The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories To Level Up Your Gaming

best nintendo switch lite accessories
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If you have a Nintendo Switch (or the portable-only Switch Lite), we can almost guarantee you love it. Nintendo makes some of the best games out there, and if you’re like us, you’re probably months into Animal Crossing.

But as great as the Switch is, you can still make it better, which is why we’ve loaded ours up with some of these must-have accessories. Gaming headphones can liven up your gaming experience with expansive audio, while portable chargers provide extra battery life so you dictate when you’re finished playing instead of your battery. This selection of Switch accessories will enhance your gaming, protect your console, and make it easier to conquer your favorite games.

Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories you can buy right now.


1. Genki Covert Dock


The best Nintendo Switch accessory available. One of the things that makes the Switch amazing is its portability, but what happens when you’re home for the holidays, or at a friend’s house and want to play on a TV? Lugging the bulky Switch dock around isn’t the most appealing idea and that’s where the Genki Covert Dock comes in. Roughly the size of a small laptop charger, this wonder-brick will let you connect your Switch and charge it via the USB-C port while outputting video to a TV or monitor via HDMI. There’s even a USB-A port, which will let you plug in ethernet adapters, Bluetooth audio dongles, or controllers.

Unlike some other third-party docks, this one has been carefully designed so as to not fry your Switch. But if you want to get some extra utility out of this, you can rapidly charge your phone or dock any device that outputs video via USB-C, such as a laptop, to a TV. It’s also worth noting that this one doesn’t work with the Switch Lite, because the Switch Lite doesn’t support gameplay via docked mode.

genki covert dock Courtesy of Genki

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Nintendo’s Pro Controller is one of the best-designed gamepads ever, end of story. And if you’re going to spend 100 hours playing something like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in docked mode, this is an essential buy. You’ll not only have an easier time slaying Lynels, but your hands will thank you for using something a bit more ergonomic than Joy-Cons.

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3. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Because the Nintendo Switch covers its display in easily scratchable plastic instead of glass, a screen protector is an absolute must — no ifs, ands or buts. This set of two amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protectors is exactly what you need to keep your screen clean and scratch-free. Plus, it’s just .35mm thick, so you won’t even notice it’s there after a while. It even ships with a second screen cover in case you accidentally crack the first one (or mess up while putting it on your Switch). With any device as portable as the Nintendo Switch, it’s always a great idea to have these in your life.

amfilm tempered glass switch screen protector Courtesy of Amazon

4. 8BitDo Zero 2 Gamepad


There might be moments where you’re out and about and want to get a round of Mario Kart 8 in with a few friends. Having the Joy-Cons automatically means you have two controllers, but what if you need a third? Or maybe a fourth? Going with official Nintendo controllers would mean spending $50-$100 on controllers that might not be all that portable or convenient to carry around. But with one or two of the affordable 8BitDo Zero 2 gamepads, you can stash these things away in a bag or pocket with minimal fuss. That’s why this portable controller is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories on our list.

While you won’t be blowing through Dark Souls with one of these, it is an adequate and affordable solution for some casual gaming in a social situation.

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5. 12-Month Nintendo Switch Online Membership


If you want to really unleash all the fun of owning a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, you’re going to want to get a membership to Nintendo Switch Online. For just $20 annually, or a little over a dollar and half a month, you can enjoy all of the online gaming perks that come with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

With an online membership, you can play single player or co-op games with anyone else around the world. You can also save game data to the cloud, so you can return to your last checkpoint when you load it back up. There is a great library of games to choose from to play online. Remember, to play online, you’ll need a steady internet connection. If co-op is your gaming style, you’ll definitely want to invest in an online membership.

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6. Plugable USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter


If you’ve tried to play competitive games online using the Nintendo Switch’s built-in WiFi, then you already know — it’s painful. Matches lag, or cut out entirely, causing you to tumble down those ranked ladders. This is why you need a LAN adapter. It will provide a stable connection that will eliminate the vast majority of “WiFii drops,” and it will give you the lowest ping possible, which is the biggest factor in minimizing lag and giving you an edge on the competition.

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6. MoKo Silicone Switch Lite Grip Case


The Switch Lite is more streamlined and smaller than the regular Switch model, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get uncomfortable to hold after a while. Beyond that, you want to make sure it has some protection too, right? The MoKo Silicone Switch Lite Grip Case adds reliable protection and grip to the system so you don’t drop it — but if you do, the thick silicone will simply absorb the shock, unlike cheap plastic cases that will undoubtedly shatter. Plus, you can choose the color that matches your system.

