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The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories To Level Up Your Gaming

If you have a Nintendo Switch (or the portable-only Switch Lite), we can almost guarantee you love it. Nintendo makes some of the best games out there, and if you’re like us, you’re probably months into Animal Crossing.

But as great as the Switch is, you can still make it better, which is why we’ve loaded ours up with some of these must-have accessories. Gaming headphones can liven up your gaming experience with expansive audio, while portable chargers provide extra battery life so you dictate when you’re finished playing instead of your battery. This selection of Switch accessories will enhance your gaming, protect your console, and make it easier to conquer your favorite games.

What Nintendo Switch Accessories You Should Look For

  • Screen protectors and protected cases
  • Advanced grip cases
  • Extra or pro-style controllers
  • Carry cases for games
  • Travel power and video accessories

Coolest feature: It’s shaped like a more traditional controller for longer sessions or bigger hands.
Why we chose it: You’ll want something more traditional to have a competitive edge over your rivals.

Key specs:

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  • 40-hour battery life
  • Charges via USB C
  • Support Amibo with its NFC chip.

Nintendo’s Pro Controller is one of the best-designed gamepads ever, end of story. And if you’re going to spend 100 hours playing something like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (or the upcoming sequel) in docked mode, this is an essential buy. You’ll have an easier time slaying Lynels, and your hands will thank you for using something more ergonomic than Joy-Cons.

SPY’s contributor, Keyan Riddick, has used this pro controller for more than 3 years and it’s one of his favorite Nintendo Switch accessories. “It’s the best for competitive games like Smash Bros., or for people like me who are used to more traditional controllers like ones from Sony,” he explained.

Coolest feature: It works with computers, phones, and Steam Deck as well as the Nintendo Switch
Why we chose it: It’s a multi-use controller that is competitively priced for pro-style controllers.

Key specs:

  • Includes personal charge dock
  • It comes with two pro back paddle buttons
  • 22-hour battery life

As an alternative to Nintendo’s official offering, 8BitDo serves up its own pro controller. This controller is a formidable rival to Nintnendo’s version. It includes its charging dock, profile switching buttons, and back paddle buttons.

Having a dedicated controller is great if you play heavier-hitting games, such as Smash or Zelda, or dock your Switch a lot. You can also use this controller with your computer or phone.

Coolest feature: It charges both of Nintendo’s official accessories simultaneously.
Why we chose it: For docked users, this is an organized way to ensure everything is always ready to use.

Key specs:

  • Charges both joy-cons and the pro controller
  • LED light to indicate charge statues
  • Works with some 3rd-party controllers

Keeping all of your controllers charged is a constant battle with game systems. With this charging dock, you can keep your Joy-Cons and Switch Pro controller charged at all times. In addition, this dock can be used as a place for your extra set of Joy-Cons, while your main ones charge via your Switch.

Not only for charging, but this dock is also great for general organization. Its weighted base will keep it from toppling over from slight bumps too.

Coolest feature: This case is actually a 2-in-1 design.
Why we chose it: We love that it comes with a removable slimmer travel case for just the primary device.

Key Specs:

  • Has interchangeable accessory dividers
  • Can hold Switch, Joy-Cons, Pro controllers, power cables, and games
  • Has hard external shell with hand and shoulder straps

This Nintendo Switch carrying case from PDP is a great keepsake and travel case for your Nintendo Switch and accessories. In fact, our own tech editor, John Velasco, raved about its versatility when tested it out.

It has enough space to house a system, an extra set of Joy-Cons, a pro controller, games, and all the power and video cables. Not only does it hold them, but it does it an organized and accessible way. If you don’t need to carry everything, though, there’s a slimmer, removable case that can have only the Switch. The PDP case is perfect if you plan on taking your Switch on a multiple-day trip.

Coolest feature: It’s comes with an easy-to-use alignment tray
Why we chose it: For a mobile-focused system, you’ll want something to protect that gorgeous display.

Key specs:

  • Tempered glass rated at 9H
  • Includes alignment tray
  • Preserves the brightness and clarity of the screen

Protecting your screen is a basic necessity for any smart device. Spigen’s new sets include an easy-to-use applicator tool. With it, nearly anyone can apply a perfect fit of their screen protector without bubbles or misalignment.

These new sets come in a 2-pack also, in case one breaks. It’s definitely one of the best accessories to get for the Nintendo Switch, simply for the fact that it’ll keep that screen from being scratched.

Coolest feature: The controller is larger and more ergonomic with custom buttons.
Why we chose it: It provides a more comfortable way to play games during longer sessions.

Key specs:

  • They fit into a traditional Switch dock
  • Assign functions to L & R rear buttons
  • Larger grip, buttons, triggers, and analog sticks

Owning a Nintendo Switch means often playing the thing in handheld mode, even when you’re at home and the TV is just a few feet away. In those situations, you often wish that the Joy-Cons were just a little bigger and more comfortable to hold. Enter the Hori Split Pad Pro, which is a Joy-Con alternative worth splurging on.

Resembling a Pro Controller cut in half, each end slides onto the ends of your Switch and makes the handheld experience so much better with full-sized analog sticks and buttons.

