Stop Spills and Dust From Damaging Your Macbook With These Affordable Keyboard Covers

best macbook keyboard cover
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The keyboard on your MacBook is arguably the most important part of your laptop. If something goes wrong with your keyboard, something as simple as searching the internet becomes an impossible task. So why wouldn’t you show the same level of care to your keyboard like you do with your cell phone or tablet?

Keyboard covers can stop crumbs and liquid from slipping into the small gaps between individual keys on your laptop. Overtime, those tiny little crumbs and dirt will eventually prevent keys from working properly, or in the event of a big spill, completely kill your laptop. These MacBook keyboard covers are inexpensive, yet can be the best way to protect your laptop from disaster. Below are the best MacBook keyboard covers to protect your laptop.

1. MOSISO Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover


One of the best qualities about a keyboard cover is that they can go unnoticed. That’s exactly what the MOSISO cover does, it provides top-tier keyboard protection without feeling as if there is a cover on there. The MOSISO is super thin, so you won’t lose any response while using the keyboard cover, and it’s also transparent, so you’ll be able to clearly see the keyboard backlighting while you are working at night. There are basically no frills––no flashy colors or designs––just great protection. The MOSISO protects the keyboard on MacBook Pro 13- and 15-inch laptops (2015 and older) as well as 13-inch Macbook Airs (2017 and older).

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2. Uppercase GhostCover Premium


Keyboard covers can often take away the crisp feel of the keyboard making typists feel uncomfortable and causing more errors than usual. The Uppercase GhostCover Premium Cover provides great protection for your keyboard without adding the unwanted thickness of other keyboard covers. It’s only 0.12mm thick, which makes for one of the thinnest keyboard covers you’ll find. Not only is it ultra-thin, it’s also transparent, so it won’t block out the backlighting, especially when you are working at night. This cover is made for 2016-2019 MacBooks.

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3. Mosiso Silicone Shortcut Cover


Looking to be more efficient on your MacBook? This keyboard cover not only provides protection for your keys, but also labels a ton of useful MacBook shortcuts, so you can be a superstar in the office or at school. The cover is multi-colored, displaying how specific keyboard combinations enable specific shortcuts. And the Mosiso cover comes in a variety of different colors including white, orange, pink and gray.

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4. Premium Keyboard Skins


These Premium Keyboard Skins allow you to show a little personality with your keyboard cover. Turn your all-black MacBook keyboard apricot, peacock blue, pink rose, rose gold, sakura pink or turquoise with these thin keyboard covers. Not only are the covers vibrant, fun and colorful, but they also reduce keyboard noise and help fight wear and tear on your keys. Even though they are colorful, the cover still allows the backlighting to shine though. If you want to have a little fun with your cover, go with one of these Premium Skins.

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5. HRH Shortcuts Hotkey Silicone Keyboard Cover


If you have a MacBook, chances are you spend some of your time using multi-media programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Premiere Pro. Well, if you do, then these HRH Hotkey Silicone Keyboard Covers can be helpful. There are a handful of different covers that have hotkey commands for a number of different programs, so if you spend most of your time in Premiere Pro, that cover will suite you best. Or, likewise, if your program of choice is Photoshop, you’ll want that specific cover. These keyboard covers will improve your efficiency working in these programs as well as protect your keyboard from wear and tear, unwanted crumbs and minor spills. We recommend any of these keyboard covers for avid Adobe users.

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6. DZH Keyboard Cover


Looking to protect your keyboard, but also have a little fun? DHZ keyboard covers are bright and colorful, and also have unique designs, such as the American flag, so you can show a little personality with your computer. And while you’re letting your personality shine through, you’ll also be protecting your keyboard from crumbs, dust and small spills. When it’s time to clean it, it’s easy to peel off, wash and stick right back on your keyboard.  Keep in mind that this cover is for older MacBooks, specifically 2015 and older (pre-touch bar).

macbook keyboard cover Courtesy of Amazon
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