These Routers Are Way Faster and More Reliable Than The Generic One My Cable Company Gave Me

best router high speed internet
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* Cable company routers are distinctly average devices
* These routers are top notch and ideal for high speed surfing and gaming
* Each router is well-rated and has thousands of 5-star reviews

When you sign up to your cable package, it usually includes a “high speed” router supplied by your provider. While they may try to convince you how great the router is, there’s very little reason for them to supply you with a top of the line model. For the average household, it’s unlikely anyone is going to notice a subpar router. But, if you’re into online gaming or in need of high speed surfing, the limitations of your router may be severely constricting.

There are, however, a number of routers built to deliver speeds beyond the realms of your cable-company-provided device. These routers provide much faster connection speeds, drop connections less and allow a greater connection coverage in your home or office.

Each of these routers has been tried and tested by thousands of users and received nothing short of rave reviews. Switch out your old, middle-of-the-road option and enjoy advanced, high-speed connection from here onwards.

1. Wise Tiger WiFi Router

The Wise Tiger Wifi Router is ideal for home and office use. The high-speed router delivers speeds of up to 1,200 mbps and can support up to 32 devices connected at a single time. Due to its powerful output, it can even be used as a wifi extender, and because it rarely drops signal or speed, it’s a great choice for high speed surfing and serious gaming. In addition to the strong wireless signal, the router also features four LAN ports on the back for direct connections to your devices.

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2. ASUS Dual Band Super Fast WiFi Router

The ASUS Dual Band WiFi Router sports a futuristic design and delivers high internet speeds to match. With this router in your house, you’ll enjoy a connection of up to 1,267 mbps. Plus, with the four external antennas, connecting to your WiFi anywhere in your house will never be a problem. This advanced router also comes with an accompanying app which allows you to monitor and manage your usage from your smartphone. It also has a USB 3.0 port for quick and simple sharing of external drives across your network.

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3. TP-Link Smart WiFi Router

If you want a router with an impressive record, the TP-Link Smart WiFi Router comes with over 3,500 5-star reviews from Amazon users. It’s ideal for at-home use and provides a greater range and speed than the average family requires. This smart router covers up to 2,500 square feet and has no problem connecting to up to 50 devices at one time. You can also manage your connection remotely through the cloud or at home. Plus, you can keep your connection protected and family safe with passwords and parental controls. The router sports four high-speed LAN ports and a physical USB port for direct connections when you need them.

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4. NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router

When gaming a router designed to handle HD streaming and multiple devices at once is a must. You also need the ability to use an ethernet cable and a high Quality of Service rating to ensure your router has the power to deliver high end graphics. That’s exactly what the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router delivers. This router also comes equipped with features like Airtime Fairness, which prevents lag caused by slow devices, and powerful amplifiers to provide fast WiFi throughout the entire house. As an added bonus, this router allows devices to stream up to 100% faster than an average router.

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