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Best of CES 2023: All the Coolest Tech Gadgets We’re Itching To Get Our Hands On

The dust has settled once again. Another CES has concluded, but what made this most recent one memorable was that it was back in full force. We were on the ground living, experiencing, and scoping out all of the coolest tech gadgets that are expected to define 2023.

Now that CES 2023 is finally over, we’re wrapping up tech’s biggest show of the year with SPY’s Best of CES 2023 Awards.

An annual tradition, we’ve curated devices that we’ve had the chance to cover or get our first look at during the show. From next-generation TVs that ditch messy wires, to innovative health devices that analyze urine, we were astounded by the variety of innovation we witnessed.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg because the trade show has always been an opportunity for trends to develop and subsequently blossom. We’ll continue to see many of the electronic devices unveiled at CES 2023 throughout the year, often becoming excellent tech gifts for the holidays.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Laptop

Availability: June 2023
First Look: New Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Brings Dual-Screens to the World of Laptops
Coolest Feature: It’s a dual-screen laptop that can go from a laptop to a fully functioning desktop PC for on-the-go productivity.

Foldable laptops may still seem like a foreign concept, but for the small handful we’ve seen released in the last couple of years, they’ve come at a steep price. The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i may not technically have the same implementation as other true foldable laptops we’ve covered, like the awesome Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold (Gen 2), but we were just astounded by its utility when we checked it out for CES 2023.

It was without question the best laptop of CES 2023. With its slightly more modest starting price of $2,100, the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i takes the company’s fabled Yoga series to a new level by boasting dual touchscreen displays that can go from laptop to desktop in one sweeping motion. It comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that provides users with a more traditional experience when working with its dual 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED displays.

Courtesy of TCL
Best AR Glasses

Availability: Q1 2023 for the developer community
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Coolest Feature: It looks like a normal pair of specs, instead of a clunky-looking bohemoth.

We’re getting closer to that world of augmented reality glasses being used in daily life with the unveiling of the TCL RayNeo X2 during CES 2023. Remarkably, TCL’s pair of AR glasses could be mistaken for a standard pair of specs you see someone wearing on the daily.

However, we love the fact that the design has been refined in a way to showcase the power of augmented reality in a practical way. From being able to translate foreign languages to something you could comprehend, to providing navigational guidance with arrows and directions in front of you, we’re super stoked about how this pair of AR glasses feels more complete than anything we’ve seen previously.

Courtesy of LG
Best TV

Availability: Q1 2023 for the developer community
First Look: LG’s OLED TV M3 Ditches The Messy Connection Wires And Cables For a Cleaner Wire-Free Design
Coolest Feature: No more messy wires and cables dangling from it.

There have been significant advances in TV tech in the last several years. We certainly know and appreciate the draw factor of OLED TVs, but LG did something a bit different with its latest model that made an impression on us. They literally solved the problem of ugly cables and wires dangling from TVs.

With the LG Signature OLED TV M3 Series, this 97-inch OLED behemoth caught our attention not for its iridescent and sizable OLED display, but for the fact that we didn’t see anything coming off the back — much like other TVs with various cables attached to them. LG’s able to pull off this feat by fashioning a separate box that wirelessly transmits audio and video to the OLED TV.

You essentially connect your other devices, like the cable box and gaming consoles, to the box and it’ll stream them to the TV.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Health Tracker

Availability: Q2 2023 in Europe
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Coolest Feature: Can detect if you’re dehydrated.

Health tech got an extra boost at CES 2023 with devices like the Withings U-Scan showing consumers that gadgets can be used to help people with their health. This puck-shaped device sits inside your toilet where it analyzes urine to determine certain things.

Available in two variations, the U-Scan Cycle and U-Scan Nutri Balance, it can track pH levels, help women determine more accurate menstrual cycle periods, and it can tell if you’re dehydrated — all by analyzing the urine in real-time.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Dash Cam

Availability: Pre-orders available now, February 2023 release
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Coolest Feature: LTE connectivity means you can see a live-view at any time.

Ring’s expertise may be in traditional home security cameras, like its line of best-selling video doorbells, but the company used CES 2023 to finally roll out its dash cam. What sets the Ring Car Cam apart is the fact that it features a minimalist, screen-less design that packs dual-facing cameras.

Leveraging the power of Ring’s ecosystem, it’ll notify you in the event someone breaks into your car or if there’s an emergency situation going on. You can also instantly chat with anyone in the car through the Ring app for mobile. And while your car is parked, it’ll monitor the surroundings for potential threats — while providing exact GPS coordinates if you happen to forget where you parked it.

