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This Incredible Gaming Mouse Is Only $30 Today And An Easy Way To Climb Those Leaderboards

Today’s a great day for gamers because it’s a chance to grab one of the best gaming mice out there with a huge 54% off. That means the standard $64.99 price tag is whittled down to just $29.99, which is a very hard price to ignore. That’s especially true for gamers out there that want to up their game a little bit, whether that’s in FPS games or strategy ones. Or just Vampire Survivors.

The Acer Predator Cestus Gaming Mouse has an adjustable DPI of up to 16,000 and has a button to switch up it from five different presets, with the lowest being 1 DPI. This allows for incredibly granular and specific control in games, but also allows for more care to be taken on any content or artwork that’s being created by the user. It also another six buttons in total that can all be customized to fit the user’s needs, making it great even for MMOs, where more buttons are always useful.

It also has RGB lights, with up to 16.8 million color combinations to play around with, and four lighting patterns too, which allows it to match the vibe of anything, even the best gaming PCs. It’s durable too, with up to 20 million clicks being completely fine, and a comfy ergonomic design that means the user will always feel good when playing around with it.

$29.99 $64.99 54% off

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This incredible gaming mouse is one of the best out there at this price point, and has a bunch of features that make it so fantastic to use. Aside from the natural comfort it offers, it also has adjustable DPI settings between 16,000 and 1 DPI, 16.8 million colors thanks to RGB lighting, that allow for cool customization, and seven programmable buttons to help make every game play however the user wants.