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These Gaming Headsets Will Sharpen Your Competitive Senses

When it comes to online gaming, more often than not, you’re only as good as your gaming headset. After all, the line between victory and defeat frequently hinges on your ability to hear which direction enemies are coming from and communicate with your teammates effectively and efficiently. That, of course, is where the best gaming headset comes into play.

Gaming headsets have long been part of PC gaming, but they’re becoming increasingly more essential for console gaming. Most gaming headsets nowadays are of the over-ear variety and actively work to bring you closer to the game. That means they’re meant to reduce outside noise and heighten the in-game audio experience. Additionally, they’re reinforced with extra levels of comfort in the headband and the earcaps to make long gaming sessions easier without you getting irritated or uncomfortable.

For most serious gamers — especially PC gamers — a wired headset is the best gaming headset.

While lag and audio quality have drastically improved in wireless headsets, to the point where they’re nearly as good as their wired counterparts, the benefit of not having an extra cable to deal with is minimal when you’re PC gaming at a desk. In addition, if you’re trying to take full advantage of the 3D Audio capabilities of the PS5, we recommend checking out our roundup of the best PS5 headsets instead. Regardless of the game or console you’re playing, you’ll want to ensure you’re dropping in with one of the best gaming headsets. See our picks below.

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The Best Gaming Headsets At a Glance

1. Best Overall: Razer BlackShark V2 — $79.99 at Amazon
2. Runner Up: HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset — $70.99 at Amazon
3. Best PS5 Headset: Sony Pulse 3D Gaming Headset  — $99.00 at Amazon
4. Best Budget Wired Headset: Razer Kraken V3 X Gaming Headset$44.99 at Amazon
5. Also Great: SteelSeries Acrtics 7+ Gaming Headset$159.99 at Amazon
6. Best Wireless Runner Up: Logitech G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset -$196.84 at Amazon
7. Best for Xbox Series X: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset$92.50 at Amazon
8. Best for PS4: Sony Playstation Platinum Wireless Gaming Headset – $159.99 at Amazon
9. Best for Switch: SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset$99.99 at Amazon
10. Best Budget Wireless: Corsair VOID Elite Wireless Gaming Headset$24.38 at Amazon
11. Best for Young Gamers: PuroGamer 2.0 Gaming Headset$25.00 at Amazon
12. Best For VR: HyperX Cloud Orbit S Gaming Headset$249.99 at Amazon
13. Best Noise-Canceling: JBL Quantum ONE Gaming Headset$249.95 at Amazon
14. Best Splurge: Astro Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headset$149.99 at Amazon
15. Honorable Mention: Hyper X Cloud Stinger Core$24.99 at Amazon


1. Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset


Best For: Gamers who want a lot of premium features without having to pay a premium price.

Why We Chose It: Spatial sound bolstered by cushioned ear cups for extended play sessions.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Powered by 50mm titanium triple drivers in each ear, the BlackShark V2 offers THX 7.1 spatial surround sound and comes with a USB sound card to ensure optimal audio. There’s also a noise-canceling microphone that you can remove and memory foam ear cushions for added comfort and convenience. And since they only weigh 0.58 pounds, you’ll be able to play for hours without feeling the heft of the BlackShark V2 cans. For the money, you’re not going to find another gaming headset that offers this much. Oh, and you can use it across your PS5, PS4, PC, or even on the Nintendo Switch.


2. HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset


Best For: PC Gamers who want the most out of their play sessions.

Why We Chose It: Unmatched battery life.

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Courtesy of Walmart

Before the Razer BlackShark V2 came along, the HyperX Cloud Alpha was the go-to pick for most serious PC gamers. Complete with 7.1 Surround Sound, enhanced noise-cancellation for the microphone and multi-platform usage, it’s extremely versatile and made for when the action gets tense. Additionally, the Cloud Alpha’s Dual Camber Drivers provide more audio clarity by reducing distortion from various audio channels. The bright colors will make it easy to find amongst all your other gaming gear. Plus, the battery life on these is incredible, clocking in at over 300 hours (!) based on some reports. Seriously, you may go so long without charging them that you forget they’re wireless headphones in the first place.


3. Sony Pulse 3D


Best For: Sony Gamers.

Why We Chose It: A comfy headset with plenty of features to enhance your PlayStation 5 experience (assuming you’ve been lucky enough to get one).

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Courtesy of Amazon

Sony created the Pulse 3D headset specifically around the PS5’s unique features, so it should be no surprise that the Pulse 3D is the best gaming headset for the console. With drivers that accentuate the PS5’s 3D audio, you will get an immersive audio experience while you’re gaming while still giving you all the extra conveniences, such as an integrated mic that keeps the design of these cans sleek and clean. We can’t overstate the benefits of that immersive experience, however, which elevates the gameplay of your favorite title just like the PS5 raises the bar on the graphics of its games.


4. Razer Kraken V3 X Gaming Headset


Best For: Quality without spending a lot.

