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The Best Electronic Dartboards For Your Man Cave or Garage

There’s nothing that brings a group of guys (or gals) together better than a cold keg of beer and a good game of darts. However, if you plan on playing a game of darts with your kids or with kids around, an electronic dartboard is safer than a traditional board because they normally come with darts that have plastic tips. Electronic dartboards can also be more interactive than traditional ones because they have a variety of game options, multiplayer abilities and can keep digital records of your score.

Whether you’re a serious competitive darts player, a social player or just want to play for fun, there is an electronic dartboard that will meet your needs. When buying an electronic dartboard you want to look for boards that don’t have a lot of bounce, are durable and are easy to set up.

Things to consider before choosing the best electronic dartboard for you include:

Number of Games: One of the major advantages of electronic boards over traditional dartboards is the technology that comes built-in. This is especially true for built-in games. When choosing your board, it’s worth taking a look at how many different games (and the variations of those games) the board includes, as one with loads of games may offer many more hours of entertainment than those without. 

Storage: Once your game is done and dusted, you can just leave your darts in the board. However, this leaves them susceptible to falling out or being knocked out if they’re in a high-traffic area. The easy fix to this is to make sure the board you buy features in-board dart storage. Trust us — it’s a mighty handy feature to have.

Power Options: If you want a board in a remote part of your home away from sockets, it may be worth choosing a board that can be powered using batteries and not just a wall socket. These boards provide extra freedom and let you enjoy a game of darts in truly remote locations.

Aesthetic Appearance: If your board is going to be the focal part of your game room or man cave, you’re going to want to choose one which is attractive and fits in. Different boards are colored differently and some even include an external cabinet for an extra classy feel.

Once, you’ve considered what the best electronic dartboard is for you, check out the collection below. We’ve chosen eight of the top electronic dartboards that will fit the needs of any level player and any room in the house.

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Tournament Electronic Dartboard is made of strong, plastic-like materials that are both durable and won’t wear after repetitive use. This is a great dartboard for use at parties or in large groups because of its heckler feature and digital scorekeeping. The heckler feature yells funny, light-hearted insults out while you’re playing. (Note: this feature can easily be muted if desired)

Many serious dart players will enjoy this board because the darts stick to the board without too much bounce. This dartboard will make a great addition to any game room for serious players and adds fun and entertainment to any game of darts.

Pros: The board can handle up to eight players.

Cons: Darts may stick better replacing the dart tips.

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2. WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard

The WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard boasts an impressive range of handy, built-in elements for you and your friends to enjoy. For starters, you’ll find 21 different games with 65 level variations to prevent having to play the same game over and over again. It includes a bright and clear LCD display and automatic scoring along with sound effects and a voice announcer for added grandeur during heated encounters. The board comes with four sets of darts with individual flights and 40 tips, so you’ll always have spares. Furthermore, the board can be powered by either batteries or through a wall socket.

Pros: The board can be powered by batteries or with the included AC adapter.

Cons: The cabinet-less design may look a little garish on your walls.

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3. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard

The Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard is a reliable dartboard that is simple but well-made. This dartboard may not have the same number of bells and whistles that competing boards do, but if you are after a casual play in social settings, like in a game room or with your kids, this dartboard will more than meet those needs. The board’s major advantages include in-board dart storage, 65 game variations, fun voice and sound effects and the fact that everything you need to mount the board is included in the box.

Pros: The value is hard to beat.

Cons: The darts included in the set are of lower quality than many competing options.

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4. Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard

If your priority is the number of included games, then the Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard is the right choice for you. Boasting an impressive 43 games with 241 options, you’ll struggle to get bored with this board. Additionally, it’s capable of accommodating up to 16 players and has a four-layer scoreboard. The face is regulation size at 15.5 inches and includes an ultra-thin spider for minimal bouncing. You’ll also be able to choose between batteries and a wall socket for the power source, and it boasts internal storage for the two included sets of darts.

Pros: The board includes tournament-quality thermal resin segments and an ultra-thin spider.

Cons: Sound level of the announcements may be too low to some.

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5. Biange Electronic Dart Board

The Biange Electronic Dart Board is another mid-range option that boasts a number of appealing elements for the keen dart player. The 13.5-inch target area is colored in traditional board colors and made from a quality thermoplastic for durability. It houses 27 games with an impressive 243 variations and can even accommodate up to 16 players at one time. Another added bonus is it can be powered by batteries or by plug, freeing you up to place it where you want without worrying about nearby sockets.

Pros: The board includes six high-quality darts with aluminum shafts as well as 20 soft, replaceable tips.

Cons: The web between the numbers may be larger than some players would like.

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6. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

Unlike most electronic dartboards, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard comes housed inside its very own storage cabinet. Surrounding the board and with doors that open to reveal the board, this attractive ABS plastic covering lets you hide your board when it’s not in use and includes storage space for the two included sets of darts. It also houses an LCD cricket scoreboard on one side. The board itself includes a four-score display and boasts 34 games, with 183 scoring options. The spider is also ultra-thin to prevent bounce outs.

Pros: The board is housed inside a sturdy ABS cabinet.

Cons: The outer cabinet requires more wall space and more secure fixing than other boards.

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7. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Dartboard

As you step further into the world of electronic darts, you’ll realize the best electronic dartboards are free-standing, as is the case with the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard. While the level of investment may be beyond a beginner darts player, these standalone pieces are ideal additions to game rooms and man caves. Other benefits include a range of 24 games with up to 132 variations, the ability to host up to eight players during a game, voice prompting, solo player options, handicaps and a sleep mode. For added functionality, you’ll also find three handy storage shelves inside the lower compartment.

Pros: Freestanding boards require no DIY wall installation.

Cons: Because it’s freestanding, the chunky stand does take up more space than wall-mounted options.

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8. Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament Dartboard

The Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament Electronic Dartboard is a high-quality dartboard that is regulation size, which is great to practice on if you’re a serious dart player. This dartboard can withstand heavy throwing without getting damaged. The board’s digital scorekeeper is a great feature for multiple-player games, as it displays up to four players’ scores at one time. If you get tired of playing traditional games, the board includes 24 different games with 132 variations in total. Both serious dart players and casual players alike will find that this board fits their needs.

Pros: The board features a large four-score LCD display.

Cons: Some people may find the limited number button controls a bit fiddly and hard to understand.

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