And lastly, the Ring Car Cam features LTE connectivity that effectively makes this dash cam accessible at any moment.

Courtesy of Lockly
Best Smart Lock

Availability: Spring 2023
First Look: ​​Lockly’s New Flex Touch Pro Is the No-Frills Smart Lock We’ve Been Waiting For
Coolest Feature: Convert any traditional door lock into a smart lock, while keeping your set of keys.

We love smart locks, but the problem is that they require another brand-new set of keys to operate. What if you’re happy with your existing set of keys and deadbolts? Well, you won’t have to worry because the Lockly Flex Touch Pro converts any existing lock to a smart one.

You’ll be able to continue using the current set of keys you have with your door lock since this one can be installed to convert it into a smart lock. Meaning, you’ll be able to operate it through an app, voice assistant, or through the biometric fingerprint sensor on it. 

John Velasco | SPY
Best makeup tech

Availability: Sometime in 2023
First Look: L’Oréal’s Brow Magic Gadget Prints Perfectly Detailed Eyebrows Over Your Brows Every Time
Coolest Feature: It literally puts on the eyebrows on you that you select in the app.

We didn’t think magic and sorcery existed, but seeing the L’Oréal Brow Magic during CES 2023 made us a believer — of perfect eyebrows each and every time. This marvelous piece of makeup tech was a show stealer with its ability to provide users with perfectly printed eyebrows.

Using an app to select the brow style desired, which is overlaid in augmented reality style, users then swipe the L’Oréal Brow Magic over their brows. In the process, it literally prints the eyebrows you choose — which we have to admit looked realistic in our demo. If you don’t have time detailing your eyebrows, this is definitely the gadget to save you time.

Courtesy of Reolink
Best SECURITY Camera

Availability: TBD
First Look: ​​Reolink’s New Security Camera Lets You See Two Feeds Simultaneously With Its Wide And Telephoto Lenses
Coolest Feature: Two lenses allow you to see near and far simultaneously.

Reolink is known to make some of the best outdoor security cameras, but at CES 2023, one of its new cameras features two lenses to offer wide and telephoto capabilities. The Reolink RLC-81MA is unique because you’ll have access to both video feeds from each lens simultaneously.

Compared to other cameras that offer some telephoto options, usually in the form of digital zooms, Reolink’s implementation leverages two separate lenses for dual vantage points. This is excellent when you need to see your lawn from side to side, but then still get close to subjects with the telephoto lens.

Courtesy of Samsung
Best Monitor

Availability: TBD
First Look: Samsung Brings the OLED Love To Its New Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitors For CES 2023
Coolest Feature: 240Hz refresh rate is supposed to eliminate lag and skipping.

Samsung wowed us last year with its Odyssey Ark curved gaming monitor, but the company didn’t disappoint this year either for CES 2023. The Samsung Odyssey G95SC made our Best of CES 2023 Awards because of its ultra-wide dual quad-HD 49-inch OLED display.

For gamers, it gives them extra visibility of the action with its ultra-widescreen look courtesy of its 32:9 screen aspect ratio. Seeing it in person was indeed a sight to behold, especially when it’s backed by Samsung’s OLED display technology, which is reputed to deliver a near-infinite color contrast ratio. Even better, gamers will love how its 240Hz refresh rate virtually eliminates motion lag.

Woman wearing Ampere Dusk Sport Smart Sunglasses outside.
Courtesy of Ampere
Best Smart Sunglasses

Availability: Pre-orders available now
First Look: Ampere Dusk Sport Smart Sunglasses Merge Sporty Style With High Tech
Coolest Feature: Adjust the shade intensity of the lens by pressing a button.

One of the best Bluetooth sunglasses we reviewed last year was the adjustable shades of the Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses. For CES 2023, the company came back with a sportier model dubbed the Ampere Dusk Sport, which not only packs the same adjustable shade technology, but is now designed in a sportier style.

Anyone big into the outdoors or physical activities will love the sporty style of the Ampere Dush Sport. We really liked some of the mirrored finished lenses that were shown off, but we’re even stoked by the fact that the audio performance has received a tremendous boost.

Courtesy of AnkerWork M650
Best Smartphone Accessory

Availability: March 2023
First Look: The AnkerWork M650 Portable Microphone Packs Big Tech into a Tiny Package
Coolest Feature: Noise cancellation helps to eliminate background noise from being picked up.

