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These Are Some of the Best Portable Solar Chargers Under The Sun

Stuck outdoors without an outlet? It’s time you pack a portable solar charger. Much like a portable battery pack, portable solar chargers allow you to charge and recharge your phone and other devices, only instead of using a plug to power up, it harnesses the power of the sun.

These devices come in a few different size options and are capable of generating enough power to keep you connected. Depending on your preferences, there is the option for a solar panel-like device with solar cells that is foldable, small in size and attaches easily to your backpack for continual light absorbance. Another option is the smartphone-sized portable chargers that you can hold in your hand or pocket for ease of use.

The most important thing to note about these portable chargers is their handiness for emergency situations. While not the most ideal for use as your primary charging source, these chargers, when fully charged, are integral when and if your cell phone runs out of battery during any outdoor activity. These chargers are also all water and dust-resistant, can charge multiple devices simultaneously and can be used anywhere in the world.

1. RAVPower Travel Solar Charger Panel

The 24W Travel Solar by RAVPower is a solar-powered portable charger that uses the sun’s rays to charge your smartphones and tablets. Made from solar charging cells that have an increased charging efficiency of 21.5%-23.5%, you can power your portable devices all day whenever you are outside. Easy to carry, these panels are also half the weight of similar chargers but equal in power so you can bring it anywhere you may travel.

PROS: All three USB ports are equipped with technology that automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for connected devices.

CONS: The panel may seem large compared to other options but is very fast.

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2. BEARTWO Portable Solar Charger

BEARTWO’s Portable Solar Charger is one of the smallest and lightest solar chargers and is so compact in size you can put it in your bag, hang it off your backpacks or even pocket while charging your phone. Great for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, this charger comes with two USB ports allowing you to conveniently charge two devices simultaneously at a fast rate. Compatible with most smartphone devices, they also come with built-in intelligent security protection to avoid an electrical overload.

PROS: This device comes with rubber caps that cover the USB ports making it water-resistant, dust-resistant and shock-proof.

CONS: It is recommended to use this charger for emergency use only and to fully charge the battery via wall charger upon first use.

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3. Ayyie Solar Bank Portable Charger

The Ayyie Portable Solar Charger comes with a compass and LED flashlight for emergency purposes, making it convenient for most outside activities. Two USB ports allow for simultaneous charging of multiple devices, it is water and dust-resistant and has a lightweight Lithium-ion battery. It is compatible with most smartphone brands and can be recharged more than a thousand times.

PROS: The solar-powered charger comes with a compact solar panel which can recharge the battery itself under sunlight.

CONS: The solar charging function depends on sunlight intensity and conversion rate.

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