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Don’t Put Your Safety at Risk — Get One of These Personal Alarms and Breathe Easy

Your personal safety is nothing to play around with — it is of utmost importance and should be a priority whenever and wherever you go. While we do need to take some responsibility by choosing the right place to go and paying attention to our surroundings, sometimes it’s simply not enough and that’s when our latest gadget pick comes into play.

A personal safety alarm is a compact and portable device that, when triggered, emits a loud, ear-piercing sound usually by the push of a button or removal of a pin. These devices require no training or skills to operate and have been proven effective in fending off potential attacks or for simply drawing people’s attention when you are in need of some help. While these alarms might bring up thoughts of seniors who use them as an alert to call for help in the event of a fall, they are also a simple and quick solution should you find yourself or a loved one in an undesirable situation.

When it comes to choosing your ideal safety alarm, look no further as we have gathered up some of the best available right now. Our choices are all pretty similar as they are small in size, can easily attach to your purse, backpack, or keychain and (most) come with a built-in LED light that is handy for illuminating any darker areas. Where they differ, however, is that you do have the choice of a few different color options and whether you want multiple alarm sets that are great to give out to family members or for use as stocking stuffers during the holidays.

Our last couple of options are more unique as they not only include a hidden-camera detector and personal alarm in one but for the techies out there, a smart personal alarm that works with a free self-defense app on your phone. This smart gadget will not only trigger an alarm but can track and send your location to emergency contacts, record in real-time and even has a quiet alarm function to keep you safe.

These alarms are ideal for everyone regardless of age or physical ability and, most importantly, will bring you peace of mind knowing you have options.

1. SLFORCE Self Defense Personal Alarm (5 Pack)

The Personal Alarm by SLFORCE allows you to sound an alarm simply by pulling on the hand strap which pulls out a pin to activate a screaming siren that is as loud as a military jet aircraft taking off. This alarm is small and compact, making it easy to carry around and comes with a carabiner clip that allows you to attach to your backpack, keychain or purse for fast and easy access. The idea behind the alarm is that once the pin is pulled, it will give you the time needed to run from the scene, scream and immediately attract anyone’s attention for the help you may need.

Pros: The keychain alarm comes with a mini LED flashlight to help light up any dark areas.

Cons: This runs on batteries that may need to be replaced.

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2. Kosin Safe Sound Personal Alarm (6 Pack)

The Personal Security Alarm by Kosin is a compact and easy way to keep yourself or your loved ones protected. With its loud sound that can be heard from as far away as 600 feet away, this alarm is also small enough for easy carrying and storage. The alarm is activated simply by pulling the contact pin out and inserting it back in to turn off the alarm. In addition to using when out alone, this alarm comes with LED lights that can come in handy when out hiking or camping. This six-pack also offers multiple color options that can make a great stocking stuffer for multiple family members.

Pros: The three batteries in this alarm are high powered, giving it a longer life span while keeping the alarm at its loudest.

Cons: These might be too big to store in a pants pocket.

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3. Taiker Personal Security Alarm (2 Pack)

Taiker’s Personal Security and Self Defense Alarm works similarly to the above-mentioned alarms yet comes in a two-pack of purple and gold color options. This alarm functions as a keychain that will not only make an extremely loud sound when the pin is pulled to draw others’ attention but also has an LED light attached to help you find your way in the dark. This alarm can be used in a variety of ways including while night running or walking, dog walking or most any outdoor activity where you want or need to feel protected.

Pros: The alarm will sound continuously for 30 minutes until the pin is put back in.

Cons: This device is not waterproof.

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4. Kosin Safe Sound Personal Alarm (3 Pack)

The Personal Security Alarm by Kosin provides the same stellar performance as the one featured above, however, this set comes with three convenient alarms in blue, gold and silver color options. Per the above-mentioned amenities, this set of alarms come with an emergency sound loud enough to travel as far as 600 feet, are multi-functional with LED lights to help steer your way in the dark and are made with durable, environmental-friendly plastic, helping them resist damage from any falls. To use, simply pull out the contact pin to activate the alarm and insert it back in to turn it off.

Pros: These personal alarms are safe and approved for plane use.

Cons: It is important to remember to install new batteries at least once per year.

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5. Humutu Personal Security Alarms (3 Pack)

The Personal Security Alarm Set by Humutu comes with three security alarms, that unlike other options, has a unique tear-drop shape making it easy to grab, easy to operate and even dare we say, stylish. This unit is comprised of a thicker copper sound generator that ensures an ear-piercing sound with the goal of drawing others’ attention up to 300 yards away and provides a continuous sound for up to 40 minutes. Suitable for all ages, this alarm is small and portable and will easily yet sturdily attach to a backpack, purse, gym bag, keys or belt loop and will even work on your dog leash, making any situation you enter a more comfortable one.

Pros: An effective option and comes in blue, pink and white color options.

Cons: There is no LED light functionality.

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6. RXAMYDE Hidden Camera Detector and Personal Security Alarm

This multi-functional, unique gadget by Rxamyde works as a hidden camera detector and personal security alarm in one. The camera detector works by detecting radio waves and magnetic fields for any hidden wired or wireless camera equipment. The security alarm function can be enabled as well to effectively keep you safe in dangerous situations. If you are in the market for a hidden camera detector, this one will come in handy at home, office, hotels, cars, bathrooms, changing rooms and just about anywhere you feel hidden cameras can lurk. The personal alarm functionality comes with the same options as our other personal alarms listed as this device is compact and portable for easy storage and carrying and comes with LED lights for those not-so-well-lit areas.

Pros: This alarm also has smart motion detection that tells you when something suspicious is in motion and will sound an alarm.

Cons: If you don’t need a camera or motion detection option than another choice might be better.

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