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Display Your Favorite Photos and Videos With an Electronic Picture Frame

In the age of smartphones and social media, taking a photo or video and sharing that content has never been easier. But this new mode of sharing personal moments requires viewers to consistently refresh their feeds or go back to search through old posts to find a favorite picture. For these reasons, we still love using our electronic picture frame to keep our most beloved moments on display.

Electronic picture frames are an easy and convenient way to display photos and videos. Depending on the model, users can upload content via a USB stick or SD card, create slide shows of family photos for display in their home, or use frames in a business to display projects, highlight staff members, or announce new specials.

Electronic picture frames also make sending photos and videos to friends and family members simple, helping to maintain a personal connection and eliminate the stress of using an electronic for non-tech-savvy loved ones. Two of the frames on our list make it easy for users to remotely upload photos and videos through email and apps, providing a way for loved ones to feel connected.

Whether you’re looking for a presentation aid, want to highlight your business, or display your personal photos in your home, these electronic picture frames will put your best moments on display.

1. Skylight Frame

Send photos to loved ones from anywhere in the world using the 10″ Skylight Frame. Users simply connect to WiFi and follow the set-up instructions to create their unique Skylight email address. Users can then send photos directly to the frame and share the email address with anyone else who also wants to add pictures, making this an excellent gift for kids and grandparents. Users will receive a visual notification on the frame when new images arrive and can respond to the sender by taping a ‘like’ button on the image. WiFi is required to receive new photos, but Skylight has an 8 GB internal memory that holds up to approximately 8,000 photos and will continue working when not on WiFi. Skylight also gives users the option to approve images before they’re uploaded to the frame.

Pros: The Skylight is the only frame on our list with a touchscreen display that makes swiping through photos, pausing a slide show and deleting images easier than ever.

Cons: The Skylight electronic picture frame comes with a big price tag. Photos can only be uploaded through the Skylight email and not manually with a USB or SD card. The Skylight Frame doesn’t work in areas where WiFi is shared, like a senior living facility or office building where users must ‘accept terms’ to access the internet. The Skylight also doesn’t have video capabilities unless users pay for a monthly subscription.

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2. Pix-Star 10-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

For an electronic photo frame that boasts multiple ways to upload videos and photos, we recommend the Pix-Star 10-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame. Users can add videos and pictures to be shown on the frame’s 1024 x 768 pixels, 4:3 ratio screen through the Pix-Star’s free app, by email, by accessing social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and more. Pix-Star frames come with 8 GB of internal memory and users can also add photos or videos manually through USB and SD ports on the back of the frame. The Pix-Star frame also gives users daily weather updates and has motion sensors that turn the frame on when someone is in range and goes into sleep mode when no motion has been detected for an extended period.

Pros: The Pix-Star app enables users to remotely monitor up to 25 electronic digital frames at once, including configuring frames and adding images. This is a huge advantage for the sole tech-savvy person in a family who wants to help older members feel connected, or for business owners who want to control the images being shown on Pix-Star frames in their various locations.

Cons: Like the Skylight, the Pix-Star comes with a high price tag. Video files are limited to two minutes and set up can be cumbersome because the controls are on the back of the frame, which makes inputting WiFi passwords time-consuming.

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3. MRQ 14-Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame

For a screen that will make your photos and videos visible from across the room, try the MRQ 14-Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame. The MRQ supports 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution video playing and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Control the electronic photo frame’s settings on the back of the frame or with the remote included and switch between video, photo, calendar and clock mode. The intuitive MRQ can autorotate images taken on a smartphone and uses a motion sensor to turn on when someone is within 2.5 meters of the frame, while also going into sleep mode when someone leaves a room. The motion sensor can be disabled and users can control the frame with a timer as well. Readers may enjoy using the MRQ as a large e-book, which also makes it an excellent option for group presentations.

Pros: At 14 inches with a 1920 x 1080 high resolution LED screen, the MRQ is the largest screen on our list.

Cons: The MRQ has no internal memory and no WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities and users must supply their own USB or SD card. The MRQ must be plugged in to use. Although the MRQ comes with a remote, it lacks in responsiveness.

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4. FLYAMAPIRIT Digital Picture Frame

The FLYAMAPIRIT Digital Picture Frame is an electronic picture frame, calendar and clock all rolled into one. The 8-inch HD display shows photos and video in 1080p with a 180-degree wide viewing range and 4:3 aspect ratio. The FLYAMAPIRIT includes a motion sensor that detects when users are within three meters of the unit and will turn on automatically and go into sleep mode when out of range for an extended period, helping to extend the life of the frame. Built-in stereo speakers enable users to play music along with their photos while also providing audio for videos. Controls are located on the back of the FLYAMAPIRIT and it also comes with a remote. Users can play up to 10,000 images or 32 GB of memory at once by installing a USB or SD card.

Pros: The FLYAMAPIRIT is the most affordable electronic digital frame on our list and still boasts many of the same features and photo quality levels as the other frames.

Cons: At 8 inches, the FLYAMAPIRIT has the smallest screen. It also doesn’t have any WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities or internal memory and must be plugged in at all times when being used.

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