Why We Chose It: Great features under $50.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Gaming is already a relatively expensive hobby, so it’s understandable if you don’t have a ton of extra income to devote to a nice, high-end headset. Fortunately, the Razer Kraken V3 X is the latest iteration of a highly affordable option that still offers up a relative level of quality. This time, the most significant change includes customizable RGB lights on the ear cups and a USB connector instead of a 3.5mm jack. This means that audio should be cleaner than before. Along with premium features like 7.1 virtual surround sound and a super lightweight frame, you have a gaming headset that will get you through those marathon gaming sessions.

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5. SteelSeries Arctis 7+Wireless Gaming Headset


Best For: PC gamers who don’t want to compromise.

Why We Chose It: Superior audio, comfort, and performance.

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Courtesy of Amazon

The SteelSeries Arctis 7+ is such a good and versatile wireless headset that we devoted an entire article to singing its praises. The too long; didn’t read version of that review is that it’s able to blend a combination of quality, clarity and smart features to create a gaming headset that’s as close to perfect as you can get in this current landscape. While you’ll undoubtedly get more use out of it if you’re gaming with a PC, it’s also great for console use. This is the one to invest in for sure.


6. Logitech G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset


Best For: Those willing to pay more for a quality wireless headset.

Why We Chose It: Best-in-Class microphone and totally wireless.

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Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the Logitech G Pro X Wireless is one of the best gaming headsets if you want excellent audio quality and don’t want to deal with cables. On top of that, it has a mic that features custom voice processing from Blue, a brand with 25 years of experience designing microphones (including the Twitch-favorite Yeti mic). But the one thing that holds it back from top consideration is that it only works as a wireless 2.4G headset, so you can’t use an aux cable or Bluetooth to connect it to an Xbox, Switch or mobile device, which are all incompatible with the wireless adapter.


7. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset


Best For: Xbox gamers who want something to match their system.

Why We Chose It: Works right out of the box with the new Series X without much fuss or fight.

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Courtesy of Best Buy

Clad in a neon green that matches the system’s electric hues, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset works hand-in-glove with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. The Xbox doesn’t offer native support for many wireless headsets, but the Stealth 600 is one of them, so you can connect to the console without additional adapters and get the most out of Microsoft’s Windows Sonic technology for spatial surround sound. The dual foam ear cushions allow for a soft and comfortable fit, which is critical for prolonged gaming sessions. Additionally, the headset’s audio fidelity (aptly branded as Superhuman Hearing) will ensure no one gets the drop on you, as player movement comes through in stunning clarity.


8. Sony Playstation Platinum Wireless Gaming Headset


Best For: A great gaming experience even if you don’t have the latest console.

Why We Chose It: Sony knows their system the best, so stick with the pros.

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Courtesy of Target

If you’re gaming on a Playstation 4, it makes the most sense to go with Sony’s dedicated headset. After all, the company that made the system you’re gaming on knows its system the best. Completely wireless, you’ll be free to move around without the hassle of a cord getting in your way, while its 7.1 surround sound audio quality ensures the best audio experience possible. In games that support it, you can also get the added benefit of 3D audio for a more immersive experience. Plus, the ease of use if you’re familiar with Sony products is worth the price.


9. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset


Best For: Nintendo Switch gamers who want headphones to use on the plane or a microphone to play Fortnite with

Why We Chose It: SteelSeries’ premium quality is an excellent fit for gamers on the go.

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Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re mostly planning on using a headset while playing your Nintendo Switch in docked mode, we would say go with the Razer BlackShark V2 or the SteelSeries Arctis 7. But if you have plans to use your headset out of the house, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless is the best gaming headset for Switch and Switch Lite users. The Arctis 1 Wireless comes with a compact USB-C dongle that plugs into the bottom of your console in handheld mode (or your Switch dock via USB adapter), giving you convenience and quality audio while you three-stock your friends in Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.


10. Corsair VOID Elite Wireless Gaming Headset


Best For: Budget shoppers who want an inexpensive headset

Why We Chose It: If you need a headset for gaming and need one that sounds and looks good, this is the option.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Those who have allocated a little bit of money to invest in a gaming headset will feel like they’ve spent their money well with this wireless gaming headset from Corsair. While it is optimized to work best on PCs, the headset is still compatible with all gaming systems via a wired connection. The 50mm audio drives provide top-level quality, while the breathable microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam earpads offer critical comfort to keep you going during those long sessions of Warzone. The headset’s angular design also gives it a striking look and feel.


11. PuroGamer 2.0 Gaming Headset


Best For: Parents to give to their young gamers to ensure they don’t hurt their young ears.

Why We Chose It: Engineered to provide a volume threshold.

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Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re a parent looking for a gaming headset that will actively ensure your kids are okay, this headset from PuroGamer should be your choice, full stop. The headset has been engineered to provide crystal clear audio playback that won’t damage the hearing of young ears (it won’t go any higher than 85 dB, just like the previous version). The comfortable and sturdy fit is great for extended play sessions and works seamlessly with either PCs or game consoles.


