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This SPY-Approved Light Bulb Security Camera Is 37% Off Today and Add Security With No Fuss

There are loads of truly excellent light bulb security cameras out there, and this LaView 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera 2-Pack has all of the same features as a lot of them, but is on sale today with a 37% discount. This brings the price down from $99.99 to $63.49, making each light bulb security camera less than $32.

These light bulb security cameras have one big advantage over the more classical approach to security cameras, because they basically require zero installation. All the user needs to do is screw them into a light socket, and not only are they then good to go from a safety standpoint, but that’s also what powers them, meaning no hassle with wiring either. Of course, convenience is only one aspect of what makes these kinds of security cameras so exceptional, because there’s also the matter of how good they are in terms of video quality and features.

Each of these bulbs can record in 2K, making them capable of not only detecting problems, but also showing that footage back in stunning clarity. They can swivel 360 degrees, making them excellent in nearly any spot, and they have both night vision and motion detection too. All of this comes together to make these capable of rivalling the best security cameras around of any type, and that means this is an excellent purchase for home security.

$63.49 $99.99 37% off

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This light bulb security camera is incredibly versatile, because it can easily be installed anywhere a light socket is with no additional DIY required. It has an impressive 2K picture quality, works during the day and at night, has motion detection, and is compatible with Alexa. It even has an alarm as well, making it excellent as a first line of security. Plus, this is a two-pack, which means it’s double the security in a single purchase.