The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories To Level Up Your Gaming

best nintendo switch lite accessories
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The Nintendo Switch Lite is the newest console to enter into the extensive Nintendo gaming family. The Switch Lite is a strictly handheld version of the Switch. You won’t be able to connect it to a TV, or use tabletop mode like the original Switch. But it is compatible with any game in the Switch universe that has handheld mode, and is available in a flashy yellow, turquoise and gray.

The Nintendo Switch Lite alone is great, but it can be so much better with the right accessories. Gaming headphones can liven up your gaming experience with subversive audio, while portable chargers provide extra battery life so you dictate when you are done playing, instead of listening to your battery. We’ve included a list of accessories for the Switch that will enhance your gaming, and protect your console.

Here are the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories:

1. Steel Series Arctis 7


The Steel Series Arctis 7 is a wireless headset that can still be used with a 3.5mm cable to connect to your Switch Lite. The headphones have nicely cushioned ear pads and a comfortable headband to provide all day comfort. The headband uses a ski goggle like material that you can adjust and even replace with different colors to customize the head set to your liking. Continuing with the customizable theme, the Steel Series Artctis 7 headset does feature a microphone that tucks away into the ear cup when it’s not in use, so it can look more like a normal pair of over-the-ear headphones when you aren’t talking to the online competition. And when you aren’t using it with the Switch, and you are gaming a bit more intensely on your computer, the headset can really flex by submerging you in 7.1 surround sound audio. This is an impressive headset that is affordable to boot.

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2. Orzley Carrying Case


You can pack your entire Nintendo Switch rig in this case. The Orzley Carrying Case makes very smart use of limited real estate. When you open it, there is mesh netting inside of the top part of the case. This is the perfect area to pack things like your charger, remote battery pack and earbuds. There is also a flap that lays out from the inside of the case that holds up to 10 Switch games. Each one conveniently packed away in its own little sleeve. The Switch will sit snuggly inside of the hard, and durable exterior, protecting your switch from drops and the wear and tear of pulling it in and out of bags. This pack also comes with a screen protector that you can install to add extra protection to your Switch Lite. This is a must have for Switch Lite users.

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3. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Holding the Switch Lite all day long will eventually start to wear your hands out, simply from the shape of the console. A Switch Controller is not only more comfortable to grip and hold, but gives you an advantage during online game play. The buttons are larger and the joy sticks are much easier to move around. The paddle also rumbles during gameplay to add a little extra subversive feel to your gameplay. You should be able to squeeze about 30 hours of gameplay from the Switch Controller, which will far outlast the battery life of the Switch Lite, which is closer to three hours. The ergonomic shape of the Xbox-like Nintendo Switch controller will be a welcome gift to those who prefer to have a full controller in their hands.

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4.Anker PowerCore 10,000


We’ve all been there: you’re on a five- hour flight, but your device only has a couple hours of battery left. It doesn’t help that the plane you are on is from 1970 and doesn’t have outlets. Portable battery packs can be an absolute life saver in these situations. Especially considering the battery life on the Switch Lite isn’t great. The Anker PowerCore 10,000 can charge a device roughly three times before the portable battery brick needs to be recharged. It has a micro USB port to recharge the brick, and one USB output to charge your device. It’s ultra portable – it could easily fit inside the mesh pocket of the Orzley Carrying Case. Given the poor battery life of the Switch gaming console, you’ll definitely want this in your arsenal.

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5. Per Newly Silicone Case


There are many protective cases out there, some with cool clear plastic backings so you can look through the case and see the vibrant colors that the Switch Lite boasts. But we like the Per Newly Silicone Case for the Switch Lite. Sure, it’s thicker, and not see-through, but it adds a bit of grip when you are holding your Switch Lite. It’s not made of cheap plastic that will certainly explode if it happens to hit the ground. It also comes in the same colors to match your Switch Lite. If you want a better grip and a bit more protection for your Lite, this is the protector you’ll want.

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6. Samsung 256GB Memory Card


If you really want to maximize your gaming experience, you’ll want to expand the memory on your Nintendo Switch Lite. With the Samsung memory expansion pack, you can get up to 256GB. Without it, your Switch Lite only has 32GB worth of space, which is about enough to download five to six games on it. You’ll definitely want to upgrade if you like downloading games to your console. The card boasts speedy 100MBs read and 90MBs write times, to reduce load times on your Lite. It’s not a sexy accessory, but it really does change the game (pun-intended).

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7. Gengi Portable Stand


If you picked up a Switch Controller Pro for your Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll need a place to rest your switch – assuming you don’t have four arms. The Genki adjustable stand is lightweight, but sturdy. It folds up nicely, so it won’t take up much room in your travel bag, and certainly won’t weigh it down. This stand has 100 percent 4- and 5-star ratings on Amazon for reliability and portability. This is a great additional item to have, if you feel like upping your Nintendo Switch Lite gaming experience.

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8. FilmHoo Screen Protector


A screen protector on your new Nintendo Switch Lite is a must. The FilmHoo screen protector comes in a three pack, which provides a backup to your backup screen protector. It’s rated at 99.9% transparency, and is ultra slim at .35mm thick, providing your Lite protection without the feel or look of a screen protector. The FilmHoo screen protector is also scratch and smudge resistant, after a day of pulling your Nintendo Switch in and out of your bag, you won’t find yourself wiping off fingerprints from the screen. With any device as portable as the Nintendo Switch, it’s always a great idea to protect the screen.

best nintendo switch accessories screen protector Courtesy of Amazon

9. Nintendo Switch Car Charger


Now, we don’t recommend that you play your Nintendo Switch Lite while driving a car. That would be bad. Don’t do that. But we absolutely recommend that you get a car charger for your Lite. Whether you are rocking the Switch, or the Switch Lite, these gaming consoles don’t have the greatest battery life. Depending on the game you are playing, you may only get three hours of game play. That’s barely enough time on any car ride dubbed a “road trip.” This car charger is officially licensed as the Nintendo Switch charger, so you know this car charger unit will work great for your console.

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10. 12-Month Online Membership


If you want to really unleash all the fun of owning a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, you’re going to want to get a membership to Nintendo Switch Online. For just $20 annually, or a little over a dollar and half a month, you can enjoy all of the online gaming perks that come with an Nintendo Switch Online membership. With an online membership, you can play single player or co-op games with anyone else around the world. You can also save game data to the cloud, so you can return to your last checkpoint when you return. There is a great library of games to choose from to play online. Remember, to play online, you’ll need a steady internet connection. If co-op is your gaming style, you’ll definitely want to invest in an online membership.

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