While you probably won’t be toting these out of the house often, it’s great for gaming in bed or on the couch while simultaneously binging some obscure Scandinavian show on Netflix.

Coolest feature: This Switch Dock is so tiny it can fit directly in your pocket. 
Why we chose it: The dock adapter is a perfect accessory for those who travel often and want to play their Switch on a bigger screen.

Key Specs:

  • Supports 4K, 1080p, and 720p
  • Can support Switch, Macbooks, and other deivces
  • Devices is 2in x 1in

Here’s another dock that should pique your interest. If you simply need a travel dock and not an all-in-one charging system, check out the Kstkry Dock. This dock is small enough to fit in your pocket and supports resolutions up to 4K. You can completely replace your original dock with this small one, and it’s bright red so that it’s easier to spot.

Coolest feature: The bundle includes an all-in-one carrying case for the grip and other accessories.
Why we chose it: It adds grips to existing Joy-Cons without changing them out and has a better stand for the Switch.

Key specs:

  • Includes a low profile USB C charging cable for when the Switch is using the stand
  • The grip can protect your Switch from bumps 
  • It comes with a carrying case for the Switch, grip, games, and cables.

Grips are excellent when using the Switch, as the basic Joy-Cons could be better ergonomically. They sit in your hand more comfortably and allow for longer gaming sessions.

The Zengrip Pro also has a built-in stand and comes with a carrying case that can also house the Switch. Unfortunately, you’ll have to remove the grip if you want to dock your Switch.

Coolest feature: They feature an ultra-low latency mode to improve audio detection within games.
Why we chose it: They are a low-cost option for wireless earbud users, with multiple styles and colors.

Key specs:

  • 31 hours of battery life with the case
  • Optimized microphone for gaming
  • Included equalizer settings

Zoning out while gaming will require audio, and you may only sometimes be in a proper place to blare VGM from the Switch’s speakers. Raycon’s The Gaming earbuds are perfect to pair with the Nintendo Switch. They connect via Bluetooth, which no longer requires an additional accessory, and have a low latency mode for audio.

The great thing about Raycon is that they have many styles for other activities in your life, such as working out or at work. They aren’t as expensive as some of the more prominent name brands.

Courtesy of Amazon.

Coolest feature: It is spacious enough to carry multiple sets of Joy-Cons, games, and other accessories.
Why we chose it: This is one of the best ways to carry multiple Switch accessories, and it comes in different styles to match your aesthetic.

Key specs:

  • Includes a section for up to 10 game cards
  • Can accommodate multiple sets of Joy-Con controllers
  • It has a hard external shell with a soft inner material to prevent scratches

The Orzly Carrying Case is a must-have Switch accessory if you take your Switch out of the house, and it makes ingenious use of the limited real estate. When you open it, mesh netting is inside the top part of the case. This area is perfect for packing things like your charger, remotes, battery pack, and earbuds. In addition, a flap lays out from the inside of the case and holds up to 10 Switch games.

The Switch will sit snuggly inside the hard, durable exterior, protecting it from drops and the wear and tear of pulling it in and out of bags. This pack also comes with a screen protector that you can install to add extra protection to your Switch.

Coolest feature: It protects your switch body and includes thumb stick grips for advanced play.
Why we chose it: This grip protects the near-total body from bumps, scraps, or drops.

Key specs:

  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Features padded handle grips
  • It has a built-in stand

A case more popular amongst kids and accident-prone people is the Orzly Grip Case. It covers most of the exterior of your Switch and comes with keycaps for the thumbsticks.

This case features integrated hand grips for comfort. It also comes in various colors to match different styles. You won’t be able to dock your Switch with this case or place it into traditional carrying cases.

Courtesy of Amazon

Coolest feature: Can charge via USB-A or USB-C.
Why we chose it: It can quadruple your Nintendo Switch’s battery life by fully charging it three times before needing a recharge.

Key specs:

  • Includes high-speed charging
  • Able to charge a Nintendo Switch three times fully
  • Has USB C and USB A ports for use

We’ve all been there: you’re on a five-hour flight, but your device only has a few hours of battery left. It doesn’t help that the plane you are on is from 1970 and doesn’t have outlets. Portable battery packs can be an absolute lifesaver in these situations. Especially considering the battery life on the Switch Lite isn’t great.

The Anker PowerCore 10,000 can charge a device roughly three times before the portable battery brick needs to be recharged. It has a micro USB port to recharge the brick and one USB output to charge your device. In addition, it’s ultra-portable — it could easily fit inside the mesh pocket of the Orzley Carrying Case. Given the poor battery life of the Switch gaming console, you’ll definitely want this in your arsenal.

Coolest feature: The dock can charge extra devices alongside your Switch.
Why we chose it: It’s easier to carry this as an all-in-one charge for your Switch, phone, and tablet than to bring the dock and multiple chargers.

Key specs:

  • Smaller than a deck of cards
  • 60W Power output
  • It has 2 USB C ports and a USB A port

The best part of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s portable. The worst part is its dock is not. The official dock would be a clunky addition if you’re traveling to a hotel, a friend’s place, or wherever. This HyperDrive Dock, however, is similar in size to an old AC adapter. It has the same port as the official Switch dock and an additional USB C port to charge an extra device.