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SPY Guide: 4 Best Mini Radios for National Radio Day

* Radio: still relevant after all these years
* Portable entertainment even in the middle of nowhere
* Modern mini radios bring 21st century features

August 20 was National Radio Day, and in spite of the popularity of streaming services, satellite radio and web-based podcasts, the good old portable radio still has a sizeable reach.

More than just a funky collectors’ item, the miniature portable radio can be useful, entertaining and aesthetic, too. Keep up with your favorite local college station, or catch the big game while out camping — there’s no need for WiFi or even a plug with some of these self-powered mini radios. Here are four of our favorites.

1. Mfine Portable Mini Radio

The Mfine portable mini USB AM/FM radio is a fine mix of traditional and new technologies. A portable radio that doubles as a speaker for your iPhone or MP3 player, it really bridges the generation gap in the world of portable audio. Available in your choice of nine colors.

Mfine Portable Radio


NiZHi Mini Portable Music Player 

A thoroughly 21st-century portable radio, the NiZHi mini incorporates a USB, Hi-Fi capability, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. It also features a charming clear acrylic design, making it a great retro-futuristic desk accent piece, or bedside table piece, too. 

NiZi Mini Radio


3. Kaito KA200 Pocket Radio

the Kaito KA200 pocket radio has a slim and handsome, even classic design, and it backs up its no-nonsense looks with high quality function, too. A high-gain antenna helps this mini radio pick up stations in remote areas, making it a great choice for travelers. Consider this a solid bet for your next camping trip or remote stay.


4. Reacher Waterproof Mini Radio

A great all-in-one for travel, the palm-sized Reacher waterproof mini radio doubles as a Bluetooth speaker with surprisingly good sound from its 5W acoustic driver. SD/ TF card enabled and aux cable ready, the Reacher mini radio is one of the most streamlined ways to bring your tunes to the great outdoors. 


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