Make the Most Out of Social Distancing By Playing the Best PS4 Games Available

best ps4 games
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While we continue to dig through the latest PS5 rumors, it’s time to pay homage to the hours and hours of wonderful gameplay that the PS4 has provided us. And what better time than right now to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the most exemplary titles the PlayStation 4 has to offer?

It was tough, but we picked a wide variety of games that show why the PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles ever created. If you’ve ever played any of the 17 best PS4 games below, well, then you already know. But if you haven’t, we highly recommend you strap yourself in for a gaming experience that only these PS4 can provide. It doesn’t matter if you are a sports fan or a first-person shooter kind of gamer, there is something for everybody in this list.


1. Control

Control is one of the most unique games to ever come out for PS4. As Jesse Faden, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control, you step foot into a government building that only appears to those who are looking for it. Sound strange? It gets weirder. In order to find her missing brother, she goes to the FBC –– the bureau that attempts to control paranormal and supernatural entities –– to find that the employees are infected with The Hiss­­, a paranormal phenomenon controlling the patrons. The game is as beautiful as it is bizarre. It’s a little slow, and you’ll certainly feel completely confused at times, but the reward of uncovering the mysteries of the FBC is well worth the adventure.

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2. FIFA 20

For fans of the FIFA franchise, this was one of the most anticipated game releases of the year. In FIFA 20, the gameplay has a new and welcome addition that has apparent ties to FIFA Street: Volta soccer. In Volta, you play mini games in different locations such as dingy, poorly lit indoor soccer gyms to Tokyo rooftops. These three-on-three matchups are made to display your fancy footwork and embarrass your opponents with overwhelming touch and skills. It’s a condensed, faster version of a full game, but it really makes for a fun soccer experience. FIFA 20’s regular gameplay rewards players who make better passing decisions and requires players to hone in their striking skills. It might feel tough at first, but it provides a far more realistic version of the game we’ve come to love year after year. FIFA 20 is one of the best versions of FIFA to date.

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3. God of War

God of War has perhaps the simplest premise a story can have: a father bonding with his son. But this simplicity has birthed one of the greatest PS4 games to date. The story revolves around Kratos and Atreus. Both set out to see through the final wishes of their deceased wife and mother. The problem is, the two don’t necessarily see eye to eye. Kratos is a god-killing machine and Atreus is…not. As you fight to spread Faye’s ashes over the highest peak in the realm, Kratos and Atreus begin to impact one another in ways that didn’t seem possible, especially for a hardened god-killer like Kratos. This brings more depth to the main character and propels the series forward in a new way. But this father son story still has plenty of fighting to be had, especially when it comes to protecting young Atreus. It’s a genuine storyline coupled with the amazing gameplay expected from the God of War series that meld together into one fantastic package.

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4. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 follows the story of Arthur Morgan, a member of the outlawed Van der Linde gang. Throughout the game, Arthur finds himself in precarious positions having to choose between the right thing to do and what benefits his gang. The open-world game has an enormous map filled with side stories, mini missions and plenty of gun fights. You can do just about everything in this game from horseback riding to fishing in this virtual wild-west world. And if the missions aren’t enough for you, you can link up with friends to play online. Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with hours upon hours of gameplay and will keep all gamers entertained in some fashion throughout this large wild-west map.

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5. Fortnite Battle Royale

The premise of Fortnite Battle Royale is pretty straightforward: you are dropped into a world with up to 100 competitors and you collect weapons and ammunition to take out all of your opponents until you are the last one standing. This iteration of Fortnite (dubbed Chapter 2) has a new map with water features that are no longer just for show. As a player, you now have to swim through water instead of passing through it like it was normal ground, or use boats to get across bodies of water. You can now also use the map to hide, let’s say in a dumpster, to surprise passing opponents. Additionally, you can help fellow team members out of battle by picking them up and getting them to safety.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Fortnite without the ability to build. Building structures is what arguably sets Fortnite apart from other large-map shooters and ramps the skill-level up a few notches. To win Battle Royale you have to be equal parts resourceful, savvy and savage which draws players towards the complex quirkiness that only Fornite offers.

