These are the Gifts the Gamer in Your Life Really Wants This Year

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Looking for a gift for your favorite gamer? The gaming world runs deep with what feels like an endless supply of gaming gift ideas. There are so many accessories, components and new technologies that emerge daily, you might feel the paradox of choice is creeping in as you are trying to navigate the gaming accessory underworld. Take a deep breath (in with the good, out with the bad). We’ve got you covered.

We know there are 40,000 gaming headphones available, hundreds of different gaming laptops and gaming keyboards out there. Fortunately for you, we have assembled a list of the best gifts for gamers to take the crippling guess work out of finding a gift. We’ve supplied a healthy spread of everything from the best gaming laptop to the best gaming t-shirt. So, shed the choice overload paralysis and pick up the best gift for your gamer.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard


Gaming keyboards are an essential piece of any computer gamer’s arsenal, and the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard might be the master sword of your gaming rig. Unlike many other gaming keyboards, the SteelSeries Apex Pro allows you to adjust the sensitivity per key. Yes — you read that right — you can literally adjust the sensitivity of each individual key exactly to your liking. This will improve your game play and give you an advantage over any gamer online. Did we mention this keyboard is customizable? The Apex Pro features a small OLED smart display in the top right corner that allows you to do things like adjust your profile, see updates and adjust your settings without having to tab out of what you are doing. Not a wrist rest kind of guy? You can easily detach the magnetic wrist rest if it bothers you. We think this keyboard has something to offer for all gamers. It’s the one gaming keyboard to rule them all.

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Atlantic Gaming Desk


If the SteelSeries Apex Pro is the master sword of your gaming rig, then the Atlantic Gaming Desk is most definitely your castle. The desk features a riser for a 32-inch monitor for your gaming station. On the far side of each end of the gaming desk is a small rack for speakers. These conveniently extend your desk horizontally for speakers without taking up actual desk space. There is a small rack that can hold two controllers and a handful of games in the back right corner. On the right side of the desk is a hanger to conveniently hang your headphones. Directly in front of you is a pull out drawer that can store your keyboard or other random cables and electronics. The cherry on top is the cup holder that hangs from one of the legs of the desk. This keeps liquid off the surface of the desk where it could potentially spill on your Acer Predator Gaming Laptop. This gaming desk keeps your station clean and organized.

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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2


If your gamer takes gameplay serious, they will definitely want a controller upgrade. And nothing provides precision and customization quite like the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Not only does it work with Xbox, but you can use with PC games, and it is compatible with the new Xbox Scarlett when it comes out next year. Gamers can adjust the tension on the thumb sticks for elite level control. The controller also has redesigned bumpers and triggers that feel more comfortable in your fingers and are easier to grip than stock controllers. The 40-hour battery life won’t leave your gamer without his weapon of choice after long sessions of game play. The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is a must for serious gamers.

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Couchmaster Cycon


Sometimes it’s nice to sit at the central command center that is your computer desk and sometimes it’s nice to just relax on the couch while you game, but with the Couchmaster Cycon, you can get the best of both worlds. This couch-like portable desk has enough room to fit a keyboard, mouse and laptop. Plus, the portable desk has a USB hub that you can use to route all of your cables to one place. It’s definitely not the most glamorous gift for your gamer, but they’ll appreciate the utility and comfort this portable couch-desk provides.

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Oculus Quest


This is one of the best VR headsets that you will find. This headset allows you to paint your own boundaries and actually walk around in your game, so you can be completely submerged in the gaming experience. When we say paint your boundaries, we mean just that; while wearing the headset, you use the controller to set the allotted room space, then the game is generated within that space. When you step out of the allotted area, that pass-through cameras on the Oculus allow you to see the real world without having to take the headset off. And there is a bundle of games that suit everybody from sports fans to first person action adventure gamers. And perhaps the best part — it’s portable. So the Oculus can take the quest with your gamer anywhere they go.

