SPY Guide: Best Gifts for the Nerdy Dad

fathers day gifts nerd
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A lot of people think their dad is a geeks, but very few of us actually have a legit nerd for a father. If your dad makes Trekkies look like Fonzie, we’ve got you covered this year. Here are out favorite finds when it comes to Father’s Day gifts for the nerdy dad.

1. PowerCube Extended

Remote Control Power Strip PowerCube Extended

Here’s an idea that will really turn your dorky dad on: a power cube that lets him control the switch remotely with the push of a button. Compatible with lamps, televisions, fans, coffee machines, stereos and more–up to a distance of 80 feet–this is one gift that’s sure to make him smile.

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2. Prynt Pocket

prynt pocketForget pocket protectors. Your nerdy dad needs a pocket printer. Planned as the instant camera of the future, this handy device lets him print photos from his smartphone anytime, anywhere. It’s compact design makes it a breeze to carry, while simple installation and easy use make it a delight for all your family adventures.

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3. Rug Alarm

rug alarm

If your nerdy dad needs to break the snooze cycle, set him up with the alarm clock that makes you get out of bed — because you have to step on it to stop the ringing. Embedded with a digital alarm clock, wired for USB connectivity and powered by three AAA batteries, it’s the ideal solution for folks who chronically oversleep.

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