MoKo Silicone Switch Lite Grip Case Courtesy of Amazon

7. Samsung 256GB Memory Card


If you really want to maximize your gaming experience, you’ll want to expand the storage on your Nintendo Switch. With Samsung’s 256 GB Micro SD card, you can easily add enough storage to have dozens (or maybe even hundreds) of games ready to go when you want. Without it, your Switch only has 32 GB worth of space, which greatly limits the number of games you can download without deleting.

The card boasts speedy 100 MBs read and 90 MBs write times, to reduce load times on your device. It’s not a sexy accessory, but when you find yourself having to decide what games to archive in order to fit Xenoblade Chronicles on your Switch, this really does change the game (pun intended).

best nintendo switch accessories memory card Courtesy of Amazon

8. PowerA Charging Dock


If you have multiple people in your house sharing one Switch, keeping all those extra controllers charged up can be downright unruly. This charging station will help to ensure you’ve always got a place to neatly and easily charge up your Pro Controller and extra Joy-Cons. This is a great option for families who always need an extra, juiced-up controller at hand. Plus, you can plug it right into the side of your Switch dock to free up space.

PowerA Joy Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock Courtesy of Amazon

9. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset


When it comes to gaming headsets, it’s kind of a nightmare situation finding a wireless headset that works well with the Switch, Switch Lite and the smartphone app Nintendo uses for chat in certain games, such as Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros: Ultimate. While we would love to tell you there’s a perfect solution, there just isn’t. But we think the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless offers the closest all-around package.

Using a 2.4 GHz USB adapter, it wirelessly transmits crystal-clear audio to the headphones and has a Discord-certified mic that will still let you chat in games with their own chat servers, such as Fortnite or Overwatch. These are also pretty affordable, so if you lose them or break them while on the go, it’s not as catastrophic as ruining a $300 headset. Plus, once you hear those incredible Animal Crossing sound effects, you’ll never want to go back to the built-in speakers on your Switch.

steelseries arctis 1 wireless switch Courtesy of Amazon

10. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds


Wireless earbuds usually aren’t great for gaming because there’s often a delay between what you see on screen and what you hear in your ears. In some cases, this is negligible. But with games that rely on audio cues and require you to have twitch reflexes, this can be a huge deal. Razer’s Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds, however, are equipped with a low-latency mode that mitigates this problem and gives you a truly portable solution for wireless audio.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds Courtesy of Amazon

11. HomeSpot Bluetooth Adapter Pro


If you want to use those Razer Hammerhead wireless earbuds with your Switch, or you already have a pair of Bluetooth cans, you’re going to need a Bluetooth adapter to make it all work. The HomeSpot Bluetooth Adapter Pro is one of the best-designed options for the Switch. The flat, compact design of this adapter stays out of the way while you’re gaming in handheld mode, and it comes with a USB adapter so that you can plug it into your Switch dock.

But the killer feature here is that it can connect to your phone and simultaneously give you audio from the Switch and Nintendo’s smartphone app that some games require for voice chat functionality. You can even mix the audio levels of the two sources to get the exact volume balance that you desire. But if you have no interest in the Nintendo app, you can also pipe in audio from any other app you want, such as Discord or Spotify.

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro Courtesy of Amazon

12. Orzly Carrying Case


The Orzly Carrying Case is a must-have Switch accessory if you take your Switch out of the house, and it makes very smart use of limited real estate. When you open it, there is mesh netting inside of the top part of the case. This is the perfect area to pack things like your charger, remote battery pack and earbuds. There is also a flap that lays out from the inside of the case that holds up to 10 Switch games.

The Switch will sit snuggly inside of the hard, and durable exterior, protecting it from drops and the wear and tear of pulling it in and out of bags. This pack also comes with a screen protector that you can install to add extra protection to your Switch. Plus, the Pokeball-inspired look will have you feeling like Ash Ketchum exploring the Kanto region.

Orzly Carrying Case Courtesy of Amazon

13. Hori Slim Tough Pouch


If you have a Switch Lite, a big part of the appeal is that it’s smaller than the standard Switch. This also means that you don’t need a carrying case that’s so big. Your diminutive hybrid console would be swimming around in a case made for a regular Switch.

Instead, consider the Hori Slim Tough pouch. It takes everything you would want from a bigger Switch case — protection, dedicated space for games and accessories — and serves it up in a sleeker package. What’s not to love here?

hori slim tough pouch for switch lite Courtesy of Amazon

14. 8BitDo N30 2 Wireless Gamepad


Analog sticks aren’t great for retro 2D games (or modern games that imitate that style). These games often call for directional precision that only a D-pad can provide. And while the Switch Pro Controller has a D-pad, it’s poorly positioned and woefully undersized. Your best bet here is to get a gamepad that’s designed for 2D gaming and there’s no company doing it better right now than 8BitDo.

