20 Must-Have Accessories to Use With Your MacBook Pro

best Macbook pro accessories
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It comes as no surprise that the MacBook Pro is so popular. Its impeccable build quality mixed with Apple’s signature design has created what many would argue is the single greatest laptop brand money can buy. Sure, Apple’s OS is more intuitive, more robust and, in some cases, more straightforward than standard Windows models, but while Macs shine in the tech department, they tend to fall behind the competition when it comes to added features. It’s not to say these features don’t exist, but more so that they don’t come standard like they do in competing models.

Fortunately, Apple, and plenty of other brands, have created countless accessories to help up your Macbook’s game. From cases to camera covers, our selection covers everything you need to get the most out of your laptop. Take a look at our 20 favorite Macbook Pro accessories below.


1. Airpods Pro

With active noise cancellation, fitted tips and overall better sound quality, it’s obvious why Airpods Pro are Apple’s most sought out Macbook Pro accessory. When you want to zone in on your music or podcast, the active noise cancellation effectively blocks out the rest of the world. But when someone needs to speak with you, you can switch on the transparency mode to easily hear them and yourself naturally without having to remove your Airpods. Airpods truly leveled up with the Pro version.

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2. LaCie 2TB Mobile External Hard Drive

Macbook Pros are often used to create media like videos and music. Those files, however, can be quite large and take up a huge amount of storage. Don’t let those large files bog your Macbook Pro down. The LaCie 2TB Mobile External Hard Drive adds a massive amount of storage to your Macbook all in a portable package. Getting 2TB of storage for under $100 is borderline unreal, making this a must have Macbook Pro accessory.

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3. Twelve South Curved Stand for Macbook

Laptop stands help alleviate neck and shoulder strain created by constantly looking down at your screen. They also create a nice flow when you line your laptop up with other work monitors to create a level workstation. This stand is specifically designed for Mac, leaving enough airflow to keep the laptop cool, all while holding it firmly in place. If you’re going to get a stand for your Macbook, we highly recommend this Macbook accessory.

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4. SanDisk Ultra USB-C Dual Flash Drive

The connectivity on newer Macbook Pros can be wildly frustrating. Thank goodness for the SanDisk USB Type-C Flash Drive. This inexpensive thumb drive plugs right into your Macbook for a quick and portable storage option without the need for any adapters. You can then use the USB 3.1 side to transfer data from your Macbook Pro to another device. It’s a smart and reliable way to get compatible, convertible and portable Mac storage.

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5. Nomad Kevlar USB-C Cable

The Nomad Kevlar USB-C charging cable is built to outlast the lifespan of your Macbook Pro, and even the lifespan of your next Macbook Pro. Protected with Kevlar shielding, it’s one of the most durable Macbook Pro USB-C cables around. It’s five feet long, affording you extra flexibility when charging your device or transferring data from one device to another. This could very well be the only USB-C you’ll need to purchase.

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6. Anker PowerDrive Speed+ Duo Car Charger

We’ve all been running late to an event only to realize that our Macbook Pro will be dead before we reach our destination. No need for that to ever happen with the Anker PowerDrive Charger. With a USB-C, you’ll be able to charge your Macbook Pro in your car. This charging device is a total life saver.

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7. Choetech USB-C to HDMI Cable

We all wish newer Macbook Pros had better connectivity options, but since that probably isn’t going to change any time soon, we have to stick with reliable converter cables like the Choetech USB-C to HDMI Cable. HDMI ports are especially useful to connect your Macbook Pro to virtually any monitor or TV with an HDMI port. Turn any dumb TV into a Smart one by using the Choetech USB-C to HDMI Cable.

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8. Mophie Powerstation AC External Battery

We’re all too busy to be dealing with a dead laptop battery. The Mophie Powerstation Battery Pack provides the extra battery life you need to keep up with your busy schedule. This device can charge your Macbook and two other devices simultaneously. When fully charged, it can provide your Macbook with up to 15 more hours of battery life. Oh, and it charges your Macbook Pro quickly, too.

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9. Logitech K780 Keyboard

With exception of the new Macbook 16, the keyboard on the Macbook Pros are, to put it nicely, nobody’s favorite. If you spend all day typing, you’ll want to do it on a more comfortable keyboard like the Logitech K780. It’s comfortable, quiet, and even includes the ever-so useful number pad for quick number crunching purposes. Upgrade your Macbook Pro keyboard with the Logitech K780 — your hands will thank you later.

