dual-monitor stands also allow you to change the orientation of your screen. Similar to your smartphone, this can be preferable when viewing certain documents or images.

Whether you’re producing music using Logic Pro, editing video with Final Cut or watching Netflix while working from home, you want to enjoy the most and make the most of, screen space. Below are 21 of the best dual monitor stands, so you can pick a configuration that works for you and fits the shape and layout of your workspace.


1. AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand


This articulated dual monitor stand allows for placing monitors in either portrait or landscape orientation and lets you independently adjust their angles for optimum viewing and workflow. What’s more, as it comes from AmazonBasics, you can trust the quality of the product. But don’t take our word for it, there are a couple of thousand reviewers who were willing to give this stand top marks.

Articulated dual monitor stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand


2. Fitueyes Stand Riser


The wooden riser fits up to three monitors on it while creating a number of nooks to keep your desk organized. You can place books, manuals, wireless keyboards, headphones, hard drives or anything taking up space on your desk into these convenient little crevices. The other upside is that there is little installation involved. Additionally, the riser comes in three different colors, so you can match it to the color of your existing desk.

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dual monitor stands fitueyes 3 shelf stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Fitueyes 3 Shelf Stand Riser



3. WALI Dual Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount Stand


With over 5,000 five-star ratings, the WALI Dual Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount Stand is a tried-and-tested answer to your dual-screen mounting conundrum. It’s capable of accommodating screens between 13 and 27 inches, while each arm can hold up to 22 pounds. Each arm also includes three elbows to deliver an impressive amount of flexibility for greater adjustment. In addition, the stand includes a built-in cable management system for a clearer, more organized workspace.

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best dual monitor stands- WALI Dual Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

WALI Dual Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount Stand

$28.99 $31.99 9% OFF


4. Mount-it! Dual Monitor Stand


A freestanding dual monitor setup with a lot of versatility, the Mount-it! Stand is as ergonomic as it is affordable. It holds most displays from 19 to 32 inches (13-inch stands need not apply). Once installed, monitors can tilt 80 degrees and rotate all the way for landscape and horizontal positioning, while lifting a maximum of 15.5 inches from the tabletop. That’s not too shabby for a stand you set on your desk that is ready to go right out of the box.

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dual monitor stand mount it Image courtesy of Amazon

Mount-it! Dual Monitor Stand



5. AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser


By including two articulating elbows in the design, the AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser lets you choose from a compact, an elongated or an angled orientation. It’s available in either black or light wood to match your existing desk. It’s also super simple to assemble. The design includes two integrated slots which can be used for housing your smartphone, tablet or stationery. Additionally, the natural space under each shelf forms a handy place for storing papers, folders and other desktop essentials.

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dual monitor stands ameriergo Image courtesy of Amazon

AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser



6. Vivo Dual Stand


This dual-monitor stand from Vivo comes with adjustable arms that furnish tilt and swivel functions, so you can set both monitors to your desired angle. The stand comes with integrated cable management and can mount to any desk up to 4 inches thick. Furthermore, the fact it comes with over 20,000 five-star ratings means you can be confident that this device is going to do what you need it to.

VIVO Dual Monitor Dual Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Vivo Dual Monitor Stand



7. SUPERJARE Dual Monitor Stand Riser


The SUPERJARE Dual Monitor Stand Riser includes a longer, elongated shelf in between the two monitor shelves, resulting in a handy place to keep your morning coffee, your spectacles or even a small potted plant. The versatile design can be adjusted to four different lengths and each end shelf can be angled in slightly to better suit your viewing angle. The riser also comes in four different colors, including black, brown and gray, and has received positive ratings from over 95% of Amazon users.

dual monitor stands superjare Image courtesy of Amazon

SUPERJARE Dual Monitor Stand Riser



8. Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Desk Monitor Mounts


Flexible and durable, the Loctek D5D Dual Monitor setup supports screens as small as 10 inches all the way up to 27-inch monitors. Both arms rotate to achieve horizontal and portrait display positioning, and they can pivot and tilt to create unique display angles. The gas sprung mechanisms help get the angle just right. However, if your monitors are larger than 27 inches, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

dual monitor stands loctek Image courtesy of Amazon

Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Desk Monitor Mounts



9. WALI Extra Tall Dual Monitor Desk Mount


If you prefer a higher-than-average viewing position, the WALI Extra Tall Dual Monitor Desk Mount could be the right choice for you. From the desk clamp, which accommodates desks up to four inches thick, you can secure the monitor mount anywhere up to 31.5 inches high. You can also choose between two different models which offer either vertical and horizontal monitor mounting. Additionally, each option includes built-in cable management for a better organized and clearer workspace.

dual monitor stands wali extra tall Image courtesy of Amazon

WALI Extra Tall Dual Monitor Desk Mount



10. NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount


The NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount is a reliable, user-friendly mount that includes gas-sprung arms for added convenience when changing your viewing position. The fully articulating arms allow you to effortlessly move between vertical and horizontal orientations and change your set-up in seconds. Feasible ideas include one horizontal and one vertical, both vertical or both screens pointing in different directions; it’s really up to what you need. Each arm also offers 360 degrees of rotation and can accommodate screens up to 27 inches in size and 19.8 pounds of weight.

dual monitor stands nb north bayou Image courtesy of Amazon

NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount



11. VIVO Stand Free-Standing Desk Stand


The VIVO STAND-V002F Free-Standing Desk Stand’s heavy-duty base negates the need for a clamp or additional fixture, making this one of the quickest and easiest stands to install. At 18 inches tall, it allows for a range of viewing heights and includes two arms that offer full articulation and rotation. This means your monitors can sit in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The stand also incorporates an integrated cable management system and accommodates screens between 13 and 27 inches in size.

