Motion-Activated Lights Can Illuminate Dark Spaces Around Your Home or Deter Criminals After Dark

motion-activated lights
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No matter how well designed a house is, there’s always a need for a motion-activated light. These lights are the best solution for illuminating key areas of your home without calling the electrician and parting with a chunk of cash to install a permanent fixture.

You might not have realized how useful a motion-activated light, or set of lights, could be until now. There are so many moments during your daily routine when they would improve your surroundings. Here are three examples that apply to everyone:

  • Night Light – We’ve all experienced the light switch being on the other side of the room from the bed. There’s also the common problem of the main light being too bright to turn on without the risk of waking your partner and taking a pillow to the head as a result. If you find yourself, arms out, slowly moving step by step, feeling your way across the floor and into the bathroom, you need a motion-activated night light. Your nighttime journeys to the bathroom (or the fridge for a midnight snack) will be smoother and less accident-prone. 
  • Security – Driveways and front gardens are perfect examples of areas where lighting activated by motion can be extremely useful and increase levels of security. Some of the more advanced models of motion-activated security light have integrated security cameras and app-linked technology. 
  • Closets – You’ll never truly understand how useful it is to have lighting installed in your closets and cupboards until you do. This is one home investment you will not regret and one you’re likely to encourage friends and family to make, too.

When selecting the right model of motion-activated light for your home, be sure to think through the type of power it requires along with the type of bulbs that are compatible. Whether your lighting unit uses batteries, a wall socket or solar power will affect where it can be located and how often it may need charging. The type of bulb will also impact the brightness, tone and lifespan. 

Below we have rounded up eight of the best motion-activated lights. A range of purposes, power types and designs are covered, including basic options and others that incorporate advanced lighting and security technology. But, all of them can be ordered and delivered to your door with the click of a button.


1. AMIR Motion Sensor Lights


For a set of multi-purpose, well-priced and versatile motion sensor lights, consider the AMIR Motion Sensor Lights. Six individual circular lights are included in each set, and they each require three AAA batteries for power (not included). The twist motion which detaches the front pane from the wall attachment makes battery replacement an easy task. Plus, the LED bulbs installed into each unit are very bright and switch on when triggered by movement within ten feet. They’ll then power down after 15 seconds if no further motion is detected.

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2. GE Motion Sensor Light


GE Motion Sensor Lights are ideal for use as a night light, as they have a warm glow that will be soft on the eyes in the dark. They’re available as packs of one, two or four and in three different colors of the metal base, too. The rectangular motion sensor can be seen within the lower half of the night light, which is designed to fit into the translucent bulb casing covering the top half. This light will power on when motion is detected up to 25 feet away, so this is a great light for hallways. The light will also wait 90 seconds before powering off, so you have plenty of time to make it back into bed before the lights go out again.

motion-activated lights ge silver led night light Image courtesy of Amazon


3. MAZ-TEK Motion Sensor Lights


The sliding brightness scale of the MAZ-TEK Motion Sensor Lights allows you to control their glow with ease. You can set the brightness of each individual lighting unit to suit the location in which you put them. They also feature three modes that enable you to have them constantly on, off or reacting to motion up to 15 feet away. These plug-in lights are each equipped with four LED bulbs and have a maximum power consumption of 0.5 watts, making them energy efficient. Their minimalistic design means they are suitable for use throughout the home but bear in mind, they need a plug for power.

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4. LITOM Motion Sensor Light


Solar power is one of the best energy types. Once you’ve paid for the initial unit, you just need to place the LITOM Motion Sensor Light in a suitable location to avoid any further costs. As long as the top panel of this light sees the sun at some point throughout the day, it’ll switch on in the dark when motion is sensed up to 26 feet away. LITOM solar lights charge up to 25% faster than most similar lights and also have a long life of up to 30,000 hours or more. They’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, making them an eco-friendly asset in any home.

motion lights litom original solar lights Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Zeutch Motion Sensor Lights


Waste no time when looking for your chosen shirt by having Zeutch Motion Sensor Lights installed in your closet. Each thin, rectangular lighting unit comes backed with a magnetic strip which can join with the second panel of the magnetic strip once you’ve decided where to locate the latter. This method of installation allows for easy removal when charging is required. Additionally, you can select from three levels of brightness by pressing the ‘123’ button situated on the end of the unit next to the power switch.

motion lights homelife motion sensor LED closet Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light


The dual head of the Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light makes it ideal for security purposes. You can point either bulb in different directions to ensure multiple areas are covered. For the best results when using this lighting unit, you should source two 120w max par 38 flood bulbs (not included). They have a long life of up to 3,000 hours and are highly durable. The central circular wall mount which links the two bulbs to the motion sensor has been designed for easy installation and is powder coated, making it weather resistant.

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7. DINGLILIGHTING Motion Sensor Light


To light large areas, such as a driveway or home entrance, consider the SINGLILIGHTING Motion Sensor Light as a suitable choice. It requires wall-socket power and is available in various wattages. The unit’s motion sensor is rotatable up to 180 degrees, and the main lighting head can rotate up to 60 degrees. It’s also waterproof and ideal for outdoor use as long as the power connection is covered.

motion lights dinglilighting Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Ring Motion-Activated Floodlight Camera


The Ring Motion-Activated Floodlight Camera takes motion-triggered lighting technology to a whole new level. It incorporates a security camera and features two light bulb heads that illuminate the area covered by the camera. You can also connect it to your Alexa and both hear and speak to people on your property via your phone. In case of emergency, you can activate an alert siren that will sound via the unit. Let’s hope you won’t need to use the full capabilities of this genius motion light, but enjoy the peace of mind knowing it’s there, just in case.

motion lights ring floodlight activated hd camera Image courtesy of Amazon


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