Combined Powers: The 9 Best Multi-Charging Power Banks for Thirsty Gadgets

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* Stay connected longer with a portable power bank
* Choose between different makes and models based on your everyday needs
* Keep your phone, tablet and laptops charged no matter where you are

Long gone are the days when you could charge your devices once every few days. With so much of our work now being done on our mobile devices, it’s easy to understand why we’re constantly running out of juice.

If you’re tired of constantly having to look for a power outlet, you’re in luck. We’ve found the best multi-charging power banks to keep you (and your gadgets) fully charged.

1. Basic 2-Port Option

For when you want a high-speed charger that’s both unobtrusive and effective, this portable power bank offers a more convenient way to charge your devices on the go. Featuring an extra powerful 1000mAh power bank, you’re able to charge most devices with ease.

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2. 3-Port (10400mAh) Option

With the ability to add an extra 46 hours to your smartphone’s battery, this smart 3-port option works with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models and more. With 10400mAh at your disposal to charge multiple items at once, you’ll never no problem staying connected on the go.

EVOTech Labs 3-Port Power Bank Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Slimmer 2-Port Option

With a 2000mAh high capacity charge, this extra slim power bank offers a fast charge while taking up as little pocket space as possible. What’s more, the dual USB charging bank lets you charge two devices at the same time.

Hercules Dual USB Powerbank Image courtesy of Amazon


4. 4-Port (20000mAh) Option

More powerful (and versatile) than traditional power banks, this 4-port option lets you charge all your handheld devices at once. With an LED display and an impressive 20000mAh of available power, you’re able to charge an iPhone 7 Plus up to six times.

DCAE 4-Port Power Bank Image courtesy of Amazon


5. 4-Port Extra Thin (20000mAh) Option

Offering the same convenience only in a much slimmer design, this powerful 4-port charger fits in the palm of your hand while offering extra fast charges. Plus, unlike other chargers this one is able to automatically detect which charging speed to offer based on your unique device.

EasyAcc 4-Port Power Bank Image courtesy of Amazon


6. 3-Port (22000mAh) Option

And if you’re in need of a little extra charging power, this 22000mAh power bank has enough juice to power an iPhone seven or eight times on a single charge. The high-density polymer build results in an incredibly durable power bank that weighs next to nothing.

[caption id="attachment_79266" align="aligncenter" width="300"]RAVPower 3-Port Power Bank Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


7. 4-Port (26000mAh) Option

With two inputs and four USB charging options, this speedy power bank has enough juice to let two people use it at once. With 26000mAh at your disposal, this little power bank can charge an iPhone 6 up to 10 times on a single charge.

EasyAcc 4-Port 26000mAh Power Bank Image courtesy of Amazon


8. 3-Input 4-Output 26800mAh Option

With an extra powerful charging capacity, this power bank is easily the strongest on our list. Offering QC3.0 Fast Charging technology, you’re able to take advantage of four high-speed USB outlets to charge your laptops, phones and more faster than ever before.

Charmast 26800mAhPower Bank Image courtesy of Amazon


9. 2-Port Outdoor Option

Looking for a charger that’s able to keep up with your rough and tumble lifestyle? This rugged two-port option offers a sleek and portable design that’s both waterproof, shockproof and even sports a built-in flashlight. It’s a great option for outdoor use.

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