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10. Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable

It’s almost comical how Apple has made it so difficult to charge different devices in its own ecosystem. With a little help from the Anker USB-C to lighting cable, you’ll be able to charge your phone or other devices by plugging it into your Macbook Pro. Anker offers a lifetime guarantee with this product, so this may very well be the last charging cable you’ll ever need (until Apple changes all of their connectivity again).

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11. Twelve South BookArc for Macbook

Sometimes we need to maximize limited desktop space. The Twleve South BookArc for Macbook helps you do that by snuggly holding your Macbook vertically. When plugged into a monitor, the stand turns your laptop into an ultra-slim tower. The “cable catch” design of the legs keeps cables neatly managed, making your workspace as clutter free as possible.

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12. USB C HDMI Adapter for MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is awesome, but the amount of open ports it come with is less than stellar. This 5-in-1 USB-C adapter adds a handy 4K UHD HDMI port, two high-speed USB 3.0 Ports, a Memory card slot and a handy TF memory card slot. All you need to do is plug it into your Macbook and you’re able to take full advantage of extra ports. Best of all, it’s super compact and small enough to fit snugly in your pocket.

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13. MOSISO MacBook Pro 13 inch Case

Protect your MacBook Pro with this sturdy-yet-lightweight case. Designed to shield your Mac from the outside world, this everyday case features a smart heat dispersion system that not only helps keep your MacBook cool, it promotes better airflow. And if black isn’t your cup of tea, the MOSISO comes in 10 different color options.

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14. Ultra-Thin Metal Magnet Web Camera Cover

Because you can never be too careful when it comes to privacy, this simple slide-on camera cover is designed to fit all MacBook pro models and comes with a simple swipe cover that you can use to cover (or uncover) your webcam at your own discretion. The ultra-thin design doesn’t interfere with your Mac’s aesthetics, and each set comes with a pack of three camera covers.

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15. Apple Magic Mouse 2

A sleek laptop needs a sleek mouse, and there’s really no better fit for a MacBook than the Apple Magic Mouse. Available in silver or space gray, this wireless mouse is 100% rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with buying new batteries. What’s more, its improved lightweight design makes scrolling and clicking a breeze. As an added bonus, the multi-touch surface makes it easier to both scroll and swipe with the single flick of your wrist.

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16. Kuzy – MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar

The MacBook’s keyboard may be one of the best-made keyboards on the market, but it’s notoriously hard to clean. If you’ve ever had to deal with those gunky spots and grimy corners, you know exactly what we’re talking about. This handy keyboard cover acts as a welcome mat for your fingers. It’s designed to snugly cling to your existing keyboard and includes precious cutouts that are designed to never interfere with your typing or clicking.

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17. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

And if you prefer to avoid your keyboard altogether (or if your keyboard has one too many sticky keys), this folding wireless keyboard is a great choice. Featuring a smart ergonomic design, it’s made to help alleviate the strain from typing on your laptop all day. And because it’s able to fold up into itself, it’s a smart choice for typing on the go. The rechargeable battery and Bluetooth functionality are nice touches, as well. All you have to do is sync it to your MacBook and you’re good to go.

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18. iCozzier 13-13.3 Inch Handle Electronic Accessories Strap

This easy-to-carry MacBook case comes with multiple pockets so you can keep your Mac and your accessories nicely packed. The carrier’s fully fabric lining helps ensure your various cables and accessories stay tightly packed without fear of scuffs or scratches, and the water-repellent fabric helps provide year-round protection. If you’re constantly taking your MacBook on the go, this case is a smart choice.

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19. XP-Pen Ultrathin Tablet Drawing

Ever wanted to draw on your Mac? Well, now you can — literally. This 6 x 4-inch drawing tablet connects to your MacBook Pro via USB and acts as a blank canvas for your designs. With an included P01 pen, you can draw on the tablet while you watch your movements mirrored on your screen. At roughly 2mm thin, it’s extremely portable and can fit easily in most bags and pockets.

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20. MacBook Pro Charger

Whether you have little ones running around or pets with a certain proclivity to nibbling on wires, it never hurts to have a spare charger on hand. This MacBook Pro Charger works with A1398, A1425, A1502, A1435 and A1465 models and works just as great as the officially licensed one. It even comes with the same detachable plug.

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