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The 4 Best Logitech Mice For More Comfortable Computing

Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or just bought a new computer and are looking for a few accessories to help complete your setup, having a solid mouse is the key to a productive—and comfortable—workspace. That said, there are literally hundreds of different mice floating around on the web, and not all of them are equal. (The generic mouse that comes with your computer is usually just a basic model and not necessarily great either).

One of most popular — and most trusted — names in computer accessories is Logitech, which has almost four decades of experience in designing practical, comfortable and affordable tech gadgets.

If you’re looking to replace your mouse, we’ve found four favorite Logitech options. From ergonomic options to mice made for online gaming and more, check out the four best mouse options to help improve your clickability.

1. Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse

For when you want a dependable mouse you can count on for years (not months) at a time, the Logitech M705 has one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market, with a standard three-year battery life and built-in auto sleep functionality. It also sports super-fast scrolling and includes programmable controls to help you easily (and quickly) navigate, click and scroll through your pages. The sleek, ergonomic design doesn’t hurt, either, giving your hands a more comfortable experience.

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2. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Lookin’ for a mouse with a trackball? Yup, we’ve got that too. The M570 is slightly bigger than other mice on this list, but that’s because it has to incorporate that sweet, sweet trackball. With up to 18 months of nonstop use on a single battery, this hefty mouse comes with easy-to-access back and forward controls as well as a few programmable one-touch buttons. It also features a sleek ergonomic design that’s made to match your hand.

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Using the trackball does take a minute to get used to, but this M570 model also comes with a traditional scroll function if you’d prefer that as well.

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3. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

If you’re in the market for a click-and-go mouse you can use on multiple devices, the MX Master sports super easy connections that lets you use it with up to three Windows or Mac devices with either the unifying receiver (which is included) or by pairing it via Bluetooth. More than that, it comes with a convenient thumbwheel for horizontal navigation (I.e. scrolling through pages) and an insanely intuitive track design that works on virtually any and every surface—as long as it’s smooth. In other words: no mousepad needed.

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4. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

The quintessential mouse for when you need every millisecond to count, this gaming option boasts an impressive one millisecond report rate connection, which means it’s easily one of the most responsive mice on the market. With Logitech’s own HERO 16K Sensor, the G Pro is designed to not only be extra responsive but also extra accurate. What’s more, the super lightweight design is made to help keep your fingers and hand from feeling fatigued over time, with the mouse resting comfortably cupped in the palm of your hand.

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