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This $22 Cooling Pad Will Make Sure Your Gaming Laptop Can Take the Heat

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Gaming can get pretty intense. Whether you’re fighting to get to the last round in Fortnite or battling through the fourth hour of an epic Call of Duty sesh — the last thing you want is for your computer to slow down due to overheating.

Video games have vastly improved in the past decade with more impressive graphics, high-quality sound effects and design details so immersive you feel as if you’ve actually been transported to another world. Plus, with the addition of virtual reality games and equipment, gaming technology has been on a consistent upward trajectory.

Along with all of this action comes more pressure on computer hardware to keep up for longer periods of time. Even if you spend a few thousand dollars on a gaming computer, your PC can still get overheated during an extra-long gaming marathon. So what do you do when your gaming laptop gets too hot to handle?

There’s a simple solution, and it will only cost you less than $22. Introducing the High Performance Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad from New Tree Bee. This setup is designed to keep your gaming system cool as a cucumber for hours on end so your gaming goes totally uninterrupted.

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How does it work? With four quiet fans, the cooling pad fans down the bottom of your computer, keeping it cool and able to perform at its best for hours on end. The fans are virtually silent, creating an optimal noise-and interference-free environment.

The pad can stand on its own for ergonomically-optimized upright positioning or sit on your lap for more relaxed play. The pad has two anti-skid mats to keep your laptop from sliding off your desk or lap no matter how thick it is. The cooling pad can fit laptops ranging from 13″ to 17.5”, so no matter how large your screen is, the pad will keep it cool under pressure. Additionally, it’s got USB connectivity and the ability to change the fan speeds based on what your PC needs.

If you’re looking to up your gaming experience and never worry again about gaming delays due to overheating, you should definitely consider investing in this affordable gaming cooling pad.