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These Projector Screens Let You Enjoy the Benefits of the Big Screen at Home

There’s something elevated, literally, about watching a movie on a projection screen. Or at least, there can be. That’s because a lot of the time, poorly constructed projectors and screens can cause the colors to appear dull and the picture to be stretched out. The most important part of the solution is getting a good projector, but a good projection screen is crucial, too.

What To Look For In A Projector Screen

The color of the screen itself influences what the picture will look like, and any high-quality projection screen will have a dark backing of some sort to prevent light from the projector from being lost through the back of the screen.

Screen color is also important in relation to the room where the screen will be placed. Darker rooms require lighter screens and vice versa.

The surface of the screen needs to be taught and even to prevent image distortion.

Size is important, not only for ensuring your screen fits in its designated space, but also in relation to how far viewers will be sitting from the screen. Opting for the biggest size available may sound cool, but not if your living room only permits you to sit three feet from the screen.

How We Chose The Best Projector Screens

These projection screens include indoor, wall-mounted options and outdoor screens that allow for setting them up on hard and soft surfaces. We’ve included screens that work in flex spaces and others that will have a permanent spot on your wall. Since projectors can come with a big price tag, we included screens that hit different price points to help find the setup that works best for you.

Whether you’re decking out your den or want to take movie night outdoors, here are the best projection screens to get.

1. Silver Ticket Projector Screen

The Silver Ticket Projector Screen is a great option for anyone looking to install a permanent theater room in their home. This projector screen is available in grey, silver, white, high contrast colors, as well as a woven acoustic fabric. The screens support a 16:9 aspect ratio, and they come in a wide range of sizes, between 92″ and 139″. Included are loops and slots for either hanging it from the ceiling or mounting it to the wall.

Pros: High quality, seamless screen. Available in various sizes and colors. Can be hung or mounted.

Cons: Challenging assembly and vague instruction booklet.

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2. VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen

Want a screen that can bring movie night indoors or outdoors? The VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen is a versatile option that users can set up and fold down after the credits roll. The polyester screen can be cleaned with mild soap and water and offers a crease-free surface with an impressive 160-degree viewing radius. The VANKYO offers a sharp image without any color shift and supports front and rear projection. We also like that set up is fast and easy and customers can use wall hooks or double-sided tape.

Pros: Works indoors and outdoors, can be used for rear or front projector, set up is fast and easy.

Cons: The sticky hooks included with the Vankyo don’t offer much adhesion.

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3. Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen

For a projector screen that you can take on the go, we like the Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen. Great for presentations or bringing movie night wherever you want it, the highly absorbent polyester screen offers a clear and vivid image. The crease-free fabric can be folded and smoothed repeatedly for a truly portable option. The 120-inch screen has a 16:9 format and can be set up with hooks, ropes, brackets, nails or double-sided tape. The screen comes with hooks, ropes and a screen protector for a fast and easy setup.

Pros: Portable design, won’t crease, can be set up indoors and outdoors.

Cons: Light may go through the screen if placed on a white backing.

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4. SUPER DEAL 120” Projector Screen

Impress colleagues or students with your high-tech presentations or enjoy the big game with a high definition 120-inch viewing surface. The Super Deal Projector Screen has a manual pull-down design, as well as a 1:1 high gain that provides bright images and a 160-degree viewing angle. Boasting full tension and uniformity, the Super Deal delivers 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D for a stunning video experience. Each screen comes with a black border for a professional finish, which also helps to enhance the overall contrast. The Super Deal can be wall or ceiling-mounted.

Pros: Impressive 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D finish, manual pull-down design is great for flex space, large 160-degree viewing angle.

Cons: Mounting hardware is not included and must be purchased separately.

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