The Fastest Wireless Chargers to Power Your Phone in a Hurry

Fastest Wireless Chargers
Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

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Tired of leaving the house only to notice your phone is on its last bar? Unlike traditional phone chargers, which take at least 30 mins or more to adequate power your phone, these fast wireless chargers make it possible to power your phone in minutes.

How? By using Qi technology. The sleek open-face design lets these chargers send more juice straight to your phone’s battery, which means they’re able to charge your devices way faster than traditional charging cables ever could. Because you simply place your phone down on the charging pads, you still have access to all its functions (I.e. texting, scrolling through email or taking calls) even while the phone is charging. All you have to do is place your phone on top of the charging dock and voila

While not as tiny as those lipstick-sized chargers, these days, most wireless charging pad models are small enough to fit in your bag or pocket, without taking up a lot of bulk or weight. 

While Qi technology isn’t a particularly new medium (wireless charging stands have been around since at least 2008), it’s recently become the de-facto charging method (for most new Android phones and iPhones 8 and above) and is widely regarded as the fastest and most efficient way to power your devices. Intrigued? Read on to see our top picks below and how they work.


1. Anker PowerWave Pad II


Simple, affordable and with smart charging capabilities, the wireless charging pad switches between 5W, 7.5W, 10W and 15W depending on what your device can handle. Plus, if your phone starts to ring while it’s charging, the anti-slip rings will keep it from vibrating off the pad. And it comes with both the power cord and a wall adapter.

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2. Magsafe


The MagSafe wireless charger is a good choice when you want wireless charging speeds that matches the processing speed of your new iPhone. It not only works with your newest iPhone, but with iPhone 8 and above, as well as Airpods that use a wireless charging case. Although it doesn’t come with a USB-C power adapter, this charger is a great choice for iPhone users who want speedy wireless charging.

best fast chargers Courtesy of Apple

3. Moshi Otto Q Fast Wireless Charger


This fast wireless charger looks great and charges your devices quickly thanks to 15W of charging power — same speed as MagSafe for iPhones. Plus, the grey, plush design provides a soft, yet grippy resting place for your phone or other devices as it charges. It does come with USB-C to USB-C cable, but the wall adapter isn’t included.

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4. Belkin 3-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe


When you want the speed and convenience of a MagSafe charger, but you also want the ability to charge multiple devices like the Logitech 3-1 Dock, this Belkin fast wireless charger checks both boxes. Up to 15W of incredibly fast charging speeds and its compatible with MagSafe charging cases. It’s one of the priciest in our recommendations, but it’s also like the Rolls Royce of wireless charging.

Courtesy of Belkin

5. Nomad Base Station Pro


The 7.5W isn’t the most powerful or fastest we’ve seen, but this charging pad is big enough to wirelessly charge up to three devices. And with the charging technology spread throughout the entire base, you don’t have to worry about finding the “sweet spot” when you set your phone or Qi-enabled device on the pad. Plus, this pad looks great on any office desk or nightstand.

best fast chargers Courtesy of Nomad

6. Samsung QI Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charger Pad


You might be wondering, how does a fast wireless charger have features? Beyond charging Samsung devices with speedy 10W of charging power and 7.5W charging for iPhone users, it has a built-in fan to cool down your devices as they charge. And when you’re charging at night, you can turn off the LED light from driving you nuts while you lay in bed. It’s a pretty slick wireless charger for both Samsung and iPhone users.

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7. Anker PowerWave Base Pad


The design might be more like a power bank as opposed to a wireless charger, but the square design is actually quite genius. It is shaped like your phone making it easy for you to place your phone in the perfect spot for charging. No more waking up to a dead phone because your phone wasn’t perfectly on the charger. It does charge Samsung phones faster with 10W of power compared to 7.5W for iPhone, so Samsung users will benefit more with this option.

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8. Logitech Powered 3-1 Dock


This device doesn’t necessarily tout individual device charging speed like Moshi Otto Q or the MagSafe charger, but it does save you time when you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously. You can charge your phone, Airpods and smartwatch all at once. If you had to charge each one individually, you’d be standing by your charger all day. Hence, the power of 3-1 charging.

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9. Anker PowerWave Stand


With expertly placed charging coils inside of the stand, you can place your phone standing up (portrait) or landscape (on its side) on the stand and it will charge. This allows you to continue to watch video or work on your phone the way you want while it charges. Samsung users will appreciate the 10W of charging speed, although iPhone users get a slower 5W charging speed. Regardless, this wireless charger does provide charging versatility unlike many others.

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10. Magsafe Duo


We’ve already spoke about the amazing charging speed of the MagSafe charger, but what if you could get that same charging speed and charge two devices at once? Well, that’s exactly what the MagSafe Duo offers. The only downside is the price, as its four times as expensive as most other chargers in this list.

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11. Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified


It may not be quite as powerful as the first pick (this one comes with 7.5 watts as opposed to the Anker’s 10), but at a fraction of the price, it’s practically a steal. The Yootech features Qi technology to easily and quickly power your phone and features a smart LED display that automatically shuts off once your phone is properly powered. Best of all, the case-friendly design means you don’t have to remove your phone case before you start charging it.

Yootech Charger, best fast chargers Courtesy of Amazon

12. TOZO Wireless Charger Upgraded


At roughly 5mm thick, the TOZO Wireless Charger is quite possibly one of the thinnest chargers in the world. With built-in heating and short-circuit protection, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about your phone overheating. Beautiful LED indicator lights let you know the exact status of your phone’s charge, and because it’s so thin, you can fit it anywhere—your pocket, your bag or your purse.

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13. ESR Fast Wireless Charger


This stylish Qi charger features 10W of power to charge your phone roughly 40 minutes faster than those standard chargers. What’s more, it comes with its own phone stand so you can browse while you charge. With overcurrent protection, overheat protection and basically all the protection protocols your phone could ever need, it’s a great choice for those who prefer to browse while they power their phone.

ESR Fast Charger Courtesy of Amazon

14. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charger


Not only does the iOttie features super-fast Qi charging capabilities, it works as your own personal car phone mount. Designed to fully encase your phone (regardless of how big or small it is), this charger features a smart one-touch design so you can charge your phone, view your maps and do all that you do without having to take your eyes off the road. Plus, unlike other run-of-the-mill chargers, this one powers your phone in minutes.

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