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Fan Fare: The 7 Best Portable Fans to Take With You On-the-Go

* Quick solutions to staying cool on-the-go
* Find the right portable fan for any setting
* Beat the heat wirelessly

There gets to be a point in summer when the heat becomes so extreme, the idea of becoming a shut-in just for the a/c access starts to sound like a good idea. But turns out, there are a few ways to still catch a breeze outside the climate control zone, namely our mini-guide of the 7 best portable fans available now.

From a multi-tasking power bank to a hands-free fan, there’s a way to survive the heat no matter what situation you find yourself in.

1. Bladeless Ultra Thin Handheld Fan

Reminiscent of an early-gen iPod, this handheld fan slips easily into your purse or pocket, and charges up the same way with USB connectivity. The high-speed brushless motor means you can quietly cool down, great for indoor situations that require discretion and low noise. 


2. Foldable Portable Fan

The versatile nature of this portable fan makes this an ideal appliance for pretty much anywhere. Hold the handle like a manual fan, push it back for table-top use, and flip it all the way back to clip onto an umbrella or sun parasol. It might just be the next thing you reach for after keys, wallet and cell phone this summer.


3. Allkeys Battery Operated Fan

This mini fan is the ideal size the slip in your bag and carry throughout the day. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the speed. It has three speeds and can pivot 90 degrees backward and 15 degrees forward.

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4. Wearable Necklace Fan

The only alternatives for hands-free portable fans have been tabletop versions, which is fine if you’re indoors. But for activities like bike riding, gardening, or if you just don’t want to have a constant grip on something, throwing this wearable fan around your neck like a camera is where the cool is at.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Necklace Fan



5. Handheld Misting Fan

Amplify your cool with not only moving air, but a refreshing mist of water along with it. Great for outdoor use, especially those in dry climates for added humidity.

Topwell Handheld Mini USB Misting Fan


6. Personal Mini Handheld Fan

Consider this your outdoor travel companion for its extra features like an emergency light, built-in lithium battery that can be used as an external battery for your phones and tablet, and soft silicone loop that can be hooked on to your clothes or surrounding objects. 

Ashbringer Personal Mini Handheld Fan, Multi-function Portable Desk Fan



7. Power Bank Fan

Tote this multi-tasking gadget along with you to the beach, camping or lakeside, anywhere you could use a breeze and a place to power up your devices, because it has the capacity to do both.

[caption id="attachment_63058" align="aligncenter" width="655"]Portable Power Bank Fan All Images Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

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