vivo stand dual led Image courtesy of Amazon

VIVO Stand Free-Standing Desk Stand

$39.99 $49.99 20% OFF


12. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand


While a dual monitor setup usually means one person gets both screens to look at, it’s also possible that a dual monitor stand can be shared between two users. The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand makes this goal easy to achieve by incorporating two full-motion monitor arms, which let you point your two monitors in different directions with ease. The user-friendly arms can withstand weights up to 19.8 pounds and screens up to 32 inches in size. Furthermore, you can choose between a clamp and a grommet mounting base, as both are included in the kit.

huanuo dual arm monitor stand Image courtesy of Amazon

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

$59.99 $69.99 14% OFF


13. WALI Dual Monitor Stand


Accommodating monitors up to 32 inches and 17 pounds, this stand has the option of using either a C-clamp or grommet for table mounting, and it includes a pressurized shock absorber to keep your viewing steady. It allows for independent angle and position adjustment of both monitors, which is a nice and welcome touch.

desktop dual monitor stand Image courtesy of Amazon

WALI Dual Monitor Stand

$55.99 $64.99 14% OFF


14. Huanuo Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand


With arms that vaguely look like something out of I, Robot, this smooth articulating dual monitor stand allows for a range of monitor positions and includes gas springs for smoothness. Though you should never buy a monitor stand purely for style, we do like that this stand has a little flair compared to the others listed.

Desktop dual monitor stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand


15. Planar Dual Monitor Stand


The Planar Dual Monitor Stand can come in a number of different variations including a four monitor setup, which is great for day traders that need a ton of information on display at once. You buy this monitor stand for its simple setup, not necessarily for its customization. It only holds monitors 17 inches to 24 inches, unless you opt for the large stand variation. It swivels 15 degrees, rotates a full 90 degrees and tilts 20 degrees, which isn’t as great as other stands. But setting it down on your desktop eliminates all thinking and installation pains.

dual monitor stand planar Image courtesy of Amazon

Planar Dual Monitor Stand

$81.13 $99.00 18% OFF


16. The Office Oasis Large Dual Monitor Stand


The Office Oasis Large Dual Monitor Stand is a simple-in-design office addition that is surprisingly versatile. It can be used for housing a range of office items, including two computer monitors, a printer and a TV. Alternatively, it could even just be used to create more space on your desk. The device is constructed from solid, eco-friendly bamboo and includes strong metal legs with rubberized feet for added durability and security when in place. Additionally, the 42-inch long stand comes in the choice of black, brown or natural.

the office oasis riser Image courtesy of Amazon

The Office Oasis Large Dual Monitor Stand

$69.95 $89.95 22% OFF


17. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount


If you think two screens are useful, imagine what you’ll be able to do with three. Install this MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount in your office, and you’ll have three monitors at your disposal. The design includes one centrally mounted screen with one arm-attached monitor on either side. These arms have a weight capacity of 17.6 pounds and accommodate screens up to 27 inches in size. They also incorporate adjustable gas springs for smoother movement. The mount itself comes with both a clamp and a grommet mount to save your desk space however you choose. Plus, the integrated cable management will only improve your desk organization.

mountup triple monitor stand Image courtesy of Amazon

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount



18. EVEO Dual Monitor Stand


If you’re looking for a classy addition to your office setup, the EVEO Dual Monitor Stand could be the choice for you. This high-quality product uses spring-assisted movement to offer 90 degrees of tilting, 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of swiveling, ensuring your monitors can go exactly where you need them to. Each arm can hold one screen between 17 and 32 inches in size. In addition, this stylish stand also comes in a single-arm model and incorporates handy wire organization slots to prevent unsightly wire clutter behind your screens.

eveo dual monitor stand Image courtesy of Amazon

EVEO Dual Monitor Stand



19. EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand


With its eye-catching silver finish, the EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand offers an appealing mix of style and function. The design also incorporates longer-than-average arms to provide a level of usability well suited to people who want to cycle between standing and sitting throughout the day. Each arm can extend up to 23.8 inches and include tension adjusters to accommodate different monitor weights more easily. Additionally, you’ll have the choice of either a heavy-duty C-clamp or grommet for mounting, both of which are sure to free up some space on your desk.

eletab dual monitor mount stand Image courtesy of Amazon

EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand



20. Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arms


Keep your workstation looking clean and organized with the Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arms. This slick desk stand supports two 13-inch to 32-inch displays while attaching to a desk as thick as 3.35 inches. At their peak, these arms can rise 19.8 inches above a tabletop and orient each display in a landscape or horizontal position. This device is available in three different colors to match your home office, and it offers built-in cable management to keep your desk free of runaway cables.

dual monitoring stands jarvis arms Image courtesy of Amazon

Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arms



21. Stand Steady Six Monitor Mount


While two is definitely better than one, and four is better than two, perhaps six is best of all? With this Stand Steady Six Monitor Mount, you’ll never have to click between tabs ever again. The sizable installation has two desk-mounted clamps to remain secure during use and uses a three-on-three arrangement. However, in that, you can choose between vertical and horizontal orientations if that’s something that appeals to your needs. Additionally, the arms and base poles incorporate built-in cable management for a clearer workspace.

Stand Steady Six Monitor Mount Image courtesy of Amazon

Stand Steady Six Monitor Mount



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