The Best Way to Enjoy Your Backyard at Night is with One of These Patio Umbrella Lights

patio umbrella lights

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Having a backyard party is one of the best ways to enjoy warm weather, but it can be hard to keep the party going once the sun goes down. As the evening cools and it gets dark, people tend to file inside. One of the best ways to continue to enjoy your patio after dark is with adequate lighting. A fire pit is a lovely (if expensive) approach. One affordable way to keep your yard well-lit is with patio umbrella lights.

While during the day patio umbrellas keep light off you, umbrella lights refashion umbrellas to serve the opposite purpose in the evening and at night. The way most of these lights work is very simple — the donut-shaped lights typically affix to the pole of the patio umbrella, casting light across the patio area. There’s usually some tightening mechanism that ensures that they fit securely and don’t slide down, regardless of the diameter of your umbrella’s rod.

A patio umbrella light is an inexpensive solution that eliminates the need for pricey standalone lamps or wall sconces. And, since your patio chairs are likely to be near the umbrellas, this solution brings lighting where you actually need it. We’ve rounded up some of the best options below.

1. OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light

This patio light from OYOCO is an affordable option with several thoughtfully designed features. It has a donut shape with two pieces that open completely to slot onto any umbrella rod, and spring-loaded clamps for a more secure fit. There are three lighting settings, ranging from dim to super bright, and OYOCO’s lights are available in warm or cool light. The light has 28 LEDs for vibrant and full lighting.

Pros: Easy installation. Hanging hooks make it easy to use in other places besides a patio umbrella. Available in warm or cool white.

Cons: It isn’t always totally secure depending on the umbrella rod.

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2. INKEER Patio Umbrella Light

Like our top pick, this option is a donut-shaped lighting unit that clamps onto the rod of your patio umbrella. It attaches on without the use of tools, making it a convenient option. It has 24 LED lights and three lighting settings. The thing that truly sets it apart is that it can be powered using either four AA batteries or a USB cable. It’s worth noting that the USB cable is for a constant power source, not a lithium battery.

Pros: Can be powered using USB or AA batteries. Three lighting settings and 24 LEDs.

Cons: USB power requires a constant source, it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery.

patio umbrella lights Amazon

3. HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light

If you prefer a little color, this patio light from Honwell is a good option. Like the other options, it clamps around the rod of the patio umbrella and has lights in a circular pattern to minimize shadows. The included remote control has color-coded buttons, making it easy to toggle through different colors. You can also brighten, dim and turn the lights on or off from the remote.

Pros: Includes remote control to change the colors of the lights. Only option on this list with multiple colors.

Cons: Uses six AA batteries for the lights, which is more than most of the other options on this list.

patio umbrella lights Amazon