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The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Docks to Make Your Gaming Easier

Given how many have sold since its launch, it’s very likely that you’re one of the millions of Nintendo Switch owners out in the wild now. If you’re not, but you’re still hoping to pick up an OLED Switch, then good luck; we believe in you. They are not always the easiest to track down.

While the hybrid console/handheld is undoubtedly a joy to play, there are times when it can be a pain to use. There are a lot of times when you might want to bring your Switch from one TV to another, for example, and doing so requires you to bring the whole dock and all of the wires with you as you go. It’s a lot of extra work for a tiny bit of convenience, so it’s often a good idea to have a look at getting an extra dock.

The trouble is that Nintendo charges $60 for the official dock, so if you want true mobility, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere. Thankfully for you, we’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet for the best Nintendo Switch docks around, that aren’t official and put them into a handy list. They’ll go wonderfully with the best Joy-Con alternatives.

Best Switch Docks at a Glance

What to look for in a Nintendo Switch Dock

As with anything, with so many options out there, finding the best Nintendo Switch dock for you comes down to what you want from it. We’ve brought together a range of different options here to fit different needs, but as they all mostly do the same thing, it may well be that the final decision is simply an aesthetic one for you. With all that in mind, here are our picks for the best Nintendo Switch docks.

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1. Knofarm Foldable Dock


In our opinion, the mix of affordability, the stunning look of the device, and the functionality all make the Knofarm Foldable Dock the best Nintendo Switch dock around. It has a lovely blue and red split, much like the original Switch itself, and can be used to either charge as you play thanks to the stand or to hook your console up to the TV with ease.

Courtesy of Amazon

2. Ponkor Docking Station


The Ponkor Docking Station comes in at just over $30 when not on sale, and is a great choice for a new dock for a few reasons. For starters, it can be used to play your Switch in tabletop mode while still charging it, which is ideal if you’re traveling. It can also be switched to a TV display with ease thanks to a button that does so. Not only that, but it’s a little smaller than the official dock, too.

Courtesy of Amazon

3. iFoo Switch Dock


We really like the strange design of the iFoo dock. Rather than having all of the cables all over the place, you simply plug this device into a socket and then put the wires into the socket instead. It can leave you feeling a little odd about the Switch itself, but it’s a good shout if you like to try and keep your wires hidden away from sight a bit more.

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4. Nasuque Switch TV Dock


At $21, the Nasuque Switch TV Dock is the best budget Switch dock around. It’s got solid ventilation, can be used to display the game in tabletop or TV mode while charging, and is also lightweight. It means it’s the kind of device you can keep in a bag or something just in case you and your Switch end up somewhere and in need of a dock.

Courtesy of Amazon

5. Rreaka USB Dock


If portability is your main concern then this is likely going to be your dock of choice. The Rreaka USB dock is very different from most on this list and is a small device that looks a lot like a USB splitter. You simply attach it to your Switch, and then all of the cables to it, and you’re good to go. It can also be used for a few other devices too, which is always nice.

Courtesy of Amazon

6. Vivefox Switch Dock


If you’ve got kids, then you’ll know the dangers of, well, literally any piece of tech. The Vivefox Switch Dox is a metal dock that makes it a little more resilient than most. It’s also absolutely tiny compared to the original dock. Not only that, but the dock is compatible with all Switch cases less than 0.2cms thick, which means you can leave your console on it without worries.

Courtesy of Amazon

7. Ikedon Docking Station


The Ikedon Docking Station is ideal for those looking for something they can mess around with a bit. Along with being able to support TV play, this dock also allows players to change the viewing angle when using it for charging in tabletop mode. The extra adjustability makes it perfect for those who prefer tabletop mode above all else.

Courtesy of Amazon

8. KDD Dock Upgrade


We’ve snuck in one dock here that’s not a dock but an upgrade for your standard Nintendo Switch dock. The image makes it look a bit like an eldritch horror, but in essence, this is to improve your Nintendo Switch dock. It allows you to charge multiple controllers simultaneously, which is great for multiplayer households, and it can also hold a few different game cartridges.

Courtesy of Amazon

9. Hagibis Portable Dock


If what you want is an unusual but kind of funky dock, then the Hagibis Portable Dock is for you. It comes with a blue and red color scheme akin to the original Switch, but rather than being a full dock, is basically a splitter. It’s super compact, it looks brilliant, and it stands out a bit more than a lot of the best Nintendo Switch docks.

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10. Fyoung Dock Extender Cable

Best Range Upgrade

If you’ve got your main Switch dock already but are not keen on potentially scratching your screen, or you just don’t like putting it in or getting it out, then the Fyoung Dock Extender Cable has you covered. This cable simply goes into your dock and lets you easily attach it to your Switch. Simple.

Courtesy of Amazon

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