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Sega Genesis Mini


The Sega Genesis Mini is a spitting image of the 90s classic console. There is even that weird volume slider knob in the bottom left corner (it’s just for show). This mini version of this console will immediately bring back grand memories of the original Sega Genesis. The console comes with 40 classic games including the console’s most famous game, Sonic The Hedgehog. Along with the 40 titles, this system comes with two controllers for multiplayer gaming that connect to the front of the console via USB. Sega never quite had the following of Nintendo or PlayStation, but there is definitely a group of gamers out there that have been waiting for a mini version of this console to become available. And now it’s here, and it’s awesome.

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Arctis Pro Wireless


Leveling up your audio while gaming will submerge you in the gaming experience, and there is no better way to do that than with the Arctis Pro Wireless. This gaming headset cuts the cables, but still delivers an incredible hi-fi audio experience. The Arctis has a dual wireless system: Bluetooth for mobile devices and WiFi for gaming, to ensure you don’t lose connection in the middle of a siege. Speaking of continuous connection, there is a dual battery system — the transmitter charges a spare battery while you are using the other in your headset, so you can have a charged battery on hand at all times. While the transmitter is charging your spare battery, it doubles as the hub to customize how your headset sounds. You can not only adjust the equalizer, but also the mix of the audio versus chat, so you hear exactly what you want. These headphones are a must for serious gamers.

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Nintendo Switch Lite


The Switch Lite is the strictly handheld version of the Nintendo Switch. Any game that has a handheld mode is compatible with the Switch Lite, so don’t worry about losing your library of games because you want the handheld version. Think of the Switch Lite compared to the Switch like the iPhone 11 compared to the Max version. It’s .2 pounds lighter, and it features a .7-inch smaller screen than the original Switch. And the battery life is a bit better than the original Switch, although, both batteries don’t last much longer than three hours, depending on the game you are playing. You can have a little fun with the color of your Switch Lite as it comes in three different colors: yellow, turquoise or gray, displaying Nintendo’s flair for fun aesthetics. For those looking to rep their Nintendo allegiance to the masses, the Switch Lite is the portable gaming console you’ve been seeking.

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Razer Mamba Wireless


The Razer Mamba Wireless is a masterpiece in the gaming world. Its ergonomic design feels comfortable to hold, and the buttons sit exactly where you want them on your fingers. It has a finish that feels soft and remains comfortable even after your hand starts to get sweaty. Now for the nerdy stuff. The adaptive frequency technology creates a wireless connection that is as stable as a wired one. For those who are non-believers, you can still wire this mouse to your computer. Just as the adaptive frequency technology provides non-stop connection, the 50 hour battery life will allow long marathon gaming stretches before the batteries need to charge. For the real hardcore gamers out there, the Razer Mamba Wireless has a 5G sensor that produces 16,000 DPI and resolution accuracy of 99.4%. That combination creates one of the most accurate, responsive, and comfortable gaming accessories on the market.

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Blue Yeti X


If your gamer wants to take their talents global, getting them a good USB mic for their twitch streams is a no-brainer. The Blue Yeti X USB microphone is great for vocals, voiceovers and podcasting. The Yeti has four recording modes including stereo, omnidirectional, bi-directional and cardioid which is best for solo podcasting and streaming. We recommend omnidirectional if you are podcasting with a group, but only using one microphone. Using the Logitech G software, you can customize the sound quality of the microphone to get great voice-overs during your gaming streams. Streaming gamers need a great microphone to sound professional, and the Blue Yeti X is the ticket.

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Super Mario Maker 2


Do you have a gamer in mind that also loves to create and build from scratch? Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch allows gamers to build their own Super Mario levels from scratch. The game can build just about any Super Mario level you can dream up; a go-kart level, a classic NES-Super Mario original level, it’s all at your fingertips. But that’s not all for this game. There is also a story mode, so you can actually play levels that you didn’t have to build first. There is also a multi-player mode that works both locally and online, which can be played with up to four players. This is a great choice for builders and Mario lovers.

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Rocker Gaming Chair


Not all gaming gifts need to be extravagant, or expensive. The Rocker Gaming Chair is a great way to make sure your gamer is comfortable during long gaming sessions. The chair is ergonomically designed so your gamer can sit comfortably for long stretches without feeling wrecked after. The chair measures 17” x 16 “ x 29.5” but can be folded down to 15“ tall which makes it that much easier to store when it’s not in use. The microfiber fabric is easy to clean off Cheeto-finger stains and soda spills. Even while you aren’t gaming, it’s simply a comfortable chair to relax in.

