Get Accurate Temperature Readings From a Safe Distance with a Laser Thermometer

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Laser thermometers have become an essential item to have, whether in the household or on the job site thanks to the pandemic. With a laser thermometer, you can measure anything from your temperature to the temperature of the coffee you are about to drink or your HVAC system, and all from a safe distance.

But Laser thermometers aren’t all multi-purpose. That’s why we’ve broken down our list of laser thermometers into two sections

  • Laser thermometers for people
  • Laster thermometers for technical use

Feel free to jump to those sections to find the laser thermometer that is specific to your needs.


Laser Thermometers for Humans

With the pandemic still running rampant, taking someone’s temperature has become more prevalent than ever. And since we all want to maintain social distance to stay safe, you are going to want a laser thermometer that doesn’t require contact with the person. Below you’ll find the five best laser thermometers for humans that provide accurate temperature readings with contactless use that are easy to use.

1. iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer


Simple and sleek, the iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer provides contactless, accurate temperature readings for kids and adults. It uses three sensors that take the surrounding environment into account and uses over 100 data points to provide you with the most accurate reading. With one-button readings and sleek LED lights that let you know the temperature at the top of the thermometer, it’s simple to use and highly accurate.

ihealth no touch laser thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

2. Vibeey Thermometer for Adults


You can use this to take contactless temperatures of adults and children, as well as liquids and even the temperature of your room. The display is bright, easy to read and color-coded. Green is good while red means fever (for humans). The temperature can easily be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the push of a button and taking temperature is as easy as putting the device within eight centimeters of the object and pressing the trigger.

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3. Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer


When you’re looking for an affordable way to take someone’s temperature, the Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer checks that box. It costs less than $20 and use is as easy as setting the mode and aiming the device within three to five centimeters of the subject. When you get the temperature reading on the back, the color-coded display will change between green, orange and red to let you know when someone has a fever.

berrcom laser thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

4. eZthings Heavy Duty LCD Forehead Thermometer


This laser thermometer is Class LLA-certified as a medical device, providing you with accurate temperature readings. You can use the device to take the temperature of people, as well as liquids and room temperature by switching the mode between human and object. You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The display is bright, color-coded and easy to read. When you want medical professional quality, this is a solid choice.

ezthings laser thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

5. Techvilla Non-Contact Thermometer


When you want to keep a record of temperatures you’ve taken, this laser thermometer records up to 32 readings. This way you can keep tabs on whether the temperature is getting better or worse. The display is color-coded and shows green for normal readings and red for high temperatures, and when temperatures exceed normal it will alert you with an alarm. This is a good choice if you want to keep tabs on the progression of someone’s temperature.

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Laser Thermometers For Technical Use

The laser thermometers below aren’t for human use. Instead, these are great for the job site, as well as options for measuring the temperature of food. With a laser thermometer for technical use, you can accurately tell if your engine is running too hot, or if your HVAC systems are running at dangerous temperatures. You’ll want a thermometer with a wide range (preferably -40 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) that provides a laser to show you the exact area of the temperature you are measuring.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the five best laser thermometers for technical use.

1. Helect Infrared Thermometer


With over 5,300 user reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating, the Helect laser thermometer can accurately detect the temperature of various objects between -58 -1,022 degrees Fahrenheit. It is great at detecting the temperature of liquids (make sure that coffee isn’t too hot) and things like the temperature of the ground so your pup doesn’t burn those little paws. Many Amazon users agree that this is a solid choice.

laser thermometer helet Courtesy of Amazon

2. Fluke 62 Max Plus IR Thermometer


This laser thermometer can measure temperatures between -22 to 1,202 degrees Fahrenheit. It measures temperatures with two lasers that rotate around the area it is measuring to provide the most accurate reading possible. The display will show you the temperature of the hottest and coldest point of the area as well as the difference between the two. This is a great laser thermometer for any handyman to have on their tool belt.

laster thermometer fluke 62 Courtesy of Amazon

3. Sovarcate Infrared Thermometer


When you want to dial in the perfect medium-rare steak or make sure that chicken breast is cooked all the way, you’ll want a reliable and accurate digital laser thermometer. You can use the laser thermometer to get the surface temperature of not only food but other surfaces as well. As for the internal temperature of food, you can use the included meat thermometer to get accurate internal readings.

sovarcate laser thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

4. Fluke 561 HVAC Pro


When you need to measure the temperature of an HVAC system or find out the temperature inside of a pipe, the Fluke 561 HVAC Pro can answer the call. It comes with a Type K thermocouple pipe probe that’s great for car engines and other tight spaces. It gets within two degrees accuracy when using the infrared sensor and can measure temperatures from -40 to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit.

fluke 561 laser thermometer Courtesy of Amazon


5. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-Contact Digital Thermometer


When you want accurate temperature readings on a specific point on an object, this laser thermometer provides just that. It can measure temperatures from -58 Fahrenheit all the way to 1,022 degrees and does so quickly. Keep in mind, this can’t read the internal temperature of food, so it is more ideal for construction work as opposed to grilling.

etekcity laser thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

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