The 8BitDo N30 2 Wireless Gamepad has all the same analog sticks, buttons and shoulder bumpers as a normal Switch controller, but its layout is optimized for those hard-as-nails platformers from the ‘80s and ‘90s you know and love. Plus we dig the Gamecube color scheme (even if the Gamecube never had an official 2D controller in its day).

8BitDo N30 2 Wireless Gamepad Courtesy of Amazon

15. 8BitDo GBros. Wireless Adapter


For the Super Smash Bros. purists out there, we understand that playing with anything except a Gamecube controller simply won’t do. Normally that would require a separate adapter to make it happen on the Switch, but those are currently very hard (or expensive) to come by. That doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives, though.

8BitDo’s GBros Adapter lets you wirelessly connect your Gamecube controller to your Switch with minimal lag (if you notice any at all). But it doesn’t stop there: If you have any specialty controllers laying around from your Wii days, such as the Classic Controller or a fight stick, there’s a port on the other side that will let you connect those too.

8BitDo Gbros wireless gamecube adapter switch Courtesy of Amazon

16. Hori Split Pad Pro


Owning a Switch means playing the thing in handheld mode a lot, even when you’re at home and the TV is just a few feet away. It’s in those situations that you often wish that the Joy-Cons were just a little bigger, and a little more comfortable to hold. Enter the Hori Split Pad Pro. Resembling a Pro Controller that’s been cut in half, each end slides onto the ends of your Switch and makes the handheld experience so much better with full-sized analog sticks and buttons.

While you probably won’t be toting these out of the house all that often, it’s great for gaming in bed, or on the couch while you’re simultaneously binging some obscure Scandinavian show on Netflix.


17.Anker PowerCore 10,000


We’ve all been there: you’re on a five- hour flight, but your device only has a couple of hours of battery left. It doesn’t help that the plane you are on is from 1970 and doesn’t have outlets. Portable battery packs can be an absolute lifesaver in these situations. Especially considering the battery life on the Switch Lite isn’t great.

The Anker PowerCore 10,000 can charge a device roughly three times before the portable battery brick needs to be recharged. It has a micro USB port to recharge the brick, and one USB output to charge your device. It’s ultra-portable — it could easily fit inside the mesh pocket of the Orzley Carrying Case. Given the poor battery life of the Switch gaming console, you’ll definitely want this in your arsenal.

best nintendo switch accessories portable battery Courtesy of Amazon

18. Nintendo Switch Car Charger


Now, we don’t recommend that you play your Nintendo Switch while driving a car. That would be bad. Don’t do that. But we absolutely recommend that you get a car charger if you’re frequently a passenger (or ride with Switch-playing passengers), because whether you’re rocking the Switch or the Switch Lite, you may only get two to three hours of battery life if you’re trying to play something that pushes the hardware to its limit like The Witcher 3. That’s barely enough time on any car ride dubbed a “road trip.” Throw one of these bad boys into your accessory bag just in case the trek to Grandma’s takes a little longer than expected.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Car Charger Courtesy of Amazon


19. Hori Real Arcade Pro V Fight Stick


If you want to get serious about fighting games, a good fight stick is a must. Hori is a company with decades of experience making top-notch fight sticks, and the Real Arcade Pro V is no exception. This is a tournament-grade option equipped with a Hayabusa stick and buttons which will give you a classic arcade feel while playing the Street Fighter or King of Fighters games. But even if you’re playing more modern games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ or BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, this is absolutely what you want in your lap. We especially love this stick because its look is pulled straight from the Street Fighter II arcade cabinets of the ‘90s

Hori Real Arcade Pro V Fight Stick Courtesy of Amazon


20. 8Bitdo M30 6-Button Bluetooth Gamepad


Any child of the ‘90s who owned a Sega Genesis already knows what this is about. But Gen Z babies: Take note. The 8bitdo M30 6-Button Bluetooth Gamepad riffs on the form of the Sega Genesis 6-Button Controller, which was the absolute best way to play Street Fighter II on a 16-bit console. Instead of having to use the shoulder buttons for the fierce punch and fierce kick, you had everything on the face of the controller, like a miniaturized arcade controller. If you’re not quite willing to splash on a decent arcade stick, but still want a half-decent fighting game experience, this is the way to go.

M30 6-Button Bluetooth Gamepad Courtesy of Amazon


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