We’re fans of content creation with our smartphones. However, while they’re great at capturing video, they’re not equipped to handle the needs of capturing crystal-clear audio. That’s why the AnkerWork M650 Portable Microphone made our Best of CES 2023 Awards because it provides creators with an easy way of recording audio.

This dual wireless microphone system is perfect for interviews, as well as those situations when you need to step far away from your smartphone. Instead of sounding distant, you’ll sound clear and distinct with the AnkerWork M650 Portable Microphone system. Best of all, we’re happy to know that it won’t cost you a fortune to buy.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Robot Vacuum

Availability: April 2023
First Look: Roborock Announces New Robot Mop-Vacs and Upright Wet-Dry Floor Cleaner at CES
Coolest Feature: The mopping pad really vibrates to remove tough stains off floors.

With last year’s award winner, robot vacuum maker Roborock was back at it again by introducing its follow-up: the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. Packing the same self-empty, self-cleaning base charging station as before, this new version takes everything and injects even more power into an already muscle-driven bot.

Specifically, it’s getting stronger suction power and a more efficient vibrating mop that will help clear off hard-to-remove stains from floors. Once it’s all done, it’ll go back to its charging base to not only self-empty the contents of its dustbin, but it’ll also give the mopping pad a good scrub down and a drying session to prevent odors and mold growth on the robot.

Courtesy of LG
Best Cordless Upright Vacuum

Availability: TBD
First Look: LG’s Latest Upright Stick Vacuum Not Only Empties Itself But Now Doubles As A Germ-Fighting Steam Mop
Coolest Feature: It doesn’t require detergent to clean with its steam mop.

We’ve always been fans of LG’s upright vacuums, but the company enhanced its most popular model for CES 2023. The LG CordZero A9 Kompressor now boasts a Steam Power Mop to clean up floors with the germ-fighting power of steam. We love that it will help with getting rid of those stuck-on stains.

On top of this new steam mopping functionality, the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor generates a lot of suction power to tackle carpets. Once you’re done cleaning, you can dock it with the all-in-one tower base station that will self-empty the dustbin and fast-charge the vacuum.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Smart Lights

Availability: TBD
First Look: Govee’s First-of-Its-Kind Smart Lights for Gaming Is Powered by Artificial Intelligence for Spot-on Accuracy
Coolest Feature: You’ll get synchronized lighting while you’re playing your favorite games.

Gaming lights have been a craze for the last couple of years, offering gamers more ambiance while they’re playing. At first glance, the Govee Sync Box may seem benign, but the more we got to see it in action at CES 2023, we soon realized why it’s so good.

While we were mesmerized by the light bars changing colors, it’s important to note that it features low latency to deliver on-point colors to match the action on your monitor. It works with the entire Govee smart lighting ecosystem to sync strip lights, lamps, and other smart lights from Govee for a more immersive experience.

Courtesy of Lockly
Innovation Award 

Availability: TBD
First Look: Lockly’s Smart Safe Is the Most Innovative We’ve Ever Seen
Coolest Feature: There’s an emergency contact service that can be initiated with your fingerprint.

Lockly’s mastered the smart lock, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the company take its expertise to another relevant space. For CES 2023, we got a peek at the Lockly Smart Safe — one of the most advanced locks we’ve seen. Really, it makes for a perfect gun safe too.

In addition to unlocking with a pin code, there’s a biometric fingerprint reader as well. What we found really interesting about the Lockly Smart Safe is that you could send out a distress alert by programming a specific fingerprint. That way, if you were being burglarized and forced to open the safe, you can discreetly send for help.

Courtesy of GE Cync
Best Smart Strip Light

Availability: March 2023
First Look: GE Cync’s Smart Light Portfolio Expands With Neon Shape Lights, Wafers, Hexagon Panels, And More
Coolest Feature: Bend and flex it in any way you want for some creative wall light fixtures.

GE Cync continues to expand its portfolio of smart lights and CES 2023 was no exception either to showcase its upcoming lineup. Out of the bunch unveiled at the show, the GE Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Neon-Shape Lights captured our attention the most because it’s like having a neon sign on your walls.

Part of its newer dynamic effects portfolio, the GE Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Neon-Shape Lights can be bent and flexed to create various designs. This kind of flexibility will allow users to create some truly imaginative neon signs. Best of all, they’ll dazzle because you’ll be able to control the colors and animation.