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6. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 is equal parts horror movie and action adventure. You’re a brave soul if you can handle playing this one in the dark. In this remake of the 1998 classic, you play as Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as you fight off terrifying zombies and walking dead in the Raccoon City Police Department. But as great as the gamplay is, it’s the zombies that make this installment so terrifying. They don’t explode into blood or insects when you shoot them. Instead, they keep coming, crawling, moaning and scratching for you. It’s simple, yet effective and really makes your skin crawl.

There are plenty of jump scares to be had, especially as you are sucked in and completely concentrating on the puzzles you have to solve in the midst of all the creepy chaos. Resident Evil 2 definitely puts a modern spin on the classic game, but it keeps the integrity of the original, which we all fell in love with and are still totally creeped out by.

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7. Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Spiderman franchise has been on a successful tear as of lately and Marvel Spider-Man for PS4 only adds to the snowballing success. This game really lets you feel what it would be like to be Spider-Man. To prevent crime in time, you must swing from building to building throughout Manhattan, but the action won’t wait for you. You must get there quickly, and that involves almost plummeting to your death only to snag another building with your webs to gain enough momentum and speed to get to crime before it’s too late.

The combat is equally exhilarating. You use your web-spitting abilities to maneuver quickly and gracefully around enemies. Your spidey-senses keep you alert while a fatal blow might be coming from another direction. Once you get used to the controls, you’ll feel like the total bad-ass that Spider-Man is. There are many characters, some old and new that keep the story interesting and fun. But ultimately, it’s the incredible game play that will draw you in and keep your heart pounding.

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8. Titanfall 2

In Titanfall 2 you’ll play as Jack Cooper, a rifleman who has control over a massive machine buddy dubbed BT (BT-7274). Part of what makes Titanfall 2 so fun is the sprawling and different maps you have to navigate. You’ll be roaming through everything from jungles to giant factories in this first-person shooter. The game is fast paced. You’ll move from one objective to another and from one map to another as you fight men, machines and everything in-between.

You and BT have to be crafty to navigate through the maps. Some portions you’ll need to hop inside of BT to complete the task while others Jack will need to clear the way for BT. There a huge arsenal of fun artillery to choose from which keeps the battles entertaining. This game only takes about six to seven hours to get through the entire campaign, but those seeking a fast-paced adventure shouldn’t miss it.

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9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In Jedi Fallen Order you play as Cal Kestis, set in the aftermath of the purge of the Jedi Order by Emperor Palpatine. After the Sith set Order 66 in motion to turn the clone force against the Jedi, Cal’s mission is to find the master list of every child who has potential to feel the force. The problem is that his enemies are after the list too, hoping to completely eradicate the Jedi for good. Cal only uses one weapon throughout the game­­ –– his oh-so trusty lightsaber — to fend off a multitude of different enemies. You’ll be accompanied on your mission by BD-1, your machine buddy who will help you throughout your quest with his innate hacking abilities and knack for sending you in the right direction. You don’t have to be a fan of Star Wars to fall completely in love with this game. It’s about as fun and adventurous as a third-person game can be.

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10. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is like if ancient prehistoric times had a baby with the Metalhead episode of Black Mirror. In Horizon Zero Dawn you’ll discover, and ultimately battle with, robot dinosaurs. The game is set way out in the future, but the surroundings feel as though it’s prehistoric. Aloy, the main character, and her tribe live in huts and have to forage for food. Aloy falls into a pit of old electronics where she discovers a Focus, a device used to see opponent’s weaknesses. She is then rescued by Rost who becomes her protector and teaches her how to hunt and fight. But discovering who’s Aloy’s mother becomes her motivation to venture into the strange, futuristic prehistoric world. The game’s premise might seem overly simple, but the gameplay, visuals and strategy it takes to complete the adventure is nothing but fascinating.

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11. Death Stranding

Death Stranding hits a little too close to home as of late, considering how far apart humanity has become. After a strange event known as the “Death Stranding” brought strange entities called BTs, as well as the age-advancing rain called “time fall” to the world, humanity is in tatters. So when you take on the role of Sam “Porter” Bridges (Norman Reedus), it’s your job to try and rebuild America and try to restore the world to its former glory. Its heartfelt narrative combined with epic, cinematic clips pair beautifully with a touching soundtrack and you’ll find out early on exactly what it means to learn to help your fellow man — even if it means putting your own life at risk.

