Trick Out Your iPad Pro With These Accessories

best ipad pro accessories
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We’re not going to deny it, right out of the box, the iPad Pro is an impressive device. Regardless of your model choice, you’ll have a powerful tablet that’s capable of providing a near-complete experience. This is a machine for anyone who wants a full computer in a tablet form. 

However, if you fall somewhere in the middle and love the freedom a tablet offers but also miss some of the elements of a laptop or desktop computer, there’s no need to worry. You can find a number of handy accessories to provide protection and convenient storage options for your iPad. There’s also a whole range of accessories which let you use your device as a tablet and also enjoy some of the benefits of a laptop, too.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the top iPad Pro accessories to ensure you get the most out of your device. You’ll find options for preventing unforeseen damage to your tablet as well as stands, styluses and more to make your experience the best it can be. Whether you’re off to college, in the office all day or at home watching movies, there’s an accessory to help you best utilize your iPad.

1. JETech Case

The JETech Case features a slim design and elegant look. It’s available in six different colors and features precise cutouts, allowing you easy access to all ports and buttons on your device. The case has a magnetic front cover which snaps closed against your iPad screen to provide protection and send the device to sleep. The foldable front cover also wakes your device when it’s opened and can be folded in a variety of ways to provide different media viewing or desktop typing angles.

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2. amFilm Glass Screen Protector

The very least you should do after buying your iPad is ensure the screen is protected. While the built-in screen is made from toughened glass, adding an extra layer of protection will provide an extra sense of security and mean you have to worry less if your screen comes into contact with metal corners. This amFilm Glass Screen Protector is a budget-friendly and easily installed option for your device. It’s also 99.9% transparent, scratch-resistant and highly responsive, too.

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3. MEKO Universal Stylus

If using your finger as a stylus doesn’t really appeal to you, or you’re looking for a way to create precise diagrams and sketches on your device, the MEKO Universal Stylus is an excellent choice. The pen-style tool comes with a number of interchangeable disc and fiber tips as well as bonus replacements. It’s available in a range of colors and is a great addition for anyone looking to use their device for writing, drawing, note taking and more.

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4. Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

If you love using your device on the breakfast table, your office desk or any other flat surface, the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand provides an easy way to mount your device how you want. The stand’s simple design makes it easy to choose between an upright and horizontal orientation while the rubber cushioning and feet prevent damage and help keep your tablet in place. The stand also features a rotating hinge, letting you choose the exact viewing angle you desire.

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5. OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

There are times when typing out long documents on the screen of a tablet isn’t physically possible. That’s why tons of users love having a device like the OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, which wirelessly connects to iPads to provide a more conventional typing experience. This is a great option for office workers and college students alike. It’s available in white and black and sports a slim design, which makes it easy to store when it’s not in use.

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6. Paperlike iPad Pro 11 Screen Protector

If you love your tablet but miss the old days of feeling paper beneath your hand as you write, the Paperlike iPad Pro 11 Screen Protector is a great choice for you. In addition to providing protection for your screen, this smart invention has the feel of normal writing paper. It’s also anti glare, won’t interfere with Face ID and provides an anti-skid surface for styluses as you draw or write.

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7. Boxgear USB-C Fast Power Adapter

No one wants to be stuck with an iPad with a dead battery, which is why it’s always good to have a fast power adapter at hand. This Boxgear USB-C Fast Power Adapter provides charging up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging as well as protection from over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature situations. The safe and reliable adapter sports a single USB-C port and is compatible with other devices up to 18W. It also includes a 6.6-foot cable for plenty of freedom while your devices charge.

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8. SKT Productions iRoller Screen Cleaner

If you’re one of those people who loves their device screen to be free from smudges and fingerprints, then you need the SKT Productions iRoller Screen Cleaner. With a few rolls over your screen, it removes fingerprints, smudges and smears more effectively than any microfiber cloth. The liquid-free design is also perfect for travel and easily kept in a side pocket until needed.

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9. Tomtoc Portfolio Case

The Tomtoc Portfolio Case is an elegant and functional solution for storing your iPad and its accessories. The outside of the tough and durable case is made from an EVA hard shell which also protects your device from drops and spills. Inside, there’s a pocket for your device as well as a number of elastic straps for holding cords, chargers and other essentials. There’s also a zipped pocket which is great for storing power cables. Plus, the case sports a handy carrying handle for easy transportation. 

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10. TOTU 8-In-1 Type C Hub

As technology moves forward, there are times when some of your older devices and tech accessories get left behind. With the TOTU 8-In-1 Type C Hub in your pocket, you’ll have a way to connect everything to your device, whether it’s an additional USB device, an HDMI cable or even an older VGA port. This handy adapter means your older devices aren’t obsolete quite yet. The adapter is also a simple way to move files between multiple sources quickly and easily while charging your device at the same time.

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11. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is a technologically advanced answer to protecting your device and having a secondary keyboard to prevent the need for touch-screen typing at the same time. The sleek design fits comfortably around the iPad Pro 11-inch and requires no batteries or pairing to your device. It’s a great gift idea for kids who are off to college or partners who often find themselves typing for long periods on their tablets.

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