Unlock Your Inner Maverick with a Remote Control Airplane

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Remote control airplanes are a great way to unlock your passion for aviation. Whether you are a more advanced RC pilot, or you’re ready to get your pilot wings, there are a number of remote control airplanes to choose from, but how do you know which one to get, especially if you’re new to the remote control airplane world? Below we cover:

  • RC Airplanes for Beginners
  • RC Airplanes for Adults
  • The Best RC planes for Sale in 2020

Remote Control Airplanes for Beginners

It’s natural to want the fastest airplane with the most capabilities, but for beginner pilots, that’s a quick way to have an unflyable, damaged plane on your hands. When looking for a remote control airplane for beginners, you’ll want a plane with a panic recovery feature, which can help stabilize your airplane with the push of a button. Also, larger planes help deal with the elements better and make for a smoother flight.

You’ll also want an airplane with one to three channels. Channels are elements on the remote control that help control the motor, elevator and rudder. Of course, the more channels give you more control of your airplane but also complicates flying. Three provides room for beginners to learn more about flying without overwhelming them.

Beginner pilots will also want an airplane that is virtually ready to fly out of the box. Easy installation will allow beginners to get the plane in the air faster and will remove the chances of installing pieces incorrectly, which can lead to poor flight performance.

Remote Control Airplanes for Adults

When you’re closer to Maverick in terms of skill level, you are going to want a plane with more flying capabilities. More advanced users are going to want an airplane with more power, range and control. Having an airplane with four or more channels will give advanced pilots the control they are craving.

More advanced users might want an engine instead of an electric-powered motor. Of course, these planes are heavier, louder and more expensive, but provide more power and control for advanced users.

Finally, more advanced users might want an RC airplane that they can do most of the assembly themselves. This creates the opportunity to swap out parts for upgrades down the line. There’s nothing wrong with pre-assembled planes, but more advanced users might want to take a more hands-on approach.

The Best Remote Control Airplanes for Sale in 2020

We’ve made things easy for anyone looking to get into flying remote control airplanes. Even though more experienced pilots will know what to look for, but beginners don’t want to get a remote control airplane that is way too advanced. No matter your skill set, we have you covered. Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best remote control airplanes.


1. HobbyZone Carbon Cub


The large 51-inch wingspan helps beginners get their bearings as they learn how to fly, but the controller features beginner, intermediate and experienced flight modes for more skilled pilots. If a beginner starts to lose control, you can hit the Panic Recovery button to safely return the airplane to a safe altitude, or use the Autoland feature to return the bird to the ground without harm. The GPS and geo-fence also help ensure the plane doesn’t get out of range of the remote. This RC airplane has a little something for all skill levels.

remote control airplanes hobbyzone carbon cub Courtesy of Amazon

2. HobbyZone Sport Cub S RC Airplane


With a smaller wingspan than the Carbon Cub, the Sport Cub S RC Airplane sports a 24.3-inch wingspan that provides more skilled pilots the finite control they crave. There are beginner and intermediate modes for unseasoned pilots, as well as Panic Recovery mode found on the Carbon Cub. This remote control airplane for adults is the plane for pilots who want to really spread their wings.

remote control airplane hobbyzone sport cub s Courtesy of Amazon

3. Top Race RC Plane 3 Channel Remote Control Airplane


When you don’t want to spend a ton of money to get in the air, the Top Race RC Plane is a solid choice. It’s affordable, yet still has a 320 ft. range, and can be in-flight for 12 minutes before it’s time for a recharge. Even though this is an RC plane for adults, there are still three flight modes for beginner, intermediate and more skilled pilots. You don’t have to break the bank to fly.

remote control airplanes top race rc plane 3 Courtesy of Amazon

4. E-flight RC Airplane Turbo Timber


This airplane is great when there isn’t much runway to take-off or land. Features such as drooped wingtips and functional slotted flats help this bird get up and off the ground quickly. Speaking of quick, this plane is a piece of cake to assemble, and there’s no need to glue any of the parts together. More advanced pilots will really appreciate all the flying capabilities of the E-flight RC airplane.

remote control airplanes e-flight Courtesy of Amazon

5. Top Race RC Plane 4 Channel


Thrill-seeking pilots who want more than to cruise around in the air should give the Top Race RC Plane 4 Channel plane a whirl. The plane has a working throttle, rudder, elevator and aileron, as well as a steerable tail for ground control. When it’s mid-flight, you can flip it upside-down and spiral around with a push of the Stunt button. And if things get a little out of control, the plane comes with three replaceable propellers, so you won’t be out of luck if the plane goes down.

remote control airplanes top race rc plane 4 channel Courtesy of Amazon

6. E-Flite RC Extra 300 3D


An affordable option for kids looking to get their pilot wings. This remote control airplane is made with durable foam to protect it in the event of a crash, which is bound to happen with beginners. The remote control is basic, and the easy take-off methods help first-time pilots get in the air quickly. If you’re looking for remote control airplanes for beginners, this is one worth serious consideration.

remote control airplanes e-fligt rc extra Courtesy of Amazon


7. E-Flite RC Airplane Apprentice STS


Although it is way more expensive than our pick for the best remote control airplane for beginners, this is a higher-end model that has great features for future pilots. It’s large, which helps with in-flight control and overall visibility, and has sensor-assisted flight to make flying easier for beginners. A steerable nose wheel makes taking off and landing much easier for beginners. When you’re ready to have a more professional airplane, but you’re still learning, this is a great choice.


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