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The Best Govee Smart Lights Of All Kinds Are Up To 37% Off Today And Will Up The Vibe In Any Space

Govee Smart Lights are some of the best smart lights out there, and some of the best smart string lights out there too. Basically, Govee really knows how to make a smart light, and there are huge discounts of up to 37% on a bunch of their products today thanks to an Amazon sale.

One of the things that makes Govee Smart Lights some of the best smart lights on the market is how easy they are to use. They’re filled with excellent features like music sync that help them adapt to anything that’s going on, and really help bring a more immersive experience too.

They all have multiple modes to choose from, but can also easily be adjusted thanks to the app. They’re also genuinely beautiful, and whether it’s the TV lights, the string lights, or the fancy lamp, they really improve the vibe, and can be especially good for content creators looking to perfect their look on screen. Everyone else can still benefit from just having some nice lighting though.

$18.99 $29.99 37% off

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It’s hard to explain just how impressive the Govee TV LED Backlights are, but they help every image fill up an entire room, instead of just the screen, and really help with the ambience and immersion of whatever’s going on in the show or game on the TV.

$23.99 $34.99 31% off

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These outdoor string lights look great on patios or outdoor hangout spots, and have eight bulbs that are shatterproof, waterproof, and offer the magical color changing Govee is known for.

$39.99 $59.99 33% off

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These are possibly the most flexible of the bunch, as these light bars can be placed just about anywhere. Whether behind a TV, a monitor, or just on a shelf, these lights offer a lot of lighting options that all look great.

$109.99 $149.99 27% off

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The most expensive item on sale is also one of the coolest. This floor lamp looks like just a thin strip, but is actually full of RGBIC lights that can change color with ease, sync with music, and is perfect for any room in any home.