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The Best Gaming Mouse For Customization Is On Sale Today For Under $27 And Will Help You Win

The best gaming mouse for MMOs, and anything that needs a lot of buttons, is on sale today with a huge 43% off. That means the Redragon M908 Impact MMO Mouse is down from its usual price of $46.99 to just $26.89, which is a steal for anyone who’s looking to up their game in anything online, or just make their favorite experiences easier to control; thanks to the addition of a lot more buttons.

This mighty gaming mouse has a total of 20 programmable buttons, 12 of which are on the left side, which can be customized with ease, and can be used for special abilities, easy inventory control, or basically anything else the user could possibly want, without the hassle of even moving the wrist to the keyboard.

It’s also an excellent mouse aside from all of those buttons too. It has a 12,400 DPI which can be changed in an instant to allow for fast sweeping motions or more specific and surgical control, and has RGB lighting to help match any vibe. This gaming mouse pairs incredibly well with the best gaming PCs to create an unparalleled experience, and there’s no doubt that getting it while it’s this cheap is a good idea.

$26.89 $46.99 43% off

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This incredible gaming mouse is covered in a total of 20 programmable buttons that allow the user to completely customize how they play games, and each one can work in any number of MMOs and FPS titles, to allow for complete control. Not only that, but it has a DPI of 12,400, which allows for rapid responses to any movement, and finely tuned controls when needed as well. It’s a powerhouse, and can help just about anyone climb higher in a leaderboard.