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Xbox One S Digital Edition Console


Almost everything is moving to a subscription base model, and games are no different. Xbox is fully leaning into the subscription model by offering a Xbox One S Digital Edition Console. There isn’t a physical disk reader anywhere on the console, and it’s about $50 less expensive than the normal console because of it. That combined with the Xbox Game Pass allows gamers access to over 100 Xbox titles as well as brand new games. The nice thing about a subscription compared to physical disks is that your downloaded games will never become too scratched up to play. If your gamer downloads their games anyway, this is a less expensive way to get them an Xbox One.

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Xbox Game Pass 3 Month Subscription


The Xbox Game Pass paired with the Xbox One S Digital Edition Console make the perfect pairing for a gamer. This pass gives your gamer access to over 100 Xbox One and 360 games. And every month, new games are added to the library so your gamer will stay entertained with new games to conquer. If you get a new Digital Edition X Box One Console, you’ll definitely want to combine this game pass with it.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock


Anyone that owns any gaming system with wireless controllers knows that a controller that has a dead battery is among one of the most frustrating situations, especially when you are ready to play. That’s why we recommend the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Paddle Dock, so you can keep your paddles charged when you are away. The dock features LED lighting for the four paddles it can hold, so you can easily see which paddles have a full battery and which ones need to stay on the dock a bit longer. The other nice thing about this dock is it displays your controllers nicely. You really knock out two birds with one stone: organization and paddle charging.

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Acer Predator Triton 500


It’s not often you find a gaming laptop, with all of the components for optimum gaming, in a slim and portable casing, but that’s exactly what is achieved by the Acer Predator Triton 500. It weighs around 4.6 pounds, which we know is heavy compared to an ultra-book, but this isn’t your standard college class laptop. The RTX 2060 GPU hangs with the best of them. You can play your games with settings cracked to ultra and get clean and smooth gameplay that looks incredible on the 1080p, 144 Hz display. When you have your laptop cranked to ultimate settings the insides tend to get really hot. Fortunately, this laptop does a great job at heat management internally and externally, which will keep all the components inside safe and sound. As portable as it is, it only gets about five hours of battery life, which isn’t enough to do a full day of work, but its better than most other gaming laptops with similar components. If you are looking for a high-octane engine for your war rig, this laptop does not disappoint.

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Corair Gaming Mouse Pad


Serious gamers need as much accuracy and control in their gameplay as possible, and that’s what the Corair Gaming Mouse Pad provides. The surface of the mousepad is a sort of textile weave pattern and allows the mouse to smoothly glide across the pad. This effortless feel provides pinpoint accuracy and fast reaction times for gamers. It is also three feet long, which is almost triple the size of a conventional mouse pad. The extra real estate allows for gamers to move more quickly through large maps without having to pick up the mouse. Even after heavy use, the mouse pad won’t start to peel. The reinforced stitched edge ensures this mouse pad can handle as much game play as you.

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Gunnar Intercept Blue Blocking Glasses


Gaming from sun down until sun up? You’re definitely going to want to protect your eyes from all that harmful blue light. The Gunnar Intercept Blue Blocking Glasses have a blue light blocking rating for each of its lenses. Only a casual gamer? The clear BLPF (blue light protection factor) 35 glasses will be right for you. Are you the marathon gamer who plays into the wee hours of the night? Pair your frames with the Amber Max BLPF 98 lenses for ultimate protection. The frames come in dark oak, indigo and onyx, so you can match your style. If you aren’t sure how you’ll look in them, you can try them on virtually through the Gunnar website. Your computer camera will scan your face and take an image of you so you can see how they look before you buy.

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Choose Your Weapon Gaming Shirt


Sometimes you have to show others that you’re the boss, and nothing shows that you are the overlord of all things gaming like the Choose Your Weapon shirt. It doesn’t matter what system challengers try to test you on, you’re well-versed in everything from NES to Xbox One. Let your opponents know that your shirt displays a warning: if you are going to come at the boss, make sure you’re on top of your game.

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