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Some Of The Best Samsung Monitors Are On Sale With 43% Off Today For Gamers, Workers, And Everyone Else

Some of the best monitors and best gaming monitors are on sale today with up to 43% off, thanks to a big old line of discounts on Samsung Monitors on Amazon at the moment. That means today’s a very good day for anyone looking to upgrade the setup at home with a new monitor, whether that’s a new main monitor or a fancy second or third monitor. SPY doesn’t talk about fourth monitors, the line has to be drawn somewhere.

There’s something for everyone in these sales with smaller monitors on sale with smaller prices and fewer features, which is the kind of thing many people want for work, or just as a second monitor to have Discord or Netflix on. There are also way more expensive and expansive options on sale too, which could be the jewel in any gamer’s crown.

SPY has gone through the multitude of monitors on sale to find the best deals there for not only price, but also the product on sale as well. Each of these monitors not only gets the job done, but does it well, and the price tag and discount make them all the more worthwhile for most people.

$159.99 $219.99 27% off

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This 27-inch monitor is one of the best prices on offer, and has a 4ms response time, is incredibly slim, and is fit for purpose for plenty of things. It’s not the best at any one thing, but it’s very solid in most areas.

$199.99 $269.99 26% off

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This gaming monitor is small enough to fit into most setups comfortably, has a 75Hz refresh rate, a special gaming mode for better response times and visuals, and has 1080p visuals too.

$249.99 $349.99 29% off

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If speed is the aim, then this monitor has a 240Hz refresh rate and is ideal for games that require incredible reaction times. It also has a 21:9 ratio for more immersive gaming, and an ergonomic stand that can be adjusted with ease.

$469.99 $699.99 33% off

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Despite being a monitor, this one actually aims to replace a TV. This thing has 4K visual quality, and has built-in access to loads of streaming services, is incredibly quick, and can be used for a PC-less PC experience in order to edit documents or work on the couch.

$1,999.99 $3,499.99 43% off

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Finally, there’s this absolute monster of a monitor. This 55-inch curved gaming screen has 4K visuals, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response times, speakers built-in, and offers one of the best experiences out there, as long as the price tag is affordable. With 43% off though, it is a lot more tempting.