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11. Doom Eternal

Rip and tear, until it is done. The follow up to 2016’s goriest and magnificent Doom reboot is just as visceral as the previous game, as you jump into the shoes of the Doom Slayer once more to push back bloodthirsty forces from Hell. Using a variety of weapons like the Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and your trusty BFG 9000, it’s your job to blaze through enemies and send them back to where they came from. It’s satisfying, bloody, and an exciting complement to all the calm games right now that we’re enjoying in the middle of our global pandemic, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you’ve ever wanted to just slice through demons, Doom Eternal is where the fun is.

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12. Persona 5

Persona 5 is one of the slickest role-playing games you’ll find on the PlayStation 4, let alone anywhere else. Jump into the shoes of Shujin Academy’s most dangerous students (to the bad guys, anyway) as they become the altruistic “Phantom Thieves.” Work to rid the world of evil adults with bad intentions, such as a P.E. teacher who’s treating his students inappropriately or an artist who’s profiting off of stolen work. It serves up a satisfying combination of dungeon exploration with turn-based battles that combine visually novel elements and a dating-sim-like atmosphere for one of the most exciting and most colorful experiences the PlayStation 4 has to offer. It’s wholly unique in every single way, and you won’t soon forget it long after the credits have rolled.

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13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is known in the game industry for its cinematic campaigns and explosive gunplay, but this year’s installment eschewed the arcade-like action of previous entries for a more raw look at war. However, it didn’t skimp on the action or violence, and it feels and plays the best it ever has. It’s also the most aesthetically pleasing and technically impressive of the series thus far, which is truly saying something considering how many installments there have been over the years. Paired with an excellent mix of multiplayer modes, Modern Warfare is a sampling of the best gameplay the series has to offer, as well as the return of some beloved characters and mechanics. If the next game is similar in any way to this one, Call of Duty is certainly on the up and up.

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14. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is an action-packed series positively dripping with style. It’s an exciting, frenetic cacophony of sight and sound drizzled with challenging brawls as well as hugely fun weapons to use. From its varied combat that newcomers and longtime fans alike can appreciate to the hot and juicy plot that keeps moving things along, this dazzling entry is an amalgam of excellent game design, visual fidelity, and demon hunting that heralds a new era for the franchise. It also happens to let you play as demon hunter Dante, who wields literal motorcycles as swords. Honestly, what could be better than that?

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15. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The 30-year old Metal Gear franchise concluded with this entry not with a whimper, but with a massive bang. Even though there were issues at the time with series creator Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, The Phantom Pain took the series in an open-world direction that gave players a lot more freedom while still maintaining the stealth action Metal Gear is known for. It also featured an expanded version of the base building features that the formerly PSP-exclusive Peace Walker introduced, and serves as a direct sequel to that game. It may not conclude every plot line in Metal Gear, but despite its flaws it’s one of the best stealth/action games of this generation.

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16. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds isn’t just a meaty first-person RPG, it’s an exciting journey that explores a bizarre alternate future. Enter a world where megacorporations are spending millions of dollars on colonizing alien planets. You play a character who’s been woken up early from cryosleep by a mad scientist and then forced to make a life for themselves in the colony of Emerald Vale. Your job? Make a name for yourself and survive throughout this fascinating study of life in a bizarre, semi-dystopian society as your character meets new party members, digs into the reason they were in cryosleep to begin with, and uncovers more than a few strange mysteries that make the game difficult to put down. If you’re hungry for some Fallout-like role-playing, this is the game to get.

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17. Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat has always been synonymous with two things: ultra violence and satisfying combat. You’ve also got the amazing fatalities and a wide variety of different fighters to pit against each other, which is only part of the fun. Now, with the 11th installment, there’s a meaty new storyline to tackle and even a set of new characters like Geras and Kronika, the first female boss character for the series. The dimension-hopping narrative finds some of your favorite characters coming face to face with their future selves as they face one of the most terrifying prospects yet: the universe as they know it coming to an end. What’s the answer to it all? Beating each other to a pulp, of course.

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