These Rechargeable Battery Chargers Are Fast, Reliable and Help Prevent Unnecessary Waste

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While general unreliability, a shorter lifespan and all-around inconvenience used to make up an acceptable excuse for not switching to rechargeable batteries, those days are long behind us. The best rechargeable batteries now match or outdo their one-time-use, disposable competition. Given this improvement in performance and the fact that they are better for the environment, it’s not surprising that people are interested in rechargeable batteries and the best rechargeable battery chargers.

If you aren’t fully convinced as to why switching to rechargeable batteries and an accompanying charger is something you should consider, here are some of the major benefits you’ll enjoy. They include:

  • Environmental Responsibility – While some single-use batteries can be recycled, a lot still aren’t. If batteries end up in landfills, the chemicals they contain eventually contaminate the surrounding environment. By switching to rechargeable batteries (and recycling them after use), you are doing more for the environment.
  • Never Running Out – Everyone has run out of batteries at some point. Switching to rechargeable batteries minimizes the chance of this happening by letting you recharge a battery if it runs out. Or by switching to a rotating charging-and-using system, you’ll always have batteries to replace any dead ones right away.
  • Saving Money – While it may be more financially beneficial to power some of your devices using single-use batteries, it’s definitely not always the case. Anything regularly eating through battery life will be better served by rechargeable batteries, some of which can offer up to 1,200 cycles.
  • Handy Compatibility – Most chargers can charge more than one battery type. This makes it easier to keep a comprehensive stockpile of the most common AA, AAA and nine-volt rechargeable batteries in your home to ensure you always have a way to charge newly purchased battery-powered devices.

We’ve put together a list of the best rechargeable battery charges available online. You’ll find both plug-in models which go directly into the socket and cable-attached options which come with more freedom. Scroll down to find the right one for your battery charging needs.


1. Energizer Rechargeable AA/AAA Battery Charger


With over 35,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers, it’s hard to ignore the Energizer Rechargeable AA/AAA Battery Charger. The device is capable of fully charging two or four AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries in as little as four hours. It also includes audio and visual status indicators and protects against overcharging by shutting off once the process is complete. In addition, the charger comes with four AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

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2. Bonai Rechargeable Battery Charger


With enough space to charge 18 batteries at the same time, the Bonai Rechargeable Batteries Charger is the largest device on our list. This impressive capacity, which includes two slots for nine-volt batteries, makes it a great option for homes, businesses and anyone who could use a reliable supply of charged batteries. The design also includes an easy-to-read LCD display which shows each individual battery’s charging progress. Furthermore, the smart technology used in the charger protects against overcharging, short-circuiting, overcurrent, reverse-polarity and overheating.

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3. EBL Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger


By incorporating a USB-C and a Micro USB port into the design, this EBL Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger offers greater flexibility when it comes to powering the device. This can be particularly useful for users who often forget charging cables. Space-wise, the charger includes four slots that can be used for either AA or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. It also features a soft-LED lighting system that shows you when your batteries are charged, charging or faulty. Additionally, the compact charger has protection from overcharging, overheating, overcurrent and overvoltage.

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4. BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger


The BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger is a versatile device that is ideal for workshops, utility rooms and offices. The sizable charger includes multiple charging slots which can accommodate different battery types. These include slots for AA/AAA/C/D-type batteries alongside two nine-volt battery slots. For user-friendliness, the design includes a compact LCD screen that displays the charging progress of each battery. In addition, the charger includes a clamshell-like cover which helps to keep batteries protected and out of reach during the charging process.

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5. Panasonic BQ-CC55SBA Advanced Quick Charger


The Panasonic BQ-CC55SBA Advanced Quick Charger’s plug-in design makes it one of the most compact devices on our list. The four-battery capacity can accommodate either AA or AAA batteries and includes LED charge indicator lights above each cell. When the battery is less than 20% charged, it shows red. When it’s between 20 and 80% charged, it shows orange. Above 80%, the lights will show green. Depending on the number of batteries in the charger, a full charge can be achieved between 1.5 and three hours. The charger also includes built-in ‘battery sensing’ technology which will cut power once the batteries have reached full power.

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6. EBL Rechargeable Battery Charger


This EBL Rechargeable Battery Charger is supplied with an eight-pack of AA 2800mAh batteries, giving you everything you need to power your remotes, toys and other devices. Each battery provides approximately 1,200 cycles of power, ensuring you get plenty of use before they need replacing. In addition to charging AA batteries, this eight-bay charger can accommodate AAA batteries. Each bay also features an LED to indicate the battery’s charging status. Plus, the supplied USB cable lets you power the charger from multiple power sources, including laptops and power banks.

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7. POWEROWL High Capacity Battery Charger


By including four AA batteries and four AAA batteries, this POWEROWL High Capacity Battery Charger Set can cover many of your reusable battery needs from the minute it arrives. Each battery included in the set can be recharged around 1,200 times, making them a great option for users wanting a more environmentally responsible way to power their devices. The charger also uses smart chip technology to provide a more enjoyable user experience through elements like LED status indicators, improved heat dissipation, short circuit prevention and auto power-off when charging is complete.

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8. Keenstone Smart Universal Charger


By using smarter technology than that found in many of its competitors, the Keenstone Smart Universal Charger is able to charge a wider range of battery types. In addition to AA and AAA batteries, this charger can accommodate multiple others, including 18650, 18490, 18500, 16340 and RCR123A-type batteries. This versatility makes the device a great choice for anyone who owns devices that run on a range of different battery types. Handily, the device has a real-time LCD which lets you assess the progress of each battery in detail. Visible information includes voltage, current and charging time. In addition, this charger is available in black or gray.

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9. BT-C2400 Battery Charger


In addition to charging rechargeable batteries, this BT-C2400 Battery Charger can also test and analyze them at the same time. The design includes four individual channels which can all function independently from one another. The user-friendly design makes it easy to perform a range of tasks, too. This includes everything from charging and discharging to refreshing and testing battery resistance. Handily, the design features a back-lit LCD which displays each battery’s capacity, voltage, time elapsed and current at the time.

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