Courtesy of BHeart
Innovation Award

Availability: April 2023
First Look: Baracoda Offers Sneak Peek At World’s First Health Tracker With ‘Endless Battery’
Coolest Feature: It supplies power with the help of kinetic motion and solar panels.

One of the more innovative gadgets we checked out at the show was the Baracoda BHeart. It’s a fitness tracker that can be worn by itself much like a bracelet, or attached to just about any watch. What sets it apart from other fitness trackers is its focus on sustainability as it delivers power through energy-harvesting tech.

We were told it does this with the help of tiny solar panels around the bracelet, along with the kinetic motion of the wearer. It’s ambitious and we’re eager to try it out ourselves.

Courtesy of Bullitt
Best Smartphone

Availability: April 2023
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Coolest Feature: The ability to send emergency text messages with the power of satellite connectivity.

Remember Tom Hanks’ character in “Castaway” who got stuck on the island for years? He would’ve been grateful to have this item from Motorola’s collaboration with Bullitt because it features satellite connectivity.

It’s a Best of CES 2023 Award winner because this smartphone has the potential to save lives. It works with the Bullitt Satellite Connect to help users send out emergency text messages just about anywhere in the world. Of course, it requires a good connection to a satellite, but it can certainly come in handy when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Video Doorbell

Availability: Available now
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Coolest Feature: It can sense when someone’s knocking at the door and notify you.

After users demanded its return, the Ring Peephole Cam made its return with an announcement during CES 2023. Really, we were also surprised that Ring took it off its lineup, but we’re glad it’s back better than ever — with a lower price too!

We think it’s the perfect video doorbell for apartment dwellers since it can easily be installed over peepholes with minimal effort. Of course, it’ll record video whenever the doorbell is rung, but it can also sense vibrations on the door, so it’ll notify you if someone is knocking.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Portable Power Station

Availability: Available now
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Coolest Feature: Modular power options to choose from, including expansion with battery packs.

When it comes to staying prepared for emergency situations, the Bluetti AC500 & B300S System convinced us while at CES 2023 that it’s something to consider. Seriously, this portable power station system is beefy enough to power your home for a period when you’re without electricity.

Thanks to the 3,072Wh of power it delivers by combining the Bluetti AC500 & B300S, it’s enough to last a household one full day of emergency power. That’s some serious longevity given that we’re talking about a portable power station here. Of course, you’ll find all the outlets and ports, including a wireless charging pad, to meet all of your power needs.

Courtesy of Victrola
Best Record Player

Availability: Pre-orders available
First Look: Victrola’s Stream Onyx Turntables Offer Seamless Vinyl Streaming at a More Affordable Price
Coolest Feature: Sends audio to an existing Sonos system.

While we really adore how the Victrola Stream Onyx record player can stream audio directly to Sonos speakers you may already have set up, we also fell in love with its industrial design when we saw it at CES 2023.

For lovers of vinyl records, they’ll surely appreciate how its design can become the centerpiece of any room. But of course, it’s all about the streaming ability — which can also send audio to any speaker with its RCA output.

John Velasco | SPY
Best Wireless Earbuds

Availability: March 2023
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Coolest Feature: The wireless charging case also acts as a Bluetooth transmitter.

You may not be familiar with Poly, but we bet you remember the name Plantronics. The company that has since been acquired by HP showcased the best wireless earbuds we saw at CES 2023. As you’d expect, it has all the features you’d expect from a robust pair of wireless earbuds — like noise cancellation, on-board controls, and fantastic sound.

What sets it apart from the pack is its ingenious wireless battery charging case. That’s because it also doubles as a Bluetooth transmitter. Essentially, you could connect it via a wire to any device with an auxiliary jack. For example, you can connect it to in-flight entertainment while you’re flying on a plane while being able to listen to your shows and movies wirelessly.

Bottle being used by Black + Decker Cordless Cocktail Maker.
Courtesy of Black + Decker
Best Cocktail Maker

Availability: Spring 2023
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Coolest Feature: You can use its battery power to mix cocktails just about anywhere.

While the first version of Black + Decker’s Bev cocktail maker expanded the Bartesian line when it was introduced last year, we quickly got a follow-up at CES 2023. The Black + Decker Cordless Cocktail Maker takes everything we loved about the original, but now it’s in a portable design that’s ready to shake up cocktails anywhere.

That’s because it’s battery-powered, which means you can take it on the go to mix cocktails with ease. When you’re nowhere close to an outlet, this feature can definitely come in handy to keep the party going. Best of all, it mixes great-tasting cocktails with a simple press of a button.