Get The Most From your Training and Look Damn Good with One of These Garmin Watches

best garmin watches

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When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can maximize your potential. Garmin watches not only make you look good but also help you become the best version of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you train for triathlons, or would just like to shave a couple of strokes off your golf game, the right Garmin watch can help you push yourself to be great.

Before you pick the Garmin watch that best suits you, here are some things you should consider:

  • Activity tracking
  • GPS functionality
  • Battery life
  • Price

If you’re a serious athlete, you are going to want a Garmin running watch that can track a lot more than just laps. Watches such as the Fenix 6, Forerunner 745 and 945 have tons of preloaded activities, fast GPS tracking, and advanced workout metrics that provide unique insights on your training.

If you’re more of a casual athlete or runner, a Garmin running watch with onboard music, GPS functionality and at least five hours of battery life should cover your bases. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, you can save a good chunk of cash going with a running watch with fewer features.

But what if you’re not a runner? Below you’ll also find great Garmin golf watches that will help you shave a few strokes off your game, and hopefully, limit the number of times you have to yell “FORE!” in a round. Look for the Garmin Approach watches. And if you’re simply in the market for a good-looking, casual timepiece, the Vivomove and Vivoactive 4 sport classic-looking designs with all the modern capabilities of an active smartwatch.

Once you go Garmin, you never go back. Below are our recommendations for the best Garmin watches for sale in 2020.


1. Fenix 6 Series


There isn’t much this watch can’t do or track. For runners, onboard music lets you ditch your phone on long runs, while PacePro helps you keep pace in order to meet and beat your personal goals. If running isn’t your jam, you can track multiple activities from backcountry skiing to surfing. There’s even sleep tracking so you can properly recover. If you’re a fitness nut, this watch should be towards the top of your wish list.

Fenix 6 Series garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

2. Forerunner 45S


This Garmin running watch was created with runners in mind. That might sound obvious, but the 45S is super lightweight, made from lightweight silicone to prevent chafing or soreness on long runs. Speaking of long runs, it can last up to seven days on a single charge. As you run, or while you’re just hanging out, it tracks your heart rate, GPS for distance and pace, and features a “Garmin Coach” to help you get your training to the next level. And compared to the Fenix line of Garmin running watches, it’s especially affordable.

Forerunner 45S best garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

3. Forerunner 745


Run, bike or swim, the Forerunner 745 can track it all. This durable watch is great for those who want to get to the peak of their abilities by using all the stats to help them get there. Beyond heart rate or VO2 max, this watch helps you develop speed and endurance with the Training Effect feature, then helps you recover properly so you don’t overtrain. Onboard music storage helps you stay motivated while you work out, and Garmin Pay provides everyday utility beyond your training. It’s a great tool for any athlete, and a great watch in general, but ideal for the budding triathletes out there.

Forerunner 745 best garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

4. Approach S62


Even good golfers need help with their game. This Garmin golf watch is like having your own caddie on your wrist. It has over 41,000 pre-loaded courses, so not only can you track the distance to the pin, but it can also assist you with what club to hit, and where to aim. And the glare-resistant screen keeps the display visible even when the sun is right above you. Although it can’t hit the ball for you (we wish it could), the S62 is a great tool to help golfers shave a couple of strokes off their game.

Approach S62 best garmin watch Courtesy of Amazon

5. Forerunner 245 Music


If running without music isn’t an option for you, the Forerunner 245 is the most affordable Garmin running watch with onboard music storage in their line. Like with the 45S, the “Garmin Coach” can help you plan your weekly training sessions to maximize your performance. Tracked stats like VO2, running dynamics and heart rate all provide valuable insight on your training — when you should push it and when you should pull back. Plus, it tracks more activities than just running. If you don’t want to fork out the cash for a Fenix, but you need onboard music, this is a great option.

Forerunner 245 best garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

6. Forerunner 945


GPS can have a hard time in bustling cities or heavily forested areas. But runners need accurate GPS tracking to maximize their runs and track performance. Thanks to Multi-GNSS, the Forerunner 945 has better GPS accuracy and tracking performance in difficult GPS environments. Beyond that, the training tools, stat tracking and extended battery life — two weeks without GPS and 10 hours with GPS and music — make this watch an athlete’s dream.

Forerunner 945 best garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

7. Approach S40


Elevate your golf game, and look great while doing it. This stylish Garmin golf watch merges sport and style on and off the course. But while you’re on it, 41,000 pre-loaded courses can help you gain accurate distance, show you where hazards are and how the greens are shaped. You can even touch the screen to move the pin placement for better distance accuracy. Pair this golf watch with the Garmin golf app for more advanced swing stats like strokes gained and even post your scores online.

Approach S40 garmin golf watch Courtesy of Amazon

8. Vivoactive 4


A slightly smaller watch and sliver trim along the face make this watch look great for everyday wear. But don’t let the casual style fool you, there’s plenty of training features packed inside. For general health, features such as respiration tracking, hydration and even stress tracking help you stay centered all day. Runners and athletes will appreciate onboard music storage and GPS tracking. There’s a little something for everyone in the Vivoactive 4.

Vivoactive 4 best garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

9. Vivomove 3S


This is a smartwatch disguised as a classic timepiece. Behind the watch hands — yes, they are real — is a touchscreen display that’s available when you want. When you pair it with your phone, you can use the watch to see your texts, calls and what’s on your calendar for the day. But when it comes time to train, you can track your outdoor activities like running, yoga and other cardio workouts. There are plenty of other features for general health as well, such as respiration, stress and sleep tracking. Who knew training could look this good?

Vivomove 3S best garmin watches Courtesy of Amazon

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