12. HyperX Cloud Orbit S Gaming Headset


Best For: Ensuring your virtual reality experience is even more immersive

Why We Chose It: Can work with VR technology to provide a genuinely spatial audio experience

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Courtesy of Best Buy

Support for audio head tracking in gaming is still in its early days, but the idea of game audio adjusting to the position and tilt of your head is one full of promise, especially with regard to VR gaming. The HyperX Cloud Orbit S takes planar magnetic drivers designed by high-end audio manufacturer Audeze and pairs them with Waves Nx 3D spatial audio technology to offer sound quality and innovation unrivaled by most other headsets. There are only two significant downsides to these: first, they’re expensive. Second, head-tracking performance is still hit or miss because there aren’t many games specifically designed for this technology. But if you own an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset, you may discover a more immediate impact from buying a pair of these cutting-edge cans.


13. JBL Quantum ONE Gaming Headset


Best For: Gamers who don’t want to skimp on sound in their games.

Why We Chose It: For its premium sound quality and excellent noise-cancelation.

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Courtesy of Microsoft

For the audio-obsessed gamer who doesn’t want to skimp out on any bit of high-fidelity audio, their pick should be the JBL Quantum ONE gaming headset. With advanced audio features like spatial surround sound, 3D head tracking and active noise canceling, gamers who use this headset can dive deep into every single detail of their favorite game without compromising audio fidelity. Plus, the headset gets bonus points for its bold look.


14. Astro Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headset


Best For: Those who want an all-in-one solution and aren’t worried about price.

Why We Chose It: Great for streamers who want a premium headset that does it all.

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Courtesy of Best Buy

Astro Gaming’s A40 TR gaming headset is positioned as the gaming headset choice of pro gamers. Using it in your home will significantly elevate and improve your existing gaming experience. Included is a specialized MixAmp Pro that brings high-end audio quality to PC, Xbox Series X and PS5 gamers. It’s also great for console streamers, as it lets you mix the audio levels from all your sources (game audio, party chat, etc.) into one signal for your PC to broadcast. Rugged yet light, it’s meant to sit comfortably and securely on your head, as its padded headband makes long sessions a breeze. But the real feature here is that premium audio, which certainly makes its hefty price tag well worth it.


15. Hyper X Cloud Stinger Core


Best For: Those who want a headset that goes with every single gaming system.

Why We Chose It: Affordable and compatible with everything, it’s a highly versatile gaming headset.

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Courtesy of Amazon

The Hyper X Cloud Stinger Core is a wonderful option if you want an affordable wired headset that is compatible with virtually every gaming platform. This headset uses a USB connector to interface with whatever system you game on, and it comes with many of the same luxuries which make the Hyper X Cloud Alpha a joy to wear but with a few unique features: the same comfort-driven design standards, the same volume control and the same detachable boom mic. But the Cloud Stinger Core is a great budget alternative, costing a fraction of what you’d pay for the Cloud Alpha.


16. Astro A10 Gaming Headset


Best For: Strong sound at a budget price

Why We Chose It: Versatility across next-gen and current-gen consoles.

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Courtesy of Amazon

The Astro A10 is a budget-oriented, no-nonsense option that still offers solid audio performance while gaming. Just like Astro’s more premium options, this headset is tuned to deliver the company’s signature sound profile, and there are even a few hardware tricks, like a flip-to-mute microphone. But best of all, it’s also compatible with next-gen consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


17. SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset


Best For: Those who want the best from one of the best.

Why We Chose It: Premium sound with industry-leading noise cancelation and great features.

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Courtesy of Amazon

We were impressed with the Nova Pro when we recently reviewed it, noting that its high-end construction extended past its stunning looks and into its overall features. The Nova Pro can provide world-class active noise cancelation so you can focus on hearing all of your favorite game’s audio in stunning clarity. The included hub allows you to make adjustments without opening up a dedicated sound app. Additionally, that hub makes it easy to swap batteries when you’re low on power and even swap between a PC or console setup.


18. LucidSound LS100X Gaming Headset


Best For: Gamers who want a great-sounding headset across all Microsoft devices.

Why We Chose It: Strong battery life, sound quality, and easy to use for under $100.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of LucidSound

LucidSound might not be a super well-known name in the gaming headset space, but they’ve impressed with a new release in the form of the LS100X. Designed for Microsoft’s fleet of gaming products, the headset boasts a reported 130 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode or even 72 hours in game mode. Either way, that’s impressive. The construction of the headphones makes them nice and light on your head for extended gaming sessions. But our favorite detail might be the removable boom mic with a nice, clear light on it, so you know when you’re muted. No more missing a callout cause you forgot to toggle the talk button back on.


How We Chose the Best Gaming Headsets: About Our Testing Process

We looked at a handful of gaming headsets, both wired and not wired, to determine which ones stood out over a week-long testing process. To determine the best, we took each and rated them in the following categories below.

  • Features: Is a headset wired or wireless? Does it have active noise-cancelation? What systems does it work with?
  • Battery Life: If you’re going with a wireless headset, how long does the battery life last before you need to charge it?
  • Comfort: If you’re going to game for long sessions, a headset must fit comfortably for those long hours.
  • Price: Some premium headsets can see their price creep up to the cost of a game system itself. If that’s the case, why and what do you get for that price?
  • Sound Quality: How does the game audio sound? How does the microphone sound to those who you’re playing with?

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