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One Of The Best iPhone Chargers Is 42% Off Today And Doubles As A Portable Charger

One of the best iPhone chargers is on sale today, and it’s also one of the best Anker chargers, and somehow also one of the best portable chargers. If that’s not all a bit much, then the price tag is somehow even better. Normally priced at $59.99, this Anker charger has a 42% discount on it today which means it only costs $34.99, and as anyone could guess, it’s definitely worth the price with that discount.

This mighty little charger has two ports, so it can actually charge two devices at once, and the plug outlet part folds away as well, which makes it way more convenient for travelling, or when using it as a portable charger. When plugged in, it can charge things at 45W, which is incredibly quick, and can even bring a MacBook Pro 13″ to full charge in just one hour and forty-five minutes.

When not plugged in, it’s a little bit slower, but it’s got a decent 5,000mAh capacity that means it’ll help give a little more juice to whatever it’s powering. It’ll also charge itself when it’s plugged in, even if it’s also recharging a phone or laptop, which makes it even more convenient. Seriously, this thing’s an absolute beast, and this is definitely not a deal to miss out on.

$34.99 $59.99 42% off

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This impressive charger can handle fast charging for all manner of Apple devices, but it also doubles as a portable charger, which is the kind of functionality other devices can only dream of. It can manage 45W charging, which is an easy way to charge even a MacBook Pro 13″ in just under two hours, which makes this little thing a powerhouse